[FE7] [RELEASED] Fire Emblem: The Blazing Silver PME (Update v1.0b Out!)

I wonder who did y’all promote first in chapter 10 in Aireth mode?


Didn’t used it :clown_face:


Guys. I have decided on doing a double feature for today. Recruit 2 and Thorne 5.

So first of all Recruit 2:

A simple map where I will do @AthenaBaer 's choices for the characters because she submitted two pretty funny ones. (And healers, healer = good. One of them can warp.)

And next of them Thorne 5:

I messed up and accidentally failed to make the Mage Knight promote correctly. Abiba died anyway. It is still pretty bad but I fixed. But I think this map is pretty good. It encourages you to push forward and it allows you to push forward over time.

By the way I am going to make Anthea mode have Anthea’s sister and Anna be playable. Hooray. And I also want to add in a myrm, a nomad and a deserter. Like to have all classes be playable. I may make them join in obscure and dumb ways. Like maybe the nomad will be roshea who spawns in Thorne 2 next to the boss on like turn 16. So if you play really slow you may find Roshea who gets instanly killed by the boss or you can wait to get a weak Lv. 1 Nomad. Who knows, I can use my comedy muscles for those.


Well it’s been a while so here the next story bits for Throne 6. This is the beginning of the chapter.

Throne: Damhaint. What the meaning of this?
Damhaint: These two ladies here have a proposal to ask of you.
Throne: Better not be the marriage type.
Mina: Me and Tyche both have heard of your encounter with the these Crossbreeds back at Castle Cornwell. So the both of us here thought about doing some research on them, and figuring out the truth secrets behind these atrocities.
Tyche: We have a theory about these things. We may believe that Dreyfus may have some sort of mind control magic being used on the Crossbreeds. However, in order to confirm of suspicion, we need to have a complete analysis search of the body of a Crossbreed. It’s doesn’t need to be alive for our research to have.
Throne: The problem is that we haven’t really been encountering those things since Castle Cornwell. Despite Dreyfus’s warning, it must have been nothing more than empty threats. But it’s mostly likely that the Crossbreeds are all the Dread Isle right now, and that where we going. Very well, i approve of this.
Mina: Thank you Throne. We won’t let you down.
Throne: Just be careful around them okay.
Tyche: Of course.
Damhaint: I want to help to. I could provide some of my equipment that could help out your research effortlessly.
Throne: Okay Damhaint. We clearly don’t have a lot of time on our hands. The quickest you three can get done with your research the better it is, for all of us.

And here another one for the end of Throne 6.
Mina: Throne, Anthea, Aireth. You three might want to heard.
Anthea. Have you got done with the analysis on the Crossbreeds?
Mina: We just got done with the analysis already. It’s not looking to good.
Throne: Explain.
Tyche: At first we thought that maybe Dreyfus must have uses some sort of mind control elixir on the Crossbreeds. To get them under his command. However, that was far from the case and the truth is far more dangerous than we could have imagined.
Aireth: How dangerous are we talking about here?
Tyche: I… don’t think i could explain this. I’ll let Damhaint here do all the talking.
Damhaint: Thank you Tyche. Like what she said, there is no mind control being play here. Instead, this is what i have found.
Aireth: What is that?
Damhaint: A parasite.
Throne: Parasite! Aireth do not touch it!
Damhaint: Relax Throne. This one is dead.
Throne: But why is there a parasite inside a Crossbreed?! Do they all have them?!
Tyche: I’m afraid so. We did plenty analysis on many more Crossbreeds. They all have these parasites inside of them as well.
Anthea: So I’m guessing that every single one of them have those parasites inside of them bodies.
Tyche: Correct. But there is something else you must hear. Through our research, we locate the parasite latching onto the Crossbreeds brain.
Aireth: What! But how do you manage to get this parasite right here?
Damhaint: I use one of my bugs to slip into the body of a Crossbreed. The bug easily sniff out the parasite present there.
Mina: The good thing is that those parasites are non contagious. Meaning we have not been infected. However, i don’t think that we be the case for that long.
Throne: Dreyfus is really playing with fire right now. He’s using the parasites to create the Crossbreeds. He should know better to not use them. Either he is too stupid to notice this. Or he does know and he just does not care whether or not that he is potentially spreading a Plague onto all of Elibe.
Amelia: Throne. Look closely at them. Do you remember seeing them before?
Throne: Wait wait. Yes. I think i know what you’re on to something.
Amelia: These Crossbreeds are mostly certain some of the missing people from awhile back. Lady Madoka assigned me and Throne to investigate people going missing. However the investigation was called off once war broke out.
Anthea: So Dreyfus was the one responsible for over thousand of people going missing just to create his own army.
Throne: How can we stop this potential epidemic on our hands?!
Damhaint: I think i may know the solution. You said that back at Castle Cornwell that Dreyfus commanded them to restrain you three correct?
Throne: Yes. He even commanded them to kill Senator Norton. What are you trying to say? That the Crossbreeds only obey Dreyfus and him alone?
Damhaint: Correct. If we were to say, killed Dreyfus, then the Crossbreeds will be left in a paralyze state. Not knowing what to do without their master. Then we can rout them all out and potential care them of this infection. However, if certain Crossbreeds are in the later stages, then they are beyond saving by that point, best to put them out. However if other Crossbreeds are still in their early stages of infection, they can still be save and i can care them.
Throne: Okay. Killing Dreyfus seems to be our best option at this point. Lady Madoka, forgive me. I know you probably want me to keep him alive to take as prisoner. But for the world sake, Dreyfus must die.


