[FE7] [RELEASED] Fire Emblem: The Blazing Silver PME (Update v1.0b Out!)

I finished drawing Anthea, yay.
I decided to take inspiration from pegasus knights for the lower parts of the armor.
I know this could use more polish, but for now I am pretty happy with it.


By the way I am currently thinking about cutting chapters, because I want to rather finish this by the end of the summer and I feel like cutting some slag may be good on that. I want to be realistic, and I think even if my game won’t be the longest in the world, it will be good in return, like if I cut some chapters I can make sure all I do add is peak.

Because ngl, I feel like soon I will be burnt out on fire emblem, having soon had a phase where I finished half a dozen FE playthroughs, I feel like burnout is inevitable.

(By the way, if I do cut bosses, I plan to include them later as a sub boss or something else depending on the character.)

So basically thinking about cutting chapters 3 and 5. Maybe more in the future. Maybe ch 8 and 7x.


Prolouge - Done
Chapter 1 - Done
Chapter 2 - Currently working on it
Chapter 4 - Same map as vanilla
Chapter 7 - Same map as vanilla
Chapter 7x - Take off Engage ch11, you recieve a master seal as your reward
Chapter 9 - Another map
Chapter 10 - Another map

(This means that 4 maps will be cut, turning Lyn mode into a 7-8 map long mode. Which I think is fair for the story being told.)

And this hopefully makes it more doable on my part. (I also plan to move recruitables around so you get more of them, although I may cut some units from Lyn mode. But don’t worry, even if I cut playable units in lyn mode. They will remain in the main game.)

(I think I will make Thorne mode around 7 maps also and Anthea mode around 14 maps. While I know this may be rather short, I think it will be a fair lenght for a project. But in return I can imagine making Thorne and Anthea mode have mostly unique maplists.)


Here we go. This next story bit is a big one. This is the one for Chapter 10 The Distant Plains.

Spoiler alert

Aireth: Marquess Caelin! Are you in here?! Marquess Caelin! Father!
Thomas: Who is it?
Aireth: Are you Marquess Caelin? Thomas was it?
Thomas: Yes i am.
Aireth: Father. It me. I’m finally here to see you.
Thomas: … Aireth. Is it really you? Let me open my eyes to see.
(Thomas open his eyes to see his daughter Aireth.)
Thomas: Oh… Aireth.
Aireth: Father.
Thomas: It is over my daughter. Time for you to put aside your sword for now, and live. And time to see your other father, the one you never thought you had. Because soon. I be gone too.
Aireth: Marquess. I mean father. What do you mean? I’m here. We know of your condition. We can care you.
Thomas: Let me speak Aireth. I need to tell you about your mother. Elena.
Aireth: Mother?
Thomas: Long ago when i was a young prince about to ascend upon the throne and claimed title of Marquess for Caelin. I visited the distance plains of Sacae where i met here, Elena. She was the most gorgeous woman i ever met. She was strong, independent, brave, always put others will being above hers first, and kindhearted. She was one of Sacae finest female warriors. I saw something in her. And she did the same for me as well. We spent so much time together that i end up postponing my inauguration ceremony multiple times just so i can post more time with her. My father was getting very angry and inpatient with my multiple delays. After receiving an angry later from him i knew i have to return to Caelin to take the throne. But before i did however i propose to Elena. And she happily accepts. The both of us returned to Caelin together where my inauguration was held and i became Marquess of Caelin. When i first ascended on the throne i announce my marriage towards Elena upon many other noble houses and our wedding was held a few days later. However many noble within Lycia did not accept me marrying to a Sacaen woman. The most notable of them is the prince of Cornwell himself.
Aireth: Daimler.
Thomas: While my father and many other noble accept my marriage toward Elena. Others such as Daimler were quick to easily judge her. The both of us received many harassment, death letters, and even multiple kidnapping attempts with bandits on Elena life. All seem pretty grey for the both of us at that period of time. But suddenly a light of hope shine upon us. Elena was pregnant. And you were brought on to this world Aireth. However that little spark of hope you represent only further enraged the nobles. It was from that moment i knew that you and Elena was not safe here any longer. The both of you will be certainly killed if you stay in Caelin. That is why we return to Sacae where we meet Harringson. Chief of the Lorca Clan.
Aireth: My other father?
Thomas: Yes. I rearrange that Elena would be remarried toward Harringson so that you and her could stay safe in Sacae. I return to Caelin and announce to the nobles houses of me and Elena divorce. While this did koal the outrage it did left me pretty lonely. So i would offer visited the both of them in Sacae. I really do love your mother Aireth i really do love the both of you so much. I only divorce her to protect both you and Elena life’s. That is why before the both of you left Caelin indefinitely. I gave you your pet Bael. The Bael you named Artemis as a gift. So that a part of something given to you by me will always be by you every step of the way. But still, even so, despite my best efforts to keep you and Elena safe. The massacre happens.

