[FE7] [RELEASED] Fire Emblem: The Blazing Silver PME (Update v1.0b Out!)

Well… The bonuses still exist. It’s just they aren’t as strong. I think it can still work, it just changes the type of bonds to less strong ones. They are more so comrades in a war than friends. So their bonus is weaker.
And I just don’t think I can write enough supports for it to be meaningful.

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I just realized that tehse certain Lyn Mode units with the wacky A rules don’t leave your party.
On the one hand that is cool, on the other… that means I have to make ARTEMIS, AURELIA, ROZAYLIA, ABIBA and AMELIA like autojoin. But I think is okay. Like, you get to keep them as a small reward.
But… How do I justify Abiba just joining. It is Abiba. She is a solid girl, but she is Zuiho’s Yandere.
But for real the auto join I don’t mind. Like… I can imagine most of these just joining lol. (I will still do the replacement for Amelia. I will just have to adjust Abiba.)
But yeah this means that replacement units only really count for certain units. Like AURELIA, ROZAYLIA and ABIBA are just unobtainable in Aireth mode.
So… about Artemis… I suppose… I will just make it like that. Artemis just sticks with you. Maybe I turn that into a scene: “Artemis is growing old. I think she wants to tag along with you. See the world with someone you trust. You are very lucky, [Tact]. She will make your journey way easier. But do expect her laying tons of eggs on the way.”
And Abiba just… does her own thing with maybe there being a scene that if Abiba and Miku talk with each other that it is revealed to be her plan. “I knew that sticking with Madoka lead me to Zuiho. Well not directly, but this is a GREAT start. Don’t you agree?”

EDIT: Also… I may not be able to do the “Switch Zuiho’s stats to Miku” thing. In that case I will make Miku a myrm and maybe Zuiho early joining. Maybe Miku will be the Nino of this thing with a costum variant of Myrm that gets too much EXP.


I just finished the prep chapter.

Here are some news:
-Miku has a special support affinity and her class is a weak sword class with the ability to support. She and Zuiho exist at the same time so Miku gets a new support class.
-Premade supports now exist, they cannot be grown, but they do give your characters aid. Like Thorne and Anthea have a C support.
-You obtain the Rescue/Warp/Hammerne trio and the S-Rank weapons here as well. They are set up as thresholds to meet. But you do get your transporter so you can just store the junk you don’t need. S-Rank weapons only have 10 uses, you can’t just give Aurelia S-Rank Tomes and just have her destroy everything no problem.

I hope that from here on the development cycle will fasten. Now that I managed to get out of the technical rut I can just focus on making some simple chapters. Especially since Thorne 1 and 2 will be rather vanilla.
I do plan to add in a lot of dragonslayers to counter Artemis and also maybe a “Barrier blade” that grants +7 res to counter Aurelia. As she did become basically as strong as the prepromoted Baron.
Heck, I may even add a “Good against promoted except Baron” weapon. Maybe a special dark tome. “Nostalgia”
But hey, now the roll is rolling! I have finalized mechanics stuff and the next two chapters are just. “Let’s protect our home!”


Here a story bit for Thorne 1. Ours heroes are discussing about this Civil War and Daimler and stuff. And then Zuiho comes in and dumps a bunch of Fire Emblem lore on to them.

Anthea: Marquess Madoka.
Madoka: Yes Princess Anthea?
Anthea: So it been a whole year now since Aireth became marquess for Caelin yes?
Madoka: You are correct on that one.
Anthea: So if a year has passed since Aireth took in charge of Caelin. Why now all the sudden Marquess Cornwell wants to declare war?
Madoka: That… i quite not sure of that myself.
Thorne: My lady.
Madoka: What is it Thorne?
Thorne: Have you told Daimler about Aireth coronation to marquess?
Madoka: No of course not. I only told Marquess Ostia, Santaruz, Araphen and Tania about that. Why?
Anthea: Are you suggesting that they might have end up spilling this information to Daimler?
Thorne: I’m not trying to suggest they might have snitch on us. I’m trying to say that someone else has been in to each of their houses and stealing that important piece of information through listening on to someone else conversation.
Anthea: And who would that be?
Thorne: Senator Norton.
Madoka: Daimler’s son?
Thorne: I’m telling you, that guy has a habit of sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong.
Madoka: That could be very likely the possibility. Although that only a speculation for now.
Zuiho: Mmm…
Madoka: Zuiho. Is there something you like to say?
Zuiho: Yes but, i don’t know if it’s important to discuss right now.
Anthea: Well you can say whatever it is on your mind right now.
Zuiho: Okay. Well this whole situation we are all currently in the moment, remind of a story i once heard about. A story about an empire, and an emperor. A emperor name… Edelgard.
Thorne: Edelgard?