Heya. I finished Thorne 6.

This is the “Calm before the storm” map, like it is shorter and simpler again. Thorne 7 will be your last normal map and also the map with the last batch of new joining units and Final 1 and 2 will be way too difficult maps that are so difficult you can skip them. So yeah, Thorne 6, the interlude. Plus it is actually an okay training map. In my “No Aireth Mode” Test run of this map I used this map to give several training projects that certain edge. Like I think having a more chill training map is neat as not every map can be “Peak Dandori super difficult”.

And also this is like… me doing good progress. After me doing nothing for a LONG time, finally a 4 day wait again. Although since Thorne 7 will be an expanded map that will probably take longer. And Final 1 and 2 being beasts.
Hmm… I may make Final 1 and 2 maps I don’t show. Maybe making it so that to see the end you have to play it. I will of course beat it with both my test playthroughs. But maybe not showing it can preserve some of the mystery and give vivid watchers a motivation to play the final thing.

By the way here will be my release structure:

V.0.9: the full game, but untested.
V.1: the full game, but with polish. Released alongside an easy patch with sky high growth rates and unbreakable weapons as well as a hard mode patch where all of your units are the strenght of generic enemies, although I will of course playtest it and tweak it to make sure that it won’t be like “You cannot recruit Aurelia because she is a Lv.1 mage surrounded by enemies and like dies 100%.”. I also plan to publish V.1 on an own page on this site to allow people to experience it without a 1000+ post thread filled with details. And this ensures that “The Blazing Silver” stays here, while the edited version by me gets it’s own page. Despite sharing a lot, they are diferent experiences.


Btw here is my idea for Thorne 7’s map.
It is Dragon’s Gate but with a small mini section to the side for your final crew of recruitments, the Black Fang defects all uniting to take down the big bad. I also added in a little treasure vault that will have a lot of three range mages making it an optional challenge for those that dare lol. Like I think having a guarded treasure vault is an unique challenge. (With maybe there even being a ballista in the top right guarding the treasure room as well.)


I like it! Feels like a labyrinth, challenging and fun to navigate into.


So, the game still has no Nomad, Myrm and Deserter. So here are some NEW UNITS, all rather unique recruits:

SANDRA THE COSPLAYER (Portrait by Redbean)
Edelgard Cosplayer who costs 10000 to hire in Thorne 1. A heavy ask but she does have A rank Swords as well as being Level 9 and coming with a Silver Sword, Iron Sword, Vulneary & Vulneary. She can be used to early promote via the Thorne 1 Master Seal to have a Swordmaster in Thorne 2.
Thus she is a choice whether you rather want your 10000 starting money or you want an “Oswin”. She is a prepromote without the growth rate penalty and she is probably your earliest user of the S-Rank sword “The Blazing Silver”.