(Several years Ago)
Daimler: Those Sacaen monsters killed our Marquess Cornwell! Vandalized our home! Rise up soldiers of Cornwell! We must attack all of Sacae! We must fight back! Come, fight for my sister! These Sacaen are too evil to be left on this earth! We must wipe them all out! No matter what!

(At Sacae)
Sacaen Villager: Stop please! Me and my children we done nothing wrong! Please.
Soldier: Shut up! Go and join with the rest of your kind!
Sacaen Villager: Ahhh…
(Sacaen Villager Died)
Sacaen Child: Mom! Nooo!
Sacaen Villager 1: please! I don’t wanna die! Ahhh…
(Sacaen Villager 1 Died)
Soldier: Fuckin Sacaen.
Sacaen Villager 2: Ahhhhhh! Somebody help me! I’m on fire! Somebody… anyone… uhhh…
(Sacaen Villager 2 Died)
Sacaen Warrior: So… this is it. This is how we’re going to end. Those are not killed in the flames are more than likely going to died in the fighting. Pretty soon…… There won’t be any one of us left.

(Back to the present day)
Thomas: That morning, when i heard the news i quickly rushed out of bed and hurry my way to Sacae as fast as possible. I got my first look at the true horror of the Sacaen Massacre. Corpses everywhere. Bodies were dismantle limb by limb. And there was nothing left for certain Sacaens, nothing but just big piled of ashes… being step on…
Aireth: Father.
Thomas: Sorry Aireth. But i must continue on.
Aireth: Of course.
Thomas: I would start my search for you, Elena and Harringson. Before being stop by Cornwell Soldiers and forced me back to Caelin. But i would not let them stop my search for all of you. My search would turn to days, days would turn weeks, and those weeks became months. But i continued forward cause i knew all three of you have to be alive and hiding. But eventually i would find you and Artemis alive and well. So that gives me hope that Elena and Harringson would have to be alive as well. But that sad expression on your face was enough to tell me that both of them died. I knew i couldn’t take both of you back to Caelin. So i found an isolated village and left you and Artemis there to defend for yourself. I return to Caelin as marquess and work hard to not only keep Cornwell soldiers from getting near to you as possible, but to also regain Sacae reputation. Now i told everything you need to know now Aireth.
Aireth: So… you did ultimately save my life. Because of Artemis.
Thomas: Perhaps. But it’s only a theory. Ugh…
Aireth: Father no!
Thomas: Aireth… my daughter. It almost time… for me to go. And reunite with her… at long last.
Aireth: But father! What would become of Caelin without you?!
Thomas: You Aireth. You will lead Caelin to a blight future. And a brighter tomorrow.
Aireth: Father no i can’t. I can’t do this without you.
Thomas: I know a… few nobles that can help you… without me around. I… have good faith in you… Aireth. Thank you for… coming to… see me. That is… all i ask… I… lo… love… you… Aireth……
(Thomas Died)
Aireth: Father? No please father get up! Father open your eyes! Dad! Dad!! Please open them!! …… No…
(Both Barrett and Riv Enter)
Barrett: Lady Aireth. I’m so sorry about Thomas.
Riv: He was a great man.
(Aireth then break down into tears upon Thomas’s death.)
Aireth: (Sobbing)

And with that I’m done writing this one at last. Both @TritraSerpifeu and @AthenaBaer feel free to look into this and add something of your own just like what the both of you did with Chapter 1 Story Bits. And to also fix up my occasional fuck ups.


Heya everyone!
It has been a while since I chimed in, and I of course come with some news.

I actually finished Chapter 2 and 3, I will release the video of it soon. Chapter 2 is the Mani Katti lava cave chapter and chapter 3 is the Dorcas map but like slightly altered.
Mainly chapter 3 is slightly tougher while giving the player access to a ballista Riv can use to help from the back.

