[FE7] Modifying the Delphi Shield

the offset to where it shields units is 0x168A0(0x80168A0)
going there you will see 8 bytes

D2 7E C9 08

reversing those bytes gives you 0x8C97ED2
which is the same address as the default bow effectiveness in FE7
hence why it blocks that specific effectiveness and no other one

so lets say you want a horse guard or something
and you set the effectiveness at 0x857DD94 (I made that address up)
you would go to the offset I mentioned earlier, 0x168A0(0x80168A0), and reverse your bytes in the same fashion and replace the existing ones.

94 DD 57 08

however, this does not duplicate the delphi shield, it replaces it, keep this in mind

basically you could make the delphi shield into a fullguard from FE9 or do whatever you want with it

oh right, blazer was the person who helped me with this