ROSHEA THE NOMAD (Portrait by Alusq, DerTheVaporeon)
Joins in Thorne 2 if you wait for a long time. Joins as a blue unit on enemy phase next to the boss. So may die. Otherwise is like Haru the Lv.1 Pegasus Knight but as a Nomad. A weak unit that is hidden behind waiting on a map for a long time. Or if you just take that long to beat the map Roshea may just die on the turn he spawns.

Still do not have a Deserter. But I will think of something.


Now here the next story bit for the beginning of Throne 7.

(At the Dragon’s Gate)
Miku: We have finally arrived to our destination, the Dragon’s Gate.
Anthea: Zuiho must be held captive there.
Aireth: Dezdana, Dreyfus and Zoe must all be here as well. Let get to the gate and stop there plan, and save Zuiho.
Throne: Hold it guys!
Anthea: What is it Throne?
Throne: Something not right. The Black Fang wouldn’t make this to easy for us. This has to be a trap. We all need to focus. If Dreyfus see us here, he could send out his Crossbreeds to Elibe. We need to contain the plague here. And if we don’t get it under control they’re going to flee the Dread Isle and destroy everything.
???: Why contain my creations when the world is in desperate need of their help.
(Dreyfus Appears)
Dreyfus: You kids are always so full of surprises these days.
Throne: Dreyfus?! How did you…
Dreyfus: You all have come into contact and harm my Crossbreeds. So i insist know of your presence here. You three clearly are not seeing the bigger picture here. I’m not the bad guy here. I’m the man who going to save humanity from its own extinction.
Anthea: Yeah, trying telling your colleagues in the Black Fang over there.
Aireth: And what do you mean about saving humanity? We already know that you were the one responsible for the kidnapping of thousands of people. We know about how your Crossbreeds work. How they are nothing more than ferocious beasts waiting to spread a disease onto our homes. Tell us Dreyfus! How are you saving humanity with this?!
Dreyfus: …
Aireth: …
Dreyfus: How very clever of you Lady Aireth. If you think I’m going to get upset over you finding out about how my Crossbreeds work. You’re sorely mistaken. In fact, I’m actually quite impressed you three managed to figured out on your own.
Throne: Sick bastard.
Dreyfus: Since you three work so hard to get this far. I might as well give you all an exclamation before our grand final showdown.
Throne: Alright, then tell us this. Why have you been kidnapped people and turning them into these atrocities?
Dreyfus: … Emotion.
Throne: Huh?
Dreyfus: Human emotions. The ability to make use happy. The ability that makes us cry. The ability that makes us feel… anger.
Throne: Elaborate.
Dreyfus: Think about Throne. How many wars have started cause of our emotions. Like this war that Daimler has started and it continued even after he has now departed from this world. Daimler could not allow a Sacaen to become a marquess for Caelin due to his history with them.
Throne: …
Dreyfus: Hmm. Perhaps your not convince yet. Then how about this.
Imperial Year 1180 in the continent of Fódlan. A young woman name Edelgard von Hresvelg, former princess turned emperor of the Adrestian Empire, declare war against almost all inhabitants of her continent.
Damhaint: Wait you know about the story’s in Fódlan?
Dreyfus: You and your daughter are not the only storytellers around here. Anyway, Edelgard mainly made an enemy of the ones in charge of Fódlan, the Church of Seiros. They have been enforcing their nobility system on to the people. Edelgard could not allow them to be in charge of keeping the peace, so she started to five year long war against the church in hope of putting them out of power.
Throne: So what. You’re using a war from centuries ago just to justify your actions.
Dreyfus: Let me finish my exposition first before you jump to conclusions Throne. Tell me something. Do you think Edelgard throughout that five year long war has ever once sat down and think to herself, that maybe she regretted starting a war on Fódlan? Has she thought that she could handle the situation very differently? How she could have tried a peaceful approach against the church? No. You wanna know why? Cause she hold hatred against the Church of Seiros for enforcing something she herself doesn’t like. That’s human emotions taken control of her. And that’s why the Crossbreeds are made. To take away any emotions from them. Allowing the people to not feel anything at all.
Aireth: You really are sick in the head if you think that by taking away human freedom would stop this war? To control everybody under your command?
Dreyfus: This isn’t about me taking over Lady Aireth. This is all about everybody finally coming to an agreement with one another. Everybody becoming part of this hive mind i invented. Sharing what left of this god forsaken planet together. And stopping war in general. Not fighting for any stupid thing every one hundred years. This right here, is eternal peace. How can you all be against that?
Anthea: Your right about one thing Dreyfus. All of us here are striving for peace and an end to war. A better future, and a better tomorrow.
Throne: But to give up our basic rights. To give up our ability to think, thought and feel something. And to forever be under your rule. I can’t think of anything more horrific than that. We will never allow you to do this to our world.
Aireth: Throne is right. Humans deserve to feel anything they want. To be happy, to be sad, to be scared. Emotions help us feel alive. Without it we might as well go extinct instead. We will never give up everything to you. Never!
Dreyfus: Grrrr you don’t get it! Although a very expected response to you. But here something you will get however. I’ll called out my attack on Castle Caelin, Pherae and Ostia, if you three join me and become part of my hive mind.
Throne: Like hell you would keep your part of the deal. It like you admit it back at Castle Cornwell. You would have certainly backing out on Zuiho deal. We will not make anymore bargains with you any longer. This is it Dreyfus! This is the day you will die! For everybody in this world seek!
Dreyfus: Alright smartass. Have it your way. But let it be known that i give you a chance to walk out of this battle unharm. Remember that. My creations! Get in position! We will overwhelm them as much as possible until they are exhausted themselves to death! This outcome will not go in their favors at all!
(Dreyfus Leaves)
Throne: Alright everyone listen up! This is the start to our final battle against the Black Fang!
Aireth: We need to get to the Dragon’s Gate, and stop Dezdana and Zoe plan and save Zuiho! But Dreyfus is standing in our path to them!
Anthea: We have to stop Dreyfus right here and now! Then will clear a path to the gate!
Throne: Onward everybody! To the start of a better future!