Zuiho: Yes Edelgard von Hresvelg. Edelgard is the princess of the Adrestian Empire. She was the only child left of the Hresvelg bloodline after all of her siblings mysteriously die out.

Zuiho: Edelgard would soon enroll herself to the officer academy in Garreg Mach Monastery, where she became leader of Adrestia own classroom, The Black Eagles. The students in her classroom would follow Edelgard’s guidance and look up to their leader.

Zuiho: During her time in the officer academy she got along with pretty much everyone students excluding some outside of her class. And she supposedly had a great time awhile at there.

Zuiho: However one day, Edelgard strangely returned to her home of Enbarr. Where her coronation took place. She was crowned emperor of Adrestia by her later father Emperor Ionius IX.

Zuiho: Her first act as emperor was to declare war on to the Church of Seiros and anyone that dare to support them. Nobody did know why she did out in the nowhere.

Zuiho: The most common answer would be that she has personally beef with the Church of Seiros own leader Lady Rhea. Rhea was accuse of lying about the history of Fódlan. And she was forcing her beliefs upon many others.

Zuiho: So Edelgard could not stand this anymore. She rally up the entire of Adrestia and many others across Fódlan to stand with her on her conquest against the Church of Seiros. Those who know Edelgard closely have either joined alongside her, or was straight up against her tyrannical rule.

Anthea: So what happened to Edelgard?
Zuiho: Now that part is tricky. Some stores told of her said they Edelgard succeeded in her conquest. And slayed Lady Rhea herself. Others claimed that the Adrestian Empire collapse upon itself. And Edelgard met her end near the end of the war. Some even said that she was corrupt by some sort of dark magic and turned her into a monster, where she was killed by King Dimitri. Ruler of his own country. The Holy Kingdom of Faerghus. But atlas, there is no concrete ending to het story.
Thorne: Zuiho. Why does your storytelling has any to do with the situation at hand?
Zuiho: Wait Thorne. Let me finish. There still one more story i like to share with you all.
Thorne: Go on.
Zuiho: Very well. You guys know of the Saecen Massacre correct? Well this story about the Radiant Hero Ike, and his home continent Tellius has faced a similar one to ours. The Serenes Massacre. There was this races named the Heron. They were one out of many species of the Laguz. The Heron lived peacefully in Tellius. But one day, they were hunted, killed, nearly wiped to extinction. Sound familiar?
Thorne: Yeah. I got what you mean.
Zuiho: At the time the person responsible of the massacre was supposedly the Mad King Ashnard of Daein. But that was not the case. The real culprit behind the massacre was the Begnion Senate.

Zuiho: More pacifically. The Vice-Minister of the Begnion Empire. The Duke of Gaddos himself. Lekain. He was the one responsible for the killing of many Heron. He was responsible of the burning of Serenes Forest. He was the one who caused the hatred between both Beorc and Laguz.

Zuiho: And he was not alone either. He had many other senators, knights and other individuals involve as well. As they all attempted to try to cover up and get up with their evil deeds for many years. But their evils would soon be put to an end. As the Laguz would soon discover the truth behind the Serenes Massacre. And they declare war on the Begnion Senate. And Lekain himself would soon be killed during this conflict.

