FE7 Rebuild (RE7)

Hey guys, if you happen to have trouble communicating, you can always use discord, it’s just a suggestion :smile: good luck!

I have good notices, the first chapter is already nearly complete only short do fix some errors (already I sent a report about it), edit the tutorials, and do the world map events functional, I hope that somebody can help me with it (fix the map and do the functional events or teach me). I hope haven’t forgotten anything.

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I have no idea if I could do it, but I could try. How exactly is it supposed to work(Like, do you give the work in progress-patch to people or…?)

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Oh yes, later a time I send a patch with the work and you work when end tou send me again the patch with your work

I know I should have asked before, but is the project dine with buildfiles or with febuilder?

Well I am using FEBuilder

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Have will you help?

Yes, if I understand the question correctly.

Correct I will send you a private message with the patch, ok?

That would be good, yeah.

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Reyk gave me the patch earlier and current progress is going fine enough. I am moreso still cleaning up the maps by applying FE7 palettes and such tho(which is easy enough in FEBuilder). I will probably start eventing tomorrow and give the patch back after some work is already done.

That progress that I did for the weekend was possible because I had not anything to do, but it’s possible that it changes because of my school work so I will try to do the most possible in my free time.

A curious datum is that in the version with it us working the “Promotion Branches” is broken.

I am going to sleep now, but there are some things that went wrong while editing chapter1 and I cannot explain why they went wrong. I will record and post a video in case anyone has an idea(And if not, I will open a question-thread). This seriously only happens to me while I am hacking FE8, FE6 and 7 manage to be effortless somehow. Also, while letting the cutscene at castle frelia play out, for some reason getting the gold from the event softlocked the game. I hope we did not break the rom somehow.

The beginning of the game. As one can see, the CG fading has some issues(No idea why, it does not do that in FE7 and I never worked with CGs in FE8 before) but the rest works well enough. Lyn is so slow because I have not yet adjusted her walking speed in the event. I am now going to begin with chapter2. Because worldmap events are hard, I will skip them for now and concentrate on chapters(Worldmap events will just be skipped for now and retroactively be put in once they are finished)
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How you can see I did very much work, @LPFan added the Tactician Name Screen, by the way, @LPFan I believe will be easier to follow using the CG as background as I had left.

The issue with that approach is that the setname command does not seem to work with backgrounds and I feel as if seeing who talks is part of the feeling. Even if I am in the camp that does not really like the story of the game.

Well, it’s ok, continue, later pass me the patch for I follow working on it.

Oh, I have a question about the tutorials in Lyn Mode! Will they be relegated to Easy like they were in FE 8?

Yeah. There is no reason to add them any other way. Though like worldmap events, they are not a priority for the time being. It is better to make the game first and then layer additional stuff ontop imo.

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