Here also an update Battle and Death quote for Dreyfus in this chapter.

Battle Quote: You all just don’t seem to get it now do ya?! I am humanity only savor here! If i die here, who knows how long it will last! You people have no place in my world anymore! Wither and die like the rest of the human races!

Death Quote: This… this cannot be… i cannot fall here… this will not be my legacy.


Hey guys. Currently working on the final fight against our favorite angel.
I want to make Final a 12v12 brawl where you and the enemy both have 12 units. And it is a rout map where lords can die. So it is a true brawl to the death. And if all your units die you do not get a game over but instead a worse ending.
Due to the game being shorter and there being twelve bosses Ophanim will be weaker. But they will still be strong. Having a 30 DMG Luna and 20 Spd. I will still tweak the stats though. Considering the 120 HP I may even make the Luck 0 to give the player better hit and a good crit chance. So you have a chance.
I still have to work on this though but it will be fun!


So this is the final boss?
Doesn’t have any defense/resistance?


Well. It will be one of the now 10 final bosses. Since the game will only be 7/15 chapters, I make the final boss weaker. Still has 120 HP. So won’t die easily. And due to having a Luna 1-3 range with 30 Damage can easily kill on counter. I think it’s fair.


Uber tomahawk acquired


FE7TBS - PME-296
FE7TBS - PME-297
FE7TBS - PME-298
Weakest Narcian


Josiah changes sides early?
Who knew that a simple mine can convince Josiah to give away his special tomahawk!


Thorne 7 is here!
Now I only need to do the Anthea mode special and the final map of Thorne mode!

The crew finally arrives at the Dragon’s Gate. However Dreyfus awaits them there already and now the time has finally arrived to defeat Dreyfus once and for all. But considering they are invading the stronghold of the Black Fang, they are about to face the strongest soilders yet!

I plan to finish this game by the end of this week, and then I will do the mix between a “break” and “letting others playtest my game further” before then releasing the full version and the different difficulty patches. I think I will probably cut the “Easy mode” patch as I think with this hack not being too difficult and me still having to add the “Normal mode bonus” I think you are good. But I will still add in the difficult rom, because I design this game to be replayable and I feel like making the game difficult is an important part of it.
But yeah, I hope this game will be a joy to replay. I will even do something like a “Tough to get ending”, although the tough to get ending is actually the bad end. It is more so a gameplay thing. Like the “Best ending” will be a pacifist ending and as it is pacifism, you don’t need strong characters to get it.