[FE7] [RELEASED] Fire Emblem: The Blazing Silver PME (Update v1.0b Out!)

I know what the issue might be with the two mugs: It’s that they’re in FE6 framing order and not FE7/8, so I fixed that :333 You’re welcome :green_heart:

Shin’s Servant (aka Nord but Jungle): Dark Mage (Version 2) {Matthieu, CherryBaer}
Madoka’s Royal Guard (babygirl): Soldier (Female) {Alice, Zarg, CherryBaer}

EDIT: I fucked up on the Soldier lady cause her normal full-open was a pixel too high, so I rectified it :upside_down_face:


First of all, I will include these new AnthenaBaer edited mugs into my game.
Second, I think I am creating a theme about “false worship” in the game. At least I am seeing that there are several choices that sorta lead to such theme:
-The thing with just deciding to make Alear aka the divine dragon a widely worshipped figure is that I don’t know how much Alear can act like a god hearing prayers. I don’t think she is capable of recieving prayers, best case she can do it in her sleep or in her subconcious. By the way, I do plan to make Dragons and Manakete’s diferent, essentially Dragons have their own Dragonstone while manakete’s are people who grew able to use the remains of Dragonstones from dead dragons.
-I made the mani katti replacement a “nonexistent spirit” in implying (both by Riv and by there being rumors that she has the blood to use that weapon in the outro.) and therefore the signs of it being a weapon with a will of it’s own is a false interpretation.
-In the Miku support I wrote I made her a worshipped figure by a desperate falling civilization, despite upon being confronted by it, Miku is unable to have recieved or helped in any way. “Why was I given this role of a goddess? They pray to me despite me not even being able to listen to them.” -Miku in the B-Support between Miku & Darezin

This does create a motif of “false worship”. I wonder if I can expand upon that, but I do not want to make a game that is against religious people. Despite many old religions explaining things such as wheather or disease we would now explain with science, there is still a valid place for religion even past that. Considering the final boss is akin to a bibical angel, I may be able to incorperate that in the theme.

But I do think I need some help, I do see something interesting here, but I want to say something meaningful that does not bash either religious people or non religious people.

Edit: Or is that theme “Lack of knowledge” as well? Considering that some of these false worhips are a result of lack of knowledge and for instance Aireth has Artemis and upon finding out why she has Artemis it changes her worldview? And Shin the villain of Aireth’s story has like these visions of needing to save the world at dread isle but despite this being “right” he is cast the role of a villain.

Oh man, there is a juicy theme here, I just don’t know what.


Hey, I now finished chapter 3. It is basically just the dorcas map. But it does have some unique changes.

Interestingly Bastet was originally called a myrmidon, however it was removed in V.1. Having the only “good alligned” myrm be a green unit in chapter 3 of lyn mode may even be more sad than the current of having none at all. Lol.

I am also now thinking about how does the Serket plot of this map fit into the bigger theme, I assume it does at least a bit. It is Serket attacking her lover on accident. Oops and by revealing that fact you obtain her as a party member. Sorta sounds like a “Lack of knowledge harms your life.” or “Knowledge is the most valueable resource there is.”. That’s a message right? I think about it way too much but I do think that “Truth and Trust” will be the big theme of the game. Or “Trust in the truth” and “Trusting in lies is harmful.”. A nice combo to base a story on. Although I would have to think what do the villains do that is sorta like, a bad version of the theme. What does Dezdana do that is like the evil version of that theme?

Or I make the theme something like: “Trust whether it be in some higher power or a close loved one can push you to do a lot of things. I don’t care whether it is right, I care that it doesn’t make you a bad person.”


WELL. time to complain about everything… AHEM.
…pls don’t take it seriously, just playing about, hehehe.

Anyways, Serket and Bastet indeed have more history to go through if you’re interested, so I could write all of that if you’d like. Short form off-handedly, Serket is essentially seen as a deity for… some unknown reason that not even Serket even knows, but she sorta just rolls with it because it’s hilarious, Bastet is her most devout follower. …while they could be lovers, that’s not really their proper relation.