Anthea: Zuiho.
Zuiho: Yes?
Anthea: Why are you telling us all of this?
Zuiho: Because i believe that the evils that both Edelgard and Lekain had committed, is not too far off from Daimler’s. Edelgard couldn’t let go of her hated towards the Church of Seiros and Rhea. Much like how Daimler can’t let go his hatred for the Sacaen and Aireth. And Lekain was the mastermind behind the Serenes Massacre. Same thing goes with Daimler being the one held accountable for the Sacaen Massacre. What I’m trying to say is that. History has a bad habit of repeating itself over and over again.
Madoka: I got what you mean Zuiho.
Thorne: As do i. It would appear that Daimler’s action is very like the ones that Edelgard and Lekain cause in their time.
Anthea: Zuiho. Can i ask you one more question?
Zuiho: What is it Princess Anthea?
Anthea: How do you have some much knowledge of all these stories? I wasn’t expecting that coming from a child of your age.
Zuiho: I was told all of this from my mother. She told me many tales of heroes throughout many centuries. Including the Hero-King Marth. And the Divine Dragon Alear. But that an other long story that i don’t have time to tell you all right now. I’m pretty sure we need to get back at the matter at hand.
Madoka: Your right Zuiho. Let return the topic of right now. But thank you for telling us all of this.
Zuiho: I can always be assistance to all of you.


As part of this “Fixed Support System” (Other than Miku) I now add im supports for some enemies/NPC’s as well.
I also gave Bastet the “Idol Super Affinity” since I think from what I can tell it fits her and it shows that Miku isn’t the only “Cheerleader Classed unit.” and Since this affinity is the strongest (It gives 10 Crit avoid, 0,5 Atk/Dmg, 2,5 Hit/Avoid/Critical per rank.) It allows you to get the advantage of putting Serket near her dear Bastet to see her go to town.
But yeah, I hope this adds some neat value to this game. Like you get TONS of pregrown support action and also this sorta action for bosses who rarely get it.

So… if your unit has relations to another unit in this roster feel free to tell me and I will make sure to give them a pregrown support to show that. I do plan in to add plenty. And don’t worry, of course the iconic Amelia & Boulder support will be eternalized as them having an instant A support.


I tried to rewrite this scene a little. Although it came out derailing. Like as Zuiho wants to talk about Edelgard Anthea finds out about the whole “Miku is an android thing” that leads to it being revealed proper.
I wanted to go for something slightly comedic. Like Zuiho doesn’t want to talk about that but Anthea and to a lesser extent Thorne are very interested as they find out Miku is an android and the lore regarding that. I also changed it to a “The gang is traveling and chatting” scene without Madoka. Like tehy already embarked on the journey and discuss as they go.
I know this is vastly diferent, but I hope this is also neat as it reveals tons of lore. But instead of the lore mainly being past FE games, it is more so mainly lore regarding this world and to a lesser extent the connections between this world and Fodlan.


