[Fe7] Map sprite problems

Hi FeUniverse, Keks here.

I’ve got a problem with inserting map sprites. Here is what I’ve done:

I’m trying to insert a bunch of map sprites into a fe7 rom. The game crashed multiple times now when I tried to insert a map sprite, so for now I’m only concentrating on inserting one standing sprite. As I don’t want to overwrite stuff I wanted to repoint them somewhere else and chose to add them, with GBA graphics editor, at the end of the Rom [1478B90 for this hacked Rom], as I’ve been told that works and even checked with a hexeditor if something was added after 1478B90 in the rom. I added the standing female merc map sprite bitmap, found on this forum to this location, checked if it’s compressed and whatnot, and insertion went fine. Next I checked if the size is okay and repointed female merc to 1478B90. Now everytime I boot up a chapter with the female merc in it, the game crashes.

Pls sent halp, as I’m out of ideas now

1478B90? Or 9478B90?

HxD shows the offset as 01478B90.

Yes, but what did you write in Nightmare?

Graphic pointer is 0x81478B90 now in Nightmare Standing map sprite module

Okay, you’ve done that incorrectly. You need to add 0x8000000 to the address, not 0x80000000. It should be 0x9478B90. If you’re not exactly sure of the difference, use Windows Calculator with the Programmer setting on.

So the problem is me using more than 6 Numbers after the 0x8?

I’m using the windows calculator right now and found the programmer mode. But I don’t quite understand what you mean. Is it just replacing 8 with 9 and cutting the 1 as it, sorta elevated me to the 9?

You appended an extra 0 on the end, which is why it’s off. I think.

I already tried what agro suggested, and that works, thx for the reply though

So to get the pointer, you must add the two values together.

If you took 0xCB45A0 and added it to 0x8000000 you’d get 0x8CB45A0. Why is this? Have a look:

  0 C B 4 5 A 0
+ 8 0 0 0 0 0 0
  8 C B 4 5 A 0

Therefore, 0x1CB45A0 + 0x8000000 would be…

  1 C B 4 5 A 0
+ 8 0 0 0 0 0 0
  9 C B 4 5 A 0

Make more sense?

Ah gotcha! thank you very much