Still, it’s totally up to you, I’m fine with saying they’re sorta… alternate reality variants where one difference made changed their paths in life drastically, not a big deal, hehe.
It’s basically midnight here, though, so hopefully I’ll be able to watch more than just like 5 minutes and expand on things later. Looks rather fun either way.


That sounds interesting. I would be interesting in hearing all of it. I mean that sounds like it would fit.

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Here an additional ending for Chapter 3. This will play after both Riv and Barret take up night watch. This is where both Aireth and Madoka meet face to face.

(In the middle of the night)
Barret: Lady Aireth? Why are you still doing up? It’s is very late you know.
Aireth: Barret. We are not alone out here. Artemis sense enemies nearby.
Riv: Oh great. Just when i thought i could shut my eyes at long last.
Barret: You think this is the same bandit group that Serket was a part of? Could they be back for more?
Aireth: Perhaps.
Barret: Should we wake the others then?
Aireth: No i think the three of us could take them ourselves.
Riv: Good. Let get them. By the way, if i drool during our nightly encounter, don’t tell this to Reagan.

(Outside the Fort)
Aireth: Barret, Riv. Have you spot anything?
Barret: Nope. I’m all clear on my end.
Riv: Same.
Aireth: Let push forward. They could still be here.
Riv: Wait a minute. I just saw someone over there.
Barret: How shall we approach this Lady Aireth?
Aireth: We go over there, and confront them.
Riv: Hey buddy! We know you are here! You might wanna just come clean with us! You know just save us all the trouble! You wanna go hang out in our fort?! Maybe we can tell each other scary stories?! Or…
(Madoka’s Royal Guard appears)
Madoka’s Royal Guard: Drop your weapons!
Madoka’s Royal Guard 1: Quick girls! Surround them!
Riv: Oh shoot!
Barret: Well i guess comes the part where we all get slaughter on the spot.
???: Whoa, whoa, stand down right now!
(Madoka and Jenny Appear)
Madoka’s Royal Guard: Marquess Pherae! My apologies!
Madoka: You there.
Aireth: Me?
Madoka: State your name.
Aireth: My name is Aireth. I’m the daughter of the late Chief Lorca. I mean no harm to you, but i wish to see supposedly my true father Thomas.
Madoka: …
Aireth: …
Madoka: So the rumors were true. Marquess Caelin long last daughter has finally been found. Guards release them.
Aireth: Ow. You hold on very tight.
Madoka’s Royal Guard: So sorry.
Barret: Marquess Pherae. What are you doing all the way out here?
Madoka: Barret. Riv. I don’t recognize the both of you at first.
Riv: Man marquess. Have you checked your eye sight lately?
Madoka: My apologies to the both of you. I didn’t ever know you were with her.
Barret: We were send by Thomas to find his daughteras well. Now about you?
Madoka: Oh yeah. Well i heard many rumors regarding about Aireth being seen in Bern as of late. I went to Caelin to speak with Lord Shin about these rumors and if they true. But he tried to denounce these speculations as true.
Aireth: Lord Shin?
Jenny: He even went as far as trying to grab her after she try’s to continued their conversation.
Madoka: There where i knew that Lord Shin was up and i have to go search for you and found you myself. I’m just glad you’re safe and unharmed.
Aireth: Wait pause for a moment. I need to ask this but who is Lord Shin?
Barret: Oh yeah we forgot to talk about him.
Madoka: Aireth i know you have tons of questions to ask right now. But it’s is getting late right now. Let us all rest for the night.
Aireth: But marquess. I…
Jenny: Lady Aireth. Please do what Lady Madoka suggests. You don’t want to overwork yourself do you?
Aireth: Uhh i guess not.
Madoka: We can continue our discussion tomorrow morning Aireth. Will be resting in our camp nearby here. Good night everyone.
(Madoka and Jenny Leave)
Aireth: So Barret. About that Shin fellow?
Barret: Like what Lady Madoka said. We will talk about this in the morning.
Riv: I think we can actually get some rest now. Knowing that Pherae soldiers are nearby to protect us.
Aireth: Alright. Well good night the both of you. Hope the two of you get some needed rest.
Barret: And to you as well Lady Aireth.

