[FE7] ScrollText Help

This is just a small fix for us who use the ScrollText command. I believe some people already had ways to fix this, but I did not see a way posted.

For those who want to use those brown, tutorial-like text boxes in their events but keep getting black-screened when they try to skip it by pressing Start… Look into your Event Assembler files; the solution is in there.

In the EA Standard library folder is a file named “Convo Helpers”. Open it. Then, there should be a line that defines ScrollText like this:

#define ScrollText(textID) "TEX6 7 [0,0] textID; _ASM0x42 $83181; _0x89"

Simply change the 7 into a 5 and save. Now, every future ScrollText you use will fade back to the map after being skipped with the Start button (the way those boxes were meant to be read). Hope this helps.

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