[OpenRight][LoadFace][0x10C][OpenFarRight][LoadFace][0x102][OpenLeft][LoadFace][0x141][OpenFarLeft][LoadFace][0x11C][OpenRight]So it been a whole year now since
Aireth became marquess for Caelin yes?[A]
Then why now all the sudden Marquess
Cornwell declares war on us?[A]
Thorne, Madoka discusses a lot with
you, doesn’t she? You have any idea?[A][OpenFarRight]Madoka didn’t tell everyone about
Aireth becoming Marquess.[A]
She only told only told Marquess Ostia,
Santaruz, Araphen and Tania about that.[A][OpenRight]Are you suggesting that they might have
end up spilling this information to Daimler?[A][OpenFarRight]I’m not trying to suggest they
might have snitch on us.[A]
I’m trying to say that someone else
has been in to each of their houses[A]
and stealing that important piece
of information through listening on[A]
to someone else conversation.[A][OpenRight]And who would that be?[A][OpenFarRight]Senator Norton.[A][OpenRight]Daimler’s son?[A][OpenFarRight]I’m telling you, that guy has a habit of
sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong.[A][OpenRight]That could be very likely the reason.
Although it is only a theory so far.[A][OpenLeft]Mmm…[A][OpenRight]What’s the matter, Zuiho?[A][OpenLeft]Never mind… I don’t know if it’s
important to discuss right now.[A][OpenRight]Well you can say whatever
is on your mind right now.[A]
We are traveling, we have
plenty time to talk.[A]
I would rather hear something
meaningless than nothing at all.[A]
And who knows, it may be
important to hear right now.[A][OpenLeft]Okay.[A]
Well this whole situation we are all currently
in, reminds of a story I once heard about.[A]
The story of Emporor Edelgard.
You are familiar with her, no?[A][OpenFarRight]Edelgard, never heard of her.[A][OpenRight]I didn’t study Fodlan history.[A]
Those 7 conflicting tales are a mess.[A]
So, who was Edelgard exactly, and
what reminds you of our troubles here?[A][OpenFarLeft]I am listening too, this
should be interesting.[A]
So history split into 7 pieces,
when did these splits start?[A][OpenLeft]Sometime in Imperial Year 1180.[A][OpenRight]So what year is the current
year in Imperial Years?[A][OpenFarLeft]Year 2019 translates to
Imperial Year 1666.[A]
Therefore Year 1533 is
Imperial Year 1180.[A]
For your infortmation:[A]
I was put asleep in Year 1651,
Imperial Year 1165.[A]
Lady Rhea was kind enough
to grant me detailed history.[A][OpenLeft]Oh yeah. Anthea,
Miku is an android.[A]
Other than that, this
is a great transition.[A][OpenRight]Wait, Miku is an android?[A]
I am from the folk of the
Cherubian, they used to live here.[A]
My mission was to preserve the
world’s history before resting 500 years.[A]
Once I woke up, I found out that
every Cherubian was no more.[A]
Other than Zuiho and her mother,
so I started traveling with her.[A][OpenLeft]Yep.[A]
Me and my mom are
actually super special.[A]
Now… can we get
back to Edelgard…[A][OpenFarRight]Aren’t Cherubian’s usually
incomprehensible beings?[A][OpenFarLeft]Cherubians do live in the realm
of the incomprehensible angels.[A]
However, Cherubians are able
to comprehend angels.[A]
They use the angels realm
to explore many worlds.[A]
That means that more
Cherubian tribes must still exist.[A]
I plan on eventually reuniting
with my folk, maybe with Zuiho’s family.[A][OpenLeft]Yeah, this world sucks.[A]
I am going to leave
this world for a better one.[A]
But now, back to my story
about the emperor Edelgard…[A][OpenFarRight]If you can leave this miserable
place, then why you haven’t yet?[A][OpenLeft]Because all gates to that world
were broken down.[A]
There used to be many
gates, like the American archway.[A]
Just instead for America, they
connect to Cherubian colonies.[A][OpenFarLeft]There are still places we have
to check however.[A]
That is what drives us
across these lands.[A][OpenRight]Wow…[A]
[OpenLeft]So did we answer your
question, Anthea?[A]
Can we now get to the Edelgard
story my mom learned.[A]
[OpenFarRight]I know your bloodline is holy or something, but
how did your mother find these things out?[A]
Didn’t you say she was a prostitute with
a poor life, how did she get access to that?[A][OpenLeft]She got them from the
Divine Dragon.[A][OpenRight]Wait, she actually
met the Divine Dragon?[A][OpenLeft]I am never going to tell
about Edelgard, aren’t I?[A][OpenFarRight]You just mentioned your mom
meeting the Divine Dragon.[A]
That is sorta on you.[A][OpenLeft]Fine…[A]
My mom helped out
building an orphanage.[A]
Since one of the Divine Dragon’s friends lead
the project, it was a Fire Emblem Ceremony.[A]
My mom managed to get a copy of the Somniel
library so that the orphans could learn.[A]
I could only learn light magic because
of the Divine Dragon, as a result of that.[A]
Yeah, that is my secret, I am the most
special person in the continent.[A]
I also think that makes me a Black
Fang target or something like that.[A][OpenRight]Now don’t start bragging about it.[A][OpenFarLeft]But she is special.[A][OpenLeft]Don’t push it Miku.[A]


“I’m criting you!”
FE7TBS - PME-248
“So do I!”
FE7TBS - PME-249


Thorne 1 is done!
Wow, a rhyme.

This chapter is a lot like it’s vanilla counterpart, just that I tried to give it a small twist with a second boss and more recruits. Also it being actually focused on defeating Adira. This does alter the plot I suppose. Adira being an one off villain instead of a main villain. A part of my epic “I remove more than half the chapters of this game” moment.

Also having an own Gonzales in this game is epic ngl. At least a girl in a similar niche.

