[FE7] Prep screen doesn't show

I would like to add a prep screen for Chapter Prologue in FE7. I tried to set the flag in chapter config and end opening event with ENDB. The game plays prep screen’s music but it doesn’t show it.

Did you fade to the map? Perhaps you are faded to black?
I dunno, just a guess.

It doesn’t work even if it is faded to the map.

Was this solved already? I think l know what’s going on. The game has a failsafe that skips the prep screen if you have no units, but since ENDB fades to black, the screen will stay faded without an OOBB command in the next event. Furthermore, even though FE7 allows you to play an event before the prep screen, spawning units at that point won’t add them to the player’s army, it seems.

Getting a prep screen on the prologue can be difficult because you don’t start with an army. Unless there’s a surefire way to add player units during the beginning event, you would have to add the units on Turn 1 (after preparations is skipped), set an event flag to mark the army as initialized, end the chapter by going to the Prologue again (now you will have a prep screen), and have that Turn 1 event check for the event flag you set so it doesn’t add the units again. The prep screen failsafe means this can work, but it would take a lot of finesse to make it look natural.

I suppose an alternative way could be to use assembly to fill in the RAM with a player army. That’s not my forte, though, dunno the best method of doing that.

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