I also added in a new pair of characters: Cordeli and Maurice.
Bandit (Version 4) {Random Wizard}(sprite by Random Wizard)Fighter (Female, version 4) {Glaceo, Mr_Karkino} (Sprite by Glaceo, Mr_Karkino)
That duo being a magical and non magical armor are a play on Marnie and Maurice from engage, but instead of bosses, they are generic enemies that appear again and again. Self proclaimed rivals but in gameplay they are just generic enemies that maybe have a rougher weapon and like high luck for a generic enemy.

Speaking of engage, I am thinking of making parts of it canon, as I find the idea of just going “Yep, the divine dragon Alear is a widely believed in religious figure” to be funny. Because fuck it, it feels like a game that is so non lore focused that just making parts of it canon. I mean, the cast already is an amalgam of many different fire emblem games, might as well have the lore build on that. (I am also going to use this to have the character based on my mom having canonically interacted with Sommie, because fuck it.)

Anyhow: Here are my plans for the rest of lyn mode

Chapter 4: Zuiho’s join map. Similar to vanilla but you can recruit the boss and therefore have to seize.
Chapter 4x: Take on the engage ch11 chapter where after you got a master seal, you have to flee
Chapter 5: New map that is based on chapter 9 of vanilla. You are interrupted as you are marked as a traitor and threat, and to get away you have to rout the map. But you can turn many enemies into green units that help you. And so you need to both defeat the enemy while trying to have your former allies become allies again. (There will be someone you can recruit fr fr. Probably)
Chapter 6: Take on the final map of lyn mode. Of course with everyone being deployable. The epic of the mode ending.


Maurice? Uhhh I’m pretty sure you mean Mauvier not Maurice Marianne’s Ancestor from Three Houses not Engage.


Yeah. Sorry, I miswrote that. I mean MAUVIER from fire emblem engage.

By the way, I am thinking of maybe adding in someone as a Gotoh archetype for aireth mode, because I don’t want the player to fall at the finish line. Maybe I will add in Amelia.
So here are my final plans for the roster of Aireth mode:
-Aireth (Thief lord)
-Artemis (BAELLISTA)
-Yourself (Trainee Mage)
-Aurelia (Regular Mage, inspired by my mom)
-Riv (Archer)
-Barret (Troudabour)
-Olivier (Shaman)
-Reagan (Pirate)
-Serket (Swordfighter)
-Zuiho (Dancer)
-Edna (Monk)
-Abiba (Mage armor)
-Rozaliya (Lance infantry, I will buff her level to fit with her later recruit time in Aireth mode, will hopefully make her better in Eliwood/Anthea mode)
-Amelia (General, the gotoh of Aireth mode, able to go to town with strong weapons. I think I will go all out and give her a Tomahawk and Silver Lance. To mirror her starting weapons in other modes being a sword and bow.)

I think what’s funny is how there are so many mages in that roster. Like all weapon types have 2 representive, except swords which have 3. And considering many of these weapon types only have 2 because of Amelia, it does make it sorta funny. Buckle up for a mage heavy game.

I think I will cut the brave bow of Artemis for the final release, I never end up using it and it may be too OP.

By the way in Anthea mode I plan to sorta have a quicker start because I do see lyn mode as part of the game. Like I think Anthea ch1 will have directly a full squad instead of needing to wait for a full squad. Like with a starting thief and all.

But for now I focus on lyn mode, which I think I have a pretty clear sight on.


Regarding Thorne and Anthea mode.
I think I will have them both go the same campaign, instead more so being 4 difficulty options.
Thorne normal - Thorne hard - Anthea normal - Anthea hard

Yeah, I will even go so far to make them have no different chapters.

By the way I am planning on making the first chapter (or second/third chapter.) of Anthea and Thorne mode a chapter where you get to choose a few characters out of several to add up your team (Characters based to fill out classes that weren’t filled out). I hope that this gives the player an interesting choice as well as making sure that important characters are not “hidden” in a choice.

(I will probably also remove like… branched chapters to make development easier on my half. Maybe this results in Farina becoming one of the characters you can choose in the beginning of the game. Maybe that is better avaiability than needing to have 50 levels in protagonists.)

I hope this will be good, while yes being sorta dissapointing, I think this still has potential. (Plus having four difficulty options can help with finding the perfect sweet spot, with Thorne and Anthea having both different enemy layouts and both a more difficult and less difficult option.)