Jenny: Lady Madoka. You’re still awake?
Madoka: I know i really shouldn’t be right now Jenny. It’s just… there has been a thought within my mind not long ago.
Jenny: Does it have anything to do with Aireth?
Madoka: Most likely yeah.
Jenny: And what would that be my lady?
Madoka: Uhhh it’s probably just nothing. It’s could just be me worrying what going on in Pherae right now without me there.
Jenny: You don’t need to worry. Thorne, Amelia and the others will protect it. Our home will be perfectly okay once we return.
Madoka: Maybe you’re right. Things will be just fine when we get back. I always appreciate your support Jenny.
Jenny: You know i always help you every step of the way. Now allow me to escort you to bed now Lady Madoka.
Madoka: Thank you Jenny.


…Like a derp I haven’t written it down. good job stupid.

Let’s see what I remember and poke at it a bit so it fits more here.

Starting with Serket the ‘deity’, back at their home for some inexplicable reason a few years ago Bastet became her follower, creating a religion (or cult? None of the super weird stuff from a cult though) out of it revering Serket as her goddess (Maybe Serket saved Bastet from bandits? Simple, something she would absolutely do and promptly forget, all that). That expanded a bit and her followers number around… 15-30 or so, small-scale, but it’s a bit odd that it happened.

They’re from a desert nation, so let’s just say that the two are from Nabata for this, went travelling for exotic artifacts, and… similar to here, perhaps, Bastet got hurt-- somethingsomething leg injury, feel free to make it up if you want, hehehe. Serket is absolutely the type of person who adores every single one of her followers and would absolutely go out of her way to help them out, Serket may be a flirty vengeant dork, but she’s a flirty vengeant dork who won’t let her followers down; this is about when the party gets there, probably!

…a lot shorter than i expected all this, i hope i’m not missing anything important, hh.


This rewrite will mostly be about Adira cutscenes with some new things being added, I hope it won’t be too much.

Chapter 14 Adira's Heel

Adira: So, Pherae’s heir comes knocking on my door step, the arrogant welp…

Knull: It’s as you say Lady Adira. Our scouts say he comes with his entourage as we speak.

Adira: Robin, what is the meaning of this!

Robin: I-i don’t know, they couldn’t have possibly figured it out… I can’t conceive any actual reason as they c-could’ve-

Adira: INSOLENCE! I will not have some brat ruining pur entire plan! By the gods are you worthless.

*Knull Reappars *

Knull: Lady Adira, It also appears that Pherae’s heir travels with Ostia’s heir…

Adira: Damn it all! Why in the nine layer of hells would she be there?! That bloody reprobate will get that sister of hers involved-!

Knull: My- My lady please cal-

Adira: I WILL HAVE THERE HEADS MOUNTED ON MY SPEAR! Enough of this postulating! If this plan is for naugth then they will die with me! Knull, ready the men, I’ll be leading the charge…

Knull: W-Wait, allow me to speak to him first. I could lure him into a false sense of security, perhaps even make an ambush possible. . . ?

Adira: Oooh Knull, you never dissapoint me. Be sure to deal with them quick, I don’t like to be kept waiting.

Knull: As you say Lady Adira…

Knull leaves the castle

Adira: I do hope his silly little head of his doesn’t get any ideas. It’d be sad to lose such a good solider over some student of his…

This one is for when Erik/Knull asks for Reinforcements which in this version of the game he actually GETS, crazy I know.

Knull Reinforcements

Reinforcement Cutscene

Knull: Damn it this is taking longer then I realized. You there, Solider, request some more Reinforcements immediately. We can’t keep this up for much longer.

Solider: Yes, Immediately Sir!

