[FE7] Modifying status staff accuracy

Looking to modify status staff accuracy, in particular making it so they always hit. I already asked the same about FE6 a while back ([FE6] Modifying Staff accuracy) and I figured the solution would work the same (find the location of the flat value added to staff accuracy in the formula, set it to 255, done), now my only question is, where is that value in the code of FE7? Is it in the same place or in a different one, and if so, where?

(and if anyone has the answer to the same question for FE8 handy as well, that’d be very much appreciated too :stuck_out_tongue: )

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It’s extremely unlikely for it to be in the same location.

I don’t have time to debug right now but try with 0x2A6B4 for FE7 and 0x2CD30 for FE8.


Thanks for the quick reply! The FE7 location at the very least (haven’t tested FE8) seems to work perfectly, much appreciated!


The address of 0x2CD30(FE8U) is the same as the address registered as “Staff Basal Hit Value”.
I didn’t know the addresses of these addresses, FE7 and FE6, but your survey revealed the location.
One mystery solved.

NAME.en=Staff Basal Hit Value


I added to the patch name.
This is probably easier to understand.

NAME.en=Staff Basal Hit Value(Modifying status staff accuracy)