I also just had an idea, Anthea, not being fully sure if she acts too violenty will be able to recruit generics the next two chapters. (I plan for Thorne 3 to be an epic indoors kill Daimler map.) Like maybe two generics per map, and those are actual generics. In general I think peace will be a big theme of the game and this arc is sorta about questioning Madoka as a character. And also how people react to perfection, despite Madoka being named “nickname the goddess of grace and beauty.” that there is doubt from all sides. I hope that like this I can add something interesting to the plot while keeping Madoka as a grace of perfection. And how Anthea in trying to top her manages to do things like recruiting generics, that in trying to improve Madoka’s perfection results are still reached. That improvement is always possible, this game won’t be long enough for units to reach level 20 anyway, you can always grow in this game.

I also think the word “goddess” is interesting in a world where worship for people among people exist, like Alear and Serket. This story is the story of proving that Madoka is worthy of worship, that in fighting in her name the world isn’t just improved, but saved.

“I now understand why people worship Alear and why I won’t do that anymore as I now worship you, Madoka.”

I also now have a rough idea for the quintessence counterpart in this. That the reason the gates where Zuiho’s kind came from are closed is because of it being terminated as a response to the violent end and now Dezdana wants to reverse the process by using death to open it, the same way a key can be used to both open and close a door, she tries to reverse the effects. And so this civil war is supported by her. Luring the group to the Dragon’s Gate so that all the violence and quintessence that lingers around them can be harnessed and used. But also quintessence like wears off so it has to be in form of a war. As Zoe may have killed tons of people, but not enough. But a violent army is walking to her footsteps, just what she needs.

I know that may be sorta silly, but I hope a “You have been collecting what I need, that being defeats and now I will open the portal” is neat. I know that is an usual twist but I hope I can still make it feel impactful. Like, the Black Fang just does isolated kills, only by a full on war can there be enough violence and therefore by luring the group into coming to dread isle after a massacre they activate it. Sorta paints Shin’s vision as a trap as well.


Here an ending Story Bit for Thorne 0. This is our scene with the bad guys.

(At Castle Cornwell)
Daimler: What! What did you just say?!
Messenger: Lady Madoka is sending many of her troops to Cornwell. The one leading this battalion of hers is none other than Thorne himself.
Norton: I knew it. They coming for you father. You know that was very reckless of you to announce our defection when our allies are not fully prepared for war yet.
Daimler: Grr. Send a message to all of our supported houses. I want them all informed about this at once.
Messenger: Of course Lord Daimler.
(Messenger Leaves)
Norton: Lady Adira is in grave danger. If those filthy vermin are heading here right now, then they will have to cross Laus territory.
Daimler: Like i suddenly care for her dyer needs right now. I would lose nothing with her loss.
Norton: But father. If Lady Adira is killed, Laus falls and our army’s are reduce. We kindly need her help if we want to tear down the walls of both House Pherae and House Caelin.
Daimler: You don’t think i need that. Of course we do need Adira under our league. I’m just simply stating that i don’t care of the outcome of this coming battle.
Norton: What are you trying to say father?
Daimler: If it’s true that Lady Madoka did indeed launch an assault against my revolution. We could use Pherae potential victory against Laus for political uses. Norton. I’m in trusting you to spread our narrative. When the smoke clear. The people will see the real Marquess Pherae. A liar, a fraud, A false hope. Then the others houses that are remaining neutral in this conflict. Will quickly come to our side instead.
Norton: As you wish. And if the marquesses do decide to join our cause. I’ll make sure they have to clean the bottom of our boots. Ha ha ha.
(Norton leaves)
Daimler: Even if our scheme does come through, my son will still remain as a useful lapdog of my.


I now added in that scene. I won’t release that to Video because it will be in the final release anyway and I think like full chapters are more interesting to see in Video format.

And yeah, I will try to include it. Maybe I can have it be that after Thorne 3 the situation with Madoka gets worse while Thorne & Co. try to defeat the Black Fang.


