FE7 Rebuild (RE7)

I have started a rebuild project of FE7 in FE8 with @Raulster @LPFan, think we will do one exactly the same as the original. The game will be named “Fire Emblem - RE7”.

If you want to help us, You are welcome!


Patch For now still no exist a Link to get the patch
Assets [Our Assets](https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1qlA0-NFMh4jvXVI6_lcjBGr2s80OStpX?usp=sharing)

The story transplant will take the longest. You should have a mostly functional hack in like a week tops. Good luck.

Are translationerrors going to be fixed or nah?


probably yes but will to be to the final

That’s awesome! I wish you good luck! :grin:

Finally, we can have the superior game in the superior engine. I see this as an absolute win!


Update: I got the animations

I know, more later I will download it

can’t you just… edit the post overtime?

I don’t have know

Oh, hey! Just saw your thread, and to be honest, I think you’re onto something! However, I should inform you that the FE 7 legendary spell animations aren’t naturally in base FE 8. Luckily for your purposes, there is already someone that remade said legendary spell animations for use in FE 8.

Use this to improve your hack (there are also recreations of the Dark Druid and Fire Dragon made by this guy), and good luck!


thank you very much, it will greatly help though still is in a very stage early this project


And thanks for wish the good luck


Thank you!
Btw, I’m going to rework the legendary spell animations again in CSA.


I only pass for here to mention that probably in a few weeks the first chapter is finished, the problems grow to each step that I have done.



What they prefer that we do a new title screen or do the original title screen?

I’m thinking a new title screen that resembles FE7’s title screen, but with a unique subtitle that makes it stand out as the rebuild, so that it doesn’t get confused with the original FE7

Do you or me it?

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