FE7: No Redundancy Edition

Ah FE7, a game known for its relatively small cast, beefy units and incredible balance. So small, in fact, that many reduxes tend to ADD characters to the game. But for those that wish to tread the path untrodden, presenting…

FE7 No Redundancy Edition! The sequel to the hit FE6 Reskin FE6 No Redundancy Edition that no one asked for! Cutting down FE7’s 44 characters into just 21 of them!

A lot of liberties had to be taken this time around to fuse all characters (except Louise lol) due to the low variety of units in each class, but I’ve tried my very best. Now, everyone can have a fighting chance (I hope).

Chapter 19xx is now forced, Karfar does not need to be talked to unlock 28x, 24 checks if your lord is Level 20 and Dortre gets a surprise in 31x if he is a level 5 Warrior. In addition, 3x effectiveness has been added. (and some other things I forgot to mention)

Download it now!

Big thanks to SegoeUI, KhaoticIntent, Megumi, Epicer, Placeholder, Alguien, Zaim, SubwayBossEmmett and many others for playtesting and portrait making.

And credit to GreenTea, Spud, BwdYeti, Raspberry, PrincessKilvas for their work on the repo.

This is still an FE7 Redux so do expect some glitches and please report any you spot.
Known glitches:
Merlinthos promotion is visually bugged.
In 28x, if everyone but Karfar has moved and autoend turn is on, Karfar will be skipped.

Here have some screenshots, you deserve it:
fe7_No_redundancy_Final.emulator-0 fe7_No_redundancy_Final.emulator-2
fe7_No_redundancy_Final.emulator-4 fe7_No_redundancy_Final.emulator-3
fe7_No_redundancy_Final.emulator-6 fe7_No_redundancy_Final.emulator-10
fe7_No_redundancy_Final.emulator-8 fe7_No_redundancy_Final.emulator-11


This concept is awesome. Also the portraits are kinda cursed

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I’m already in love with Waltz.


Blue Merchant Athos is the best thing I have seen in a long time. Automatically makes this top tier.


Yes. Just yes.

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Waltz reminds me of a Muppet.
Combining Lucius and Canas though sounds way too powerful. Nergel will not survive this timeline at all.


Ninerk kinda has Trec Kevin from TLP’s face.

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i love priscerra

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You fused Marcus and Oswin? You madman! No one is safe!


Merlinthos seems to be treated as a normal unit on map. I’m still in halfway through HHM and he is like a ballista with a non-movable archer, as in he can equip tomes and attacks with range depending on the tome used but not counterattacks. Though he has to use merch on map to equip with items. Not sure if it is intended or it is a bug.

Also, due to the above, auto-end turn doesn’t work even if all other units have moved.

And I guess it is supposed to be easier than FE7? Some units are kind of broken like Darvey. Not a complaint because I enjoy using them so much. Wilbecca still sucks though.

Thanks for this interesting hack anyway! Looking forward to see the remaining characters.