FE7 Raven Mode ver 0.2 (6 chapters, in progress)

Hello, I am back with an update to Raven Mode here’s a quick changelog

  • 2 new chapters
  • Sain and Kent level adjustments
  • slight Jaffar balancing
  • Lyn attack boost
  • Erik now had 10-15% growths in every stat
  • slight change to chapter 2
  • Jaffar got a new palette
  • dialogue tweaks
  • chapters are now named

okay I think that’s all for the changes to the existing now just a quick reminder

  • only select Raymond mode, Lyn mode breaks within two minutes, and Hector mode is unstable as hell

  • hard mode is recommended

  • the story of this hack will not be affected by unit deaths or failure to recruit units (keep Eliwood and Lyn alive as long as possible)

  • the ending scenes of all of the characters will not be taken into account

  • it is recommended to play the gaiden chapter to get merlinus early as I haven’t accounted for getting him later yet

well that’s enough of that here’s the credits so far (I will edit these into the games normal credits once the hack is finished)

Ice dragon animation
SqRtOfPi , shadowofchaos, and marlon0024

known bugs

  • Skipping cutscenes in chapter 15 causes visual bugs, suspend and resume to fix
  • Roy’s dragon fire animation is off (to be fixed in a later update)
  • green brigands don’t attack on their phase
  • green Georg won’t use the killer axe and instead the swordreaver
  • Erk promotes with heaven seal (I overlapped his new class with a lord class so I need to change that)
  • Jaffar can’t use the Fell Contract
  • Raymond can’t promote (his custom mercenary class overwrites Eliwood’s so I’ll add a forced promotion later)
  • Roy doesn’t have mouth animations
  • Kent says G

most of these bugs aren’t a problem at the moment and most are just visual.

recruitment guide

download link

Fire Emblem (USA, Australia).emulator feravenmodegeorg ravenmoderoy ravenmodekent

as always please let me know your thoughts and if there are any bugs or glitches.

how is this different from your previous topic
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I wasn’t sure if things such as updates to hacks should be made into new threads or added to old ones, I’m sorry if you want I can delete this one or the last one and combine the info.

always just update an existing topic, don’t make new ones
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thank you for informing me, I’ll do that.

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Hey the ghost creator you should put some screenshot of the romhack in your next or original post

ah dang knew I forgot about somethingFire Emblem Raven Mode erk canas Fire Emblem Raven Mode screen cap Fire Emblem Raven Mode chap 1 Fire Emblem Raven Mode erik

well here are a few

You can just enable hard mode from the start, it’s a patch in Febuilder.

huh I never thought to check that (yet I check to edit the portrait and class on the mode select)
…I’ll do that next update

Do not post roms, make a patch and link that.

i absolutely love it. yesterday i see a Sain story, today I see a Raven story. may your road blocks be short lived and your free time be ample.

sorry for that, I’ll be sure to do that from now on.

thank you very much, if you have any suggestions to improve the story or gameplay please inform me.

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