By the way, here is my idea for the character choice: (You will be able to choose 2 or 3 depending on how many characters the game will end up having, lol.)
-Farina (Peg knight)
-Ana (Nomad)
-Ann (Mercenary)
-Shez (Myrmrodyne)
-Dirk (Fighter)
-Aran (Archer)
-A deserter (I have no idea who, yet. I suppose they are an OPEN SLOT of a kind.)
And before you ask, mounted units will have E rank in their weapon to compensate for their potential.

In other words, a few random people you can choose in the beginning of the game to both include unlucky classes and change the identity of your army early on.
(In general I think I can accept submissions for al of these classes except dirk, Aran and farina as they are submissions by other people. So if you have a mercenary, myrm, deserter, nomad. Feel free to submit your ideas.)


You could be crazy and say that one character’s route is the normal and the other is the hard one. I dunno. I’m just the master of making weird decisions that make things take more time. welp.

Just to get it out of the way so no-one else needs to, is the character template for these few possible newbies basically the same as the first post?


Essentially. Just make sure they don’t carry too strong or rare stuff and I stick to the classes that need a representative. (Except Dirk, aran and farina, who are all units submitted by others.)
Also: a 1 unit limit per day, 2 per person. Although I will open this up later on it needed.
About your difficulty idea, rather no because I want to make like one list of chapters and make sure it is good to make sure I can fully finish this in a timely manner. But good idea, I do get the idea.


Hey guys I made the choice to make chapter 4 of lyn mode a remake of ch5 erika. Although the arena will be a seize point in this version.

And chapter 5 fe8 is fairly based. Although instead of joshua being a recruit I will have edna as a green unit in the top right, where you have to hurry to make sure she doesn’t die.

(The story stuff will basically be: Zuiho and Miku are attacked from a local black fang base set up in the old colloseum. Meanwhile Edna tries to get her revenge for the black fang having stolen some of her research.)

I hope this will be good and like make lyn mode more quality.(While also having a bit of it’s own flair.) Especially with my version not having bandits be the timer and instead Edna, which I hope gives it an unique flair.

(Although I may want to change something else to give it more of an unique flair, any ideas? Similar to how my take on ch1 fe6 was played top to bottom I think I could give this version another small twist.)

(Maybe I can make it work around the idea that the boss of a cut map “Cacophony” is where joshua would be and you have to defeat him to make constant reinforcements stop. So for every turn enemies arrive until you can stop that sub goal so then the map can calm down.)


What if we made Miku a Bard reskin called Idol?


Hey Tritra but are you finished with both Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 by now? And did you said you have videos plan for those two chapters? When can we expect for them to be upload?


Soon. I have the two chapters complete but I didn’t get around to do my “showcase playthrough” yet. I plan to do them soon. Right now I am rather busy and therefore more exhausted than usual. But I will get around to it eventually.


Hey, I finally did chapter 2.

(Although the guy instantly opening the door there was a mistake. So I did end up changing it and I also shortened the name of the Focus Extract to F Extract.)
I also did some blunders in the footage, both missing a chest with a longbow and throwing my killing edge away. I did that because I think FE Games should be possible when playing non optimally so this series on my channel will have mistakes.

In terms of the game, I plan to cut the gaiden to streamline the process of making the game. Don’t worry, an escape map is still in the cards for the main game, I just want to get to release Aireth mode quicker. I still think Lyn mode is fine being shortened and I am looking forward to Anthea/Thorne mode having more maps I can take. I also plan to give the player an iron rune in chapter 4 because why not, might as well give the player great resources if they will loose them.
(I am also thinking about maybe cutting in my idea for chapter 5, although I think we do need a “The heroes almost reach Caelin but they are called traitors and need to fight through” so that the story does have some tension.)
I know I cut a lot of chapters but I hope that the end product will still be good in the end. I plan to make Thorne/Anthea mode about 14 chapters now. Like Aireth has 7 and + 14 that equals 21, which is the lenght of sacred stones. I think I now know what I will make the diference between Thorne and Anthea mode, Anthea will be designed around Aireth mode being played first while Thorne’s is designed around it not being. So I can have two test playthroughs on my YouTube channel, one where I continue my Aireth playthrough and one where I start in Thorne mode. I can work on both modes at the same time. And I can give the player the choice whether they want their advantage to be unexpected or expected by the design.

