[FE7] Replicating the Starsphere

In FE11, if you had the starsphere in your inventory, your weapon uses did not deplete (if it wasn’t actually like that, sue me because that’s how i’m implementing it here). This routine piggybacks off of my ‘status swords’ routine to replicate that effect. Any item with the ‘???’ bit set in Weapon Ability 2 (I think it’s 0x2) will do exactly as FE11 did it- it gives the holder infinite weapons.

patch for use with my Assembly Patcher as usual

Source Part 1 and Part 2 for those of you who are interested

Doc for those of you who want to view it from there

it writes code to 0xDE0000 so change the ‘00 00 DE 08’ and the ‘01 00 DE 08’ if you need to move that


if you want the source to look nicer download the file(s) and read them in a text editor with tabs set to four space

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