[FE7] [RELEASED] Fire Emblem: The Blazing Silver PME (Update v1.0b Out!)

Ok so now the answer is… When you finish the PME… Can we the comunity make it a stand alone romhack?


Of course! When it’s finished, do whatever you wish with the alternate ‘base’ patch that will come with the main one, F2U & F2E!

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Yeah. But about the supports, I think cutting down the supports will be fair because dang. That would take very long.


Slot: Legault
Name: Jonah
Gender: Male
Class: Pilgrim
Affinity: Wind
Portrait (Original by Zane)
Lucius Repalete (Zane)

Description: A spy from Etruria sent to get information on the Black Fang.
Death Quote: So this is how it’s supposed to end…? So be it…
Personality: Joyful and Light-hearted

Chest Key

Boon: Con
Bane: Skl

Growth Rates :
HP: 60%
POW: 45%
SKL: 40%
SPD: 55%
LCK: 50%
DEF: 30%
RES: 35%


Wait can i like still help out with writing story events for this hack still?


I also wanna help and stuff lol.


Yes actually! All of these support convos & story events I’m saving all of them on my separate script text file to help with my writing. Everyone can keep writing more ideas to help, no problems at all!
And thanks a lot for all of them so far, every little bit helps.

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Okay thank you. Probably going to write another later on tonight. But this one will be a lot more light hearted and comedic compared to the other two ones that i wrote.

I’ve got a question, once all playable characters are filled up, would it be possible to create “Extra Units”? There are only 5 Slots left.

You’ll never learn if you don’t try!

I see my encouragement is going over well with the community.

Don’t overwork the creator with extra stuff I already find it amazing on how much they did change and are willing to do. I would say et’s finish the vanilla replacements and then we can get into the extra fluff


Yeah if anything I think lowering the workload would be in order.


Slot: Geitz
Name: Madeline
Gender: Female
Class: Paladin
Affinity: Fire
Portrait: (by RedBean)

Description: A confident Paladin travelling the world to hone her skill.
Death Quote: Argh… Was this… all I was able to muster?..
Personality: Cheery, Upbeat, Couragious
Inventory: Spear, Brave Lance, Brave Sword

Boon: Con
Bane: Def
Growth Rates:

HP: 65%
POW: 65%
SKL: 60%
SPD: 60%
LCK: 40%
DEF: 40%
RES: 25%

Might as well also do my part in filling in the submissions, making a Lyn Mode boss (He is intended to waste many weapon uses)

Slot: Zugu
Name: Wally
Gender: M
Class: Bulwark
Affinity: Ice
Armour (Version 5) {Sphealnuke}
(Credit to Sphealnuke)

Description: A criminal recruited by the Marquess of Cornwell to hunt Aireth.
Battle Quote: “No! I can’t go back to Daimler empty handed!”
Death Quote: “I guess I really… won’t be going back…”
Personality: Kind of like Hans in the first few chapters of Fe Fates.
Steel Lance
Blue Gem (droppable)

Boon: Def
Bane: Spd

Also, could you change the classes of the 4 enemies on this map to Deserters and Strikers?


And here the next story event i was talking about early. This takes place at the start of Chapter 22/23 Living Legend. Where Thorne, Aireth, Anthea, Miku, Zuiho and Madoka wandering around the Nabata Desert searching for [Athos Replacement].
(Nabata Desert)
Thorne: ……
Anthea: Uhhh… Thorne?
Thorne: … Where the hack are we going?!
Aireth: I don’t know?!
Zuiho: Guys it’s been a few hours since we enter the desert, and we haven’t found the place where looking for.
Thorne: We not trying to find a place, we’re trying to find someone out here.
Aireth: Who would want to live out here?
Thorne: I don’t know, maybe ask the person yourself! Oh wait, we haven’t found them yet!
Anthea: Oh my goodness. This heat… is killing me.
Zuiho: We been… in the desert… for like… three hours now. With no food. And the worst part, there sand inside my shoes. This is worse then walking around with wet socks.
Anthea: Miku are you doing just fine?
Miku: Yeah i am perfectly okay.
Anthea: So is like the heat not bothering you one bit?
Miku: Nope not at all.
Thorne: Great so Miku is a mutant now apparently.
Anthea: How about you Lady Madoka? Lady Madoka?
Madoka: ……
Anthea: Madoka! Are you okay?!
Madoka: I… can’t do it. I can’t make it. My dress is ruined. I’m walking around in high heels on the desert. I’m sweating uncontrollable. I… i can’t go on.
Anthea: You don’t have to worry about walking any more marquess. I’ll carry you the rest of the way on my back. No need to set your foot on the scorching sands.
Madoka: Thank you Anthea. Thank… you so much.
Anthea: Anything for you Marquess Pherae.
Aireth: Man I’m about to go crazy in the desert soon. I don’t even know where we going anymore. It’s feel like we all get transported to the sun.
Thorne: How’s the rest of the army holding up?
Zuiho: They aren’t doing any better than us right now. Narcian keep desperately try to fix his hair so badly.