Cut to inside the Castle

Adira: Surely Knull should’ve come back by now, he doesn’t usually dawdle in his duties…

Solider Appears

Solider: Sir! Commander Knull has sent for more Reinforcements, we’re having trouble on the main front!

Adira: What?! I had thought Knull more capable. Alright, run back to Knull and tell him I’ll be overseeing the battle.

Solider: As you say, Sir!

Solider leaves

Adira: Now… we’re do you think you’re going you sniveling RAT!

Robin Appears

Robin: AYEEEE!!! I-i uhmm… Uh, uhm- I was…

Adira: Speak to me clearly dog, else I tear that mouth open for you!

Robin: YESSORRYOFCOURSE!! I’m sorry Ms. Adira, Ma’am! It’s just… isn’t this a losing battle? Surely you shouldn’t waste your own resources on what’s clearly a lost cause… r-right…?

Adira: Well… yes, you’re right.

Robin: R-really?

Adira: Don’t fret, no yelling from me will kill you. Knull hasn’t failed up til now though, so I’ll see the battle for myself. If Knull were to fall, we retreat, no use staying for dead men.

Robin: Thank you, Ms. Adira! I’ll be waiting inside!

Robin Leaves

Adira: Harold, attend me. We’ll be watching this battle from the castle. Be a dear and stand by me for the remainder of this battle, I wouldn’t want you rampaging about.

Harold Appears

Harold: Yes Lady Adira! By your leave!

These main changes are just based around how the character is.

Adira doesn’t immediately Run like Darin and instead stays to see what happens. Adira and Harold both exit the castle and will be stationary next to the Gate for the majority of the map. They will have thier default inventories and won’t move to the player.

Reinforcements will come in the form of Cavaliers, Soldiers, and mercenarys. 4 Cavs from behind Adira, 4 Soldiers at her right, and 3 Mercenarys in front of her. These Reinforcements will be level 6 and pursue the enemy.

When Knull eventually falls, this will be the Dialogue.

Knull defeated

Once Knull falls

Adira: Pity, I was hoping to see him returned to me. Sadly we cannot afford to stay, Robin! We take our leave…

Robin: Of course!

Both Harold and Adira retreat off the map

Both Adira and Harold will retreat off the map.

The Cavs will have Iron Lances, Same with Soldiers, and the Mercenaries will have Iron Swords.

Here is the Soldier portrait for the cutscenes
AmBrosiac - Gustav
Portrait by AmBrosiac


I now put your ending to Video. I wonder how this affects the future chapters, this probably makes Shin’s downfall more pathetic. Although I could see it as maybe we have Shin fully embrace that he sees himself as the hero of this story. The man destined to save dread isle despite the entire world being his foe.
I now want to make the final chapter of aireth mode maybe have the intro be told from Shin’s perspective as he sends his group out. Maybe I will add in whole new characters that fit in FE Archetypes such as Shin’s servant becoming a jagen type character. Truly selling the idea that you beat up another FE protagonist who was just a bit too rude to be one.

And like the preultimate chapter after you save Zuiho from the black fang and finally approach Shin shows how threatening Shin can be with being able to get people against Madoka. He is the hero able to rise up to the status quo and you need to beat those poor souls that truly believe in what is right, just a little bit too early. I may even make that preultimate chapter a “Defeat all enemies” map where every enemy is on your level. You need to convince the enemy because in terms of power, they have the advantage, it is not you fighting weaker enemies, it is you fighting stronger enemies. Even Artemis can only do so much.


Here’s a bunch of writing for chapter 10 Aireth mode and a small rewrite at the end.

Pre-Map Cutscene

With Commander Bonnie defeated, Aireth and her company continue forth, closer to Shin! Although his ambitions are not malicious in intent, Aireth sees the mayhem that is raining down on all of Sacae. With this, Aireth’s resolve is unshakable as she marches towards the castle intent on both seeing her blood father and ridding Shin’s uprising once and for all…

Beginning of Chapter 10 Cutscene

Riv: Here we are! Looks like Shin wanted to give us a warm welcoming party, we might lose here.

