FE7 - Replace Hector Mode

Hi, for my project I need to modify the campaign select screen so that Hector mode displays a different character, weapon, etc., and points to a different chapter (though I can just copy the data over and replace 11h data if necessary). Hector is still in the game so I don’t want to replace his info in the character list. I’ve been looking through the communal dropbox and searched the forums excessively but haven’t found these offsets listed anywhere or any info on changing this data. Thanks!

You can just replace Hector’s data anyway and turn some other character into him. The player won’t know the difference.

I figured that might be the easiest route. I’ll have to update all eliwood events to point to Hector’s new pointer then, right, which is a touch more time consuming than I wanted, but it’s at least within my current knowledge/skillset.

Little bump here. I replaced Hector’s data as a class and a character but both sets of these data didn’t modify the class or information that appears in mode chooser, so it appears to be unrelated to character or class data. Not entirely sure what else to try for that screen.

I believe you’d need to edit him on the map placer.

To be honest though, you’d be better off editing Hector’s lord class, unless you plan to get rid of that scripted promotion.

Entry order for these are Lyn (0) - Eliwood (1) - Hector (2).

CE48C0: 3 0xC-length entries consisting of the name text id, a description text id (seems to be unused), and the weapon type text id. Each is 4 bytes long. So Lyn’s name is DE 04 00 00.

418DB4: 4-byte portrait id. Lyn’s is 16 00 00 00.

418DA8: 4-byte animation id - 1: Lyn’s is 0E 00 00 00.

Beaut. That’s perfect. Thanks guys.

As a final addition to close out this topic in case anyone else ends up needing this information, I found the offsets for what character gets seize in LM - 348CE , EM - 348C6, and HM - 348CA. 1st byte determines character. I made some nightmare modules (in 2017/18 useful, I know) for that and some other things that I’ll be releasing later, too.