By the way I want to make a small FE hack for my mothers birthday to celebrate us playing FE7 and FE:Engage together. I plan to make it canon to this project, making it about the Aurelia character in game. It will be rather short but I do plan to still make it. Since while we do play together my mom only held the controller for lyn mode FE7, so I plan to make the maps more so the complexity of lyn mode FE7, aka pretty small and simple maps. Pretty short ones to develop.

Another thing: I am thinking of maybe giving V.2 of this game a diferent name: “Elysium Ablaze” having the “blazing” word while sounding less like FE7, sorta to mirror how V.2 will be pretty much an own game, still having the skeleton of FE7 but V.2 will be it’s own hack and because I think V.1 and V.2 will be very diferent experiences, both with value, I want to give V.2 a new name to honor this diference.


Hey Tritra i wanted to change up that ending bit of Chapter 2 with Shin. Now the dialogue will remain the same up until after Shin order one of his soldiers to find enough captain to sail with them to the Dread Isle, that where i added my stuff in. This change helps that scene feel less vanilla.

Shin’s Servant: My lord.
Shin: What is it now?
Shin’s Servant: Pardon my interruption, but Marquess Pherae would like to speak with you.
Shin: Sigh oh brilliant. I’m currently get my hands full right now. First there Aireth i get to worried about, then i get to find enough captains that will sail our army to the Dread Isle, and now i have to not look suspicious so the other marquesses will not caught wind of my plan here.
Shin’s Servant: Uhh Marquess Pherae is currently waiting for you sir.
Shin: What?!
Shin’s Servant: I said…
Shin: I know what you said you incompetent fool! Bring her here then!
Shin’s Servant: Yes my lord.
(Shin’s Servant leaves. And Madoka, Jenny and Thorne Enter.)
Shin: Lady Madoka. Head of House Pherae. I wasn’t expecting your arrival.
Madoka: Lord Shin. It’s always a honor to meet a fellow noble such as yourself.
Shin: Be that it may be Madoka. But given Caelin grave circumstances as of now, I’m not just your regular noble right now. I am the head of House Caelin, like you for your own house.
Madoka: How is Thomas doing right now? Is he well?
Shin: I’m afraid not. He’s health is further deteriorated at this moment. But have no fear. My bishops are currently doing the best they can to get Thomas’s back to his strengths once for.
Jenny: Perhaps my assistance would be required here Lord Shin.
Shin: I assure you Jenny. That will be unnecessary. But thank you for at least offering. If that all you came here for marquess, we will do our best to keep Thomas alive as we speak. Good day.
Madoka: That’s not the only reason i came here Lord Shin. I would like to ask you something.
Shin: And what would that be?
Madoka: There have been many sightings of a Sacaen woman in Bern. Tell me. Is that woman really Thomas daughter Aireth?
Shin: No of course not. That absurd.
Madoka: But what if that the case?
Shin: The chances of that is very unlikely. Tell me Lady Madoka. Have you ever met a Sacaen?
Madoka: Well no Shin.
Shin: Exactly. I been a part of this house for many years now. I know fully aware that Thomas’s daughter Aireth and as well as Thomas’s former lover run away to Sacae after many noble backlash. And do you know what happened to them?
Madoka: Well uhhh…
Shin: They died. Plain and simple. So you see this woman cannot be what she claim to be. Is the only logical conclusion. Now we are done with this discussion here Lady Madoka.
Madoka: But there have been rumors going around that the Sacaen have royal blood to weld the…
Shin: I said we are DONE with this discussion!!
Madoka: Ahhh!!
Thorne: Stay back.
Shin: What is the meaning of this?!
Thorne: You get a problem with Lady Madoka, then you get a problem with me.
Shin: Is that a threat?!
Madoka: Thorne! That’s enough!
Thorne: Sigh sorry my lady.
Shin: I think it about time you leave at once.
Madoka: Yeah. I think so. I will be praying to the Divine Dragon that Thomas will be fine in the end.
Shin: As well i Lady Madoka.
(Madoka, Jenny and Thorne Leaves. And Shin’s Servant enter.)
Shin: Servant.
Shin’s Servant: Yes my lord.
Shin: Never ever surprise me with a visit from Marquess Pherae! I need time to prepare!
Shin’s Servant: Sorry my lord. It won’t happen again.
Shin: Now then servant. Send a messenger to Marquess Badon. He’s assistance would be most needed in my search efforts right now.
Shin’s Servant: Yes of course. It’s will be done my lord.
(Shin’s Servant Leaves)
Shin: Aireth, please don’t arrive too soon. Take your time, enough so that I can charge Dread Isle. The world’s fate depends on your slowness.