Barret: It may seem so, yet this isn’t something we aren’t familiar with! Aireth, we are ready to charge through these lines of soldiers and fight!

Riv: You’ll here no complaining from me, I’m right behind you.

Aireth: I-i… thank you, all of you for coming this far with me. Yes, YES! Let us reach Shin and put an end to this farce! I will see my father…

Both Riv and Barret leave

Madoka: Aireth, if I may have a moment of your time…

Aireth: Lady Madoka, of course. What seems to be the matter?

Madoka: Despite everything that has transpired, do you think there’s some truth in all this?

Aireth: I wouldn’t know, I hadn’t bothered to question it. He’s in the way of seeing my father, he is the enemy.

Madoka: Of course, yet I can’t help but notice that he’s been more agitated, distracted, paranoid about… something.

Aireth: . . . . ?

Madoka: I know he can’t be reasoned with, but if you face him in battle… could you ask why he has done all this?

Aireth: If it’s that important to you, then yes.

Madoka: Thank you Aireth…

Cut to battle preparations

Aireth and Shin battle quote

Battle Quote

Shin: No… not yet… I can’t let this happen…

Aireth: Shin I- what? What are you mumbling about?

Shin: I have seen the future of this world, yet you prevent me from saving it. I won’t… I can’t allow that!

Aireth: This is pointless… You’re insane, far from any point of salvation. Die you dog…

Reissman/Lavania Cutscene

Reissman/Lavania Cutscene

Inside the Castle

Aireth: Marquess Caelin, are you in here? Marquess Caelin, Father?

Lavania Appears

Aireth: Gah-!? What? I don’t remember seeing someone of your build outside…

Lavania: . . . . .

Aireth: … is there something the matter?

Lavania: Yep, it’s you. That father of yours wouldn’t stop talking about you…

Aireth: Wait, you know where my father is? Could you lead me to him?

Lavania: Course, won’t let the boss go without seeing his kid first, just… don’t expect him to last long.

Here’s the Rewrite, I hope this is okay with you @TheEmeraldKing267

Thomas and Aireth Cutscene

Inside Thomas’s room

Aireth: Hello? Fa- Marquess Caelin…

Thomas: Who goes… there?

Aireth steps closer

Thomas: My… my daughter… oh my goodness…

Aireth: Father I-i… I don’t…

Thomas: Shhh… it’s all right my dear Aireth… You can put away you’re blades, relax yourself, it’ll be all right. As for me, I’ll be going soon enough…

Aireth: W-what?! B-but Father… Thomas… I don’t… I barely had the time to…

Thomas: What is the matter Aireth? You look distraught…

Aireth: I wanted to say… Thank you for Artemis. I wanted to spend some more time with… you since I don’t… I-i…

Thomas: Aireth. . .?

Aireth: Why don’t I feel more…? I should be devastated… I came here to see my father and yet…

Thomas: It’s… it’s all right Aireth…

Aireth: -!?

Thomas: I had… abandoned you, you were subject to atrocious that I could never fathom…

Aireth: Father…?

Thomas: Don’t blame yourself for not feeling more, I’m grateful enough that I’ve got to see my beautiful daughter… one last time…

Aireth steps closer

Aireth: No-! Wait-! Please don’t go! Please, please… We can cure you, we could recover some lost time or something, just don’t… don’t go yet…

Thomas: To see that beautiful face cry… I’m sorry I’ve done this to you my daughter…

Aireth: Can’t you stay… please… let me have the chance to get to know you better… Let it not be for naught…

Thomas: You’ll be a wonderful ruler Aireth, I know you will… you’ve come back to me to say goodbye, that’s worth everything to me… I love you Aireth…

Thomas Closes his eyes

Aireth: No… no…

I hope this is a good read.


Rather than another Story Bit for you. Instead i bring you an Opening Narration for the upcoming Chapter 4.

After saving Bastet from bandits, Aireth and company rest the evening away. However in the middle of the calm night they thought to be ambush by more ruffians. Instead they meet the peaceful marquess of Pherae herself Madoka. She was searching for Aireth after hearing many sightings of her. The next morning they continued their journey to Caelin. During their travel Aireth and Madoka discussed the political environment of Lycia.