By the way,
Generic Pegasus Knight {Glaceo}
(Sprite by Glaceo)
This is my idea for the “Generic Recruitable” unit.
HARU, the generic sky knight. Actually based on a generic recruited gal I got in my Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright run. I dropped it after a few chapters, maybe because I played on Classic and she bit the dust, so my favorite character was dead. I think while I will make it obvious that you can recruit her, I will actually give her autolevel and generic stats and growths. And also being one of the few units who doesn’t have supports. (Though I can imagine making her a Miku support partner because why not.)
In general I love playable genrics and while she is an unique character, I hope that she fills that niche of being gameplay wise literally a generic scrub.
Useless considering you will obtain three other pegasus knights and have essentially a camilla lord, but still, it’s Haru, the generic girl of my heart. Plus it sorta continues to add someone from every fire emblem game.
I will also probably include someone based on the Shadow Dragon generics. Maybe if you mess up to recruit someone a Shadow Dragon style recruit will replace them.

By the way, Thorne 2 will probably be pretty close to vanilla. But don’t worry, I have space for more recruits. Considering the game is so shortened I can turn this game into a recruit fest. I can have the pegasus gang that Haru is part of house another recruitable units.

Btw, here is my idea for how the remaining characters will be spread out:
Thorne 2: The Aireth crew, Haru, Seward, Farina (Why not, let’s have the pegasus trio just join all in one.)
Thorne 3: Edna, Rinkah
Thorne 4: Mina & Tyche (Both become unpromoted but they remain lovers that aid you together.)
Prep 2: Possible Choices (All prepromotes, you can choose 1 “Carry”): Pelagia, Darezin, Lilith, Nikolaos, Iver, Mikhail
My idea is that you can pick one powerful unit based on what you think your team needs. Like you can train Barret to take Pelagia’s role or you can take her. You can train Narcian to take Lilith’s role or you pick her.
Thorne 5: Eustace, Echidna
Thorne 6: New character due to plot reason (What are me and @TheEmeraldKing267 cooking? Who knows, the mystery, the suspence?), Fionn
Thorne 7: Jonah, Vandis
Final 1: Josiah (Takes on the role Olympus had in the old version. I think I am going to make Olympus PRF weapon a Baron weapon so that Olympus can still use it while it being a weapon Josiah can wield.)
Final 2: None

I hope this is cool and while some units are being put in the “Choice Jail” I do hope that this is too a fair thing and that the choice of characters adds to the game. Like… You get to choose how to patch up your team based on your current needs.


…They will have more similar stats… right?

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Yeah. I will probably unprompte them both and they will have similar levels. Think of them as like the axe bros.

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will their growth rates be restored to unpromoted rates?

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Of course. The same I did with Madeleine who I also unpromote. I just do it mainly because the game is rather short and therefore prepromotes don’t make that much sense. I hope the ability to choose one sorta makes up for it.

And yeah, they will receive higher growths now, yay.


FE7TBS - PME-271
I knew I already heard that while doing the colosso trials in golden sun :rofl:


Just remembered the Karla event
And Bartre’s replacement is Shelle


Don’t worry!
I made it so the Karla event always happens, and you recruit them without a forced fight. :star:


Btw I now finished my test run of Chapter 2.
Although I will tweak some stats for the final version as I did make a pretty tough thing.
I also ended up giving Haru (The generic pegasus knight) the same bases & growths as the Fates “Sky Knight”. This results while she is the Lv.1 of the bunch, she has more than 300% growths. I hope that she as the “Est” of the pegasus knight trio will be fun. (She will also have a higher weapon rank and high con to gave her genuine boons.)

I also added in Caroline and Mathias as “Generic enemies that are named now, yay.”
Although at least they are pretty tough. Like I had to nerf them a lot so they are fightable levels of tough. And while I know them just being “Two sorry faces blackmailed into the conflict” it being a story you can only see by reading their description does add something. I think.

But gameplay will come soon.


Screenshot 2024-06-11 213112
By the way here is my idea for Thorne 3. Yes this map is basically a fire emblem 6 map.
Although I do have an idea for a twist, ballistas in the room to the left and right. Essentially starting you out in ballista range and you either have to get a thief (You get a lockpick for Aireth for free.) or you just have to get out.
I hope this adds an unique twist to the annoying ballista gameplay. You cannot avoid the ballista so you have to deal with it. Be it rescue on a tanky unit, not deploying fliers this chapter, sending your ballista haters down the middle. I want to avoid the “I just treat the ballista like a dead zone” annoying gameplay and instead have “The ballista is there, you cannot avoid it, so just deal with it.”