(Outside of Castle Caelin)
Madoka: Shin is clearly hiding something that he doesn’t want us to find out about.
Thorne: That i would agree with you Lady Madoka.
Jenny: I don’t know. Maybe Lord Shin doesn’t want us to get involved in his affairs.
Madoka: Jenny i know you’re trying to stuck your neck out for him. But you cannot clearly tell me that something was up when he try to grab me back there.
Jenny: I cannot argue with that my lady.
Madoka: I’m starting to think that this Sacaen woman, is Thomas daughter. Which means she could have the claim to become head of House Caelin.
Thorne: What will we do now my lady.
Madoka: I wish to see this woman myself in person. To see if my theory is correct.
Thorne: But Bern is full bandits right now. You’re not safe if you go there.
Madoka: Thorne i will be fine. Jenny will accompany me Thorne.
Madoka’s Royal Guard: And don’t forget about us Thorne. Me and the girls here are one of the toughest soldiers of Pherae. We will make sure no harm comes upon Marquess Pherae. Isn’t that right ladies?!
(Plenty of Madoka’s Royal Guards offscreen:) Yeah!!
Madoka: Besides your needed back at Pherae right now Thorne.
Thorne: No. Let me come with you. I can help.
Madoka: What you’re doing is important Thorne. If you’re not there Pherae will be left defenseless against potential Bandit attacks. I could never forgive myself if harm come upon my people when i wasn’t there to help them. Please Thorne.
(Amelia Enters)
Amelia: Lady Madoka. Shall we march our way back to Pherae?
Thorne: Hold it Amelia.
Madoka: Thorne?
Thorne: … You may go my lady.
Amelia: Huh?
Madoka: Thank you Thorne. Jenny let go quickly. I don’t want Aireth to walk herself into trouble right now.
Jenny: Of course. You heard the marquess. Let move out.
Madoka’s Royal Guard: Yes ma’am.
(Madoka, Jenny and Madoka’s Royal Guards Leaves)
Amelia: Uhh Thorne? You’re just going to let her wonder off like that?
Thorne: She needed elsewhere Amelia. We must return to Pherae immediately. Lady Madoka orders.
Amelia: Affirmative.

Portrait for Shin’s Servant
Credit to Matthieu

Portrait for Madoka’s Royal Guard
Credit to Alice and Zarg


Guys. I have a crazy idea, what if I will like… replace Myrmidons and their promo with more playable monsters? I mean, we have no playable myrmidons and the trueblade bosses could be changed to become Dreadmonger or Champions.
That way I would have 4 extra class slots to add in more creative classes. Plus we would take the joke of there no myrmidon’s being playable to the next level and just have them not exist.
(or we could just have Trueblade’s and make them promoted only, because why not.)

But yeah, I do think we can look into unused classes to make room for unique ones. Like instead of myrmidons we can have a class seen less often.

I will look into it for sure. Who knows what I will find.
So in case anyone has an idea for a class or wants their character to be a new class, go ahead!
New classes would make the game more interesting, so I am willing to listen.

I also do this because I see that the playable spider jagen “Artemis” is pretty popular with those just watching my playthrough, so I see that playable monsters have an appeal that I may be able to harness to give “Elysium Ablaze” further identity of it’s own.


Only reason people like Myrmidons is because of their promotions to swordmasters.

Can you make a fixed growths patch? i will not use have my computer for a looooong time…

For the V.1.0b a fixed growths patch already exists. It’s part of the download.


I turned this scene to video, I also changed the shin’s servant and royal guard sprite as they both did not fully work.
But hey, we now have an introduction to Madoka, Thorne, Jenny and Amelia and like, that will start connecting the tales.
I think I will start writing some more supports soon, I think I may add in something like “Hollow Supports” like supports that have no conversation and are there purely for gameplay. Like a simple type of support that are just two people starting to apreciate each other on the battlefield without much words. A simple “Stay close to me!” or “Have my back, okay?”. Basically supports that while not complex, allow the player to have the gameplay benefit of supports.