[LoadOverworldFaces]After saving Bastet from bandits, Aireth
and company rest the evening away.[A]
However in the middle of the calm night
they meet the marquess of Pherae.[A]
[LoadOverworldFaces]The next morning they continued
their journey to Caelin.[A]
During their travel Aireth and Madoka discussed
the political environment of Lycia.[A]
It was strange for Aireth to see the tone of the
grass slowly shift as they travel.[A]
She leaves her home, maybe for good.[A]
Madoka told her a lot of new
information about the world at large.[A]
It is difficult for Aireth to understand
all of it, but Madoka takes her time.[A]
They do have a lot of time, at least
for now. Though danger does loom.[A]
It isn’t said out loud, but they know
that Shin has to be defeated.[A]
Whatever Shin does, it results in
Bandits having less to worry about.[A]
They came across several towns
destroyed by Bandits without mercy.[A]
Each town stuns Madoka, hints
of anger flashing in her eyes.[A]
[LoadOverworldFaces]Eventually they settle into a town,
not knowing their help will be needed soon.[A]

I decide to change it a bit as Chapter 4 is the Zuiho chapter I sorta wanted to hide some of that narration. Also using it to imply something dark with Madoka visiting towns ravaged by bandits. I also want to use this to show that the stakes are growing as you start approaching the late game of the story. Zuiho’s small chapter being a chance to save one of the towns that is attacked by the black fang and bandits. And with three characters joining your little group.
I can also imagine that maybe Madoka like… is challenged by this. Regret maybe filling her as she sees towns that are too far gone. She could have probably done something better. Maybe even questioning her pacifist nature.
But I want to add a scene where if you recruited Abiba she is overjoyed about it, being a pacifist managing to recruit an enemy is amazing for her. She being very impressed by Zuiho’s ability to be a pacifist.


It seems like a sequel PME exists. I just added in a new version based on Zuiho said to be Abiba’s child named after her lover.
I won’t make a “Elysium Ablaze 2, this time based on FE6” but hey, I do wanna include some connection to it, at least to vanilla “The Blazing Silver”.
But before you ask, I won’t do any measures to make this project canon to this sequel project. I may reference it, but I am ready to do things that may result in contradictions, as in tern that would limit the sequel PME.
Best you can see is that I give a support conversation between Zuiho (2nd Generation) and Lyn (FE6 PME). And maybe also do other character concepts for it.


Well then let me present you Shin’s own squad.

(Cain and Abel type of characters)

Credit to Its_Just_Jay

Credit to RandomWizard

Simon and Nina are knights of Caelin and Shin most loyal soldiers. Both of them are not evil they are just following their lord.

(Ogma type of character)

CapibaraInSpace F2U OC 6
Credit to CapibaraInSpace

Jackson is a leader of a company of mercenaries hired by Shin to stop Aireth. While he is aware that Aireth and her allies are not really bad people he does know that Shin is holding their payment.

(Merric type of character)

{LaurentLacroix} OC 4
Credit to LaurentLacroix

Christof is a young civilian of Caelin now turn soldier. His magic and skill were all help taught by his teacher.

(Wendell type of character)

Credit to Smokeyguy77

Theodore is the oldest soldier of Caelin. He is the teacher of Christof and helps him teach the way of magical spells.

And that should be at least most of Shin’s own squad right here.


Here’s a fix I made for a character that uses Jackson’s mug in an FE8 PME I’m helping remake which fixes the framing to FE7/8 order :two_hearts:
Hoss {CapibaraInSpace, CherryBaer}
to be honest though, you should probably find a different mug cause this one’s so boring :sob:


I always thought that mug looked pretty cool :face_in_clouds:


I already use this portrait as a generic villager. Sorry

Here Christof new portrait then.
Credit to CapibaraInSpace

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Why did you reply this?
What does this hack have to do with that mug?