Amelia: Narcian. That’s like your third hair pomade since we get here. Just give it up.
Narcian: No i will absolutely not! My hair must look perfect at all time! Even in the face of my enemies!

Zuiho: Both Armstrong and Xilian are sweating so much that they the buckets are filled with their own sweat.

Armstrong: Fuck this hot desert ass bullshit!
Xilian: Dang look at our buckets right now!
Tulli: Good you guys finally found water. I’m so thirsty.
Xilian: Don’t drink that!
Tulli: … Not water. It’s was not water! Get me out of this place!

Zuiho: We can’t even understand what Rolf is saying right now.

Rolf: Amj hrni ipj ni ie reh eph hedmo, rlj mgl l venjv he zepjd m wbmsl zeg pi he seeb ezz?
(Translate): Man this sun is so hot out today, when are we going to found a place for us to cool off?
Reagan: Rolf can you please shut up! I can’t understand what you’re saying anymore.

Zuiho: And Eustace keep drinking an empty bottle hoping that water would magically appear out of it.

Eustace: Why isn’t there any more? Why there not more?

Zuiho: The only ones are keeping their cool is Rinkah and Serket.
Thorne: Well great to hear that not everyone in the army are losing their damn minds. Unlike us right now.
Aireth: Guys look! There a sand hill up a head. Maybe there a village beyond those hills?
Thorne: Well it’s worth a shot. Let go.
Madoka: It’s hot. So so so hot.
Anthea: Hang in there Madoka.

Thorne: ……
Aireth: ……
Zuiho: No… there…there nothing. Except sand, sand, and more sand.
Aireth: Oh my goodness. This desert is endless. Let just rest here for bit okay.
Zuiho: Good i don’t feel like walking right now. Besides we should wait until both Anthea and Marquess Pherae to catch up.
Aireth: Wait Thorne what are you doing?
Thorne: Here, take this.
Aireth: A stick? What you want me to do with this?
Thorne: … KILL ME!!
Aireth: Oh my god Thorne! Come on!


Slot: Wallace

Name: Mikhail

Gender: Male

Class: Dreadmongerer

Affinity: Ice

Portrait: Wasdye from FEUniverse

Description: A wandering swordsman with a carefree spirit looking for a master to help refine his skills in the dark arts and his swordsmanship. Looks depressed but really isn’t.

Battle Quote: I’m gonna kill you now soooo…no hard feelings right?

Death Quote: Heh….sucks to be me I guess

Personality: Has a happy go lucky attitude that doesn’t suit his attire.


  • Nosferatu
  • Killing Edge
  • Vulnerary

Boon: Power

Bane: HP

Growth Rates

  • HP: 30%
  • POW: 70%
  • SKL: 65%
  • SPD: 80%
  • LCK: 40%
  • DEF: 10%
  • RES: 10%

Slot: Isadora

Name: Lilith

Gender: Female

Class: Dracoknight

Affinity: Wind

Portrait: AmBrosiac on Github

Description: A woman who wants to end the conflict to get back to her family

Battle Quote: “Alright let’s get this over with, shall we?”

Death Quote: “Oh… I’ll never see my family again will I?.. Maybe in the afterlife…”

Personality: A rather business like, and serious lady who gets the job done


  • Killer Axe
  • Silver Lance
  • Filli Shield

Boon: Speed

Bane: Resistance

Growth Rates

  • HP: 60%
  • POW: 50%
  • SKL: 50%
  • SPD: 60%
  • LCK: 30%
  • DEF: 45%
  • RES: 10%

I love how Athos is going to be one of the last slot taken.

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Well it’s only Farina or Athos left.


If Athos is the last playable character taken then I´ll make a custom map for both endgames.