[FE7] Making an Item in inventory give stats? [Solved]

Sorry. I didn’t realize until just now that the installation txt. files for FE8 have some issues. I’ll see what I can do to make them work, but I can’t make any promises.

Thank you, I’m looking forward your reply.

I converted it to FEBuilderGBA patch format based on UPS of trf44trf.
You can use it by updating to the latest version.
Please contact me if there is a bug.

When applying the patch, the check of Passive Booster is displayed as a choice by MOD function.
This time I applied Power + 5 to Vulnerary.

Since Lyn has two Vulneraries,
so , she has received 5+5 = 10 Booster.

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Okay. Never spend the night fighting giant sea chickens and undying Legion spawns. You’ll wake up with a wicked hangover. :dizzy_face:

Anyway, here are two more patches which should work for FE8. The free space is set to 0x08B2A610. To use this hack, the item in question must have Weapon Ability 3 set to 0x80. Otherwise, it’s the same thing as FE7’s.

Thank you Venno for these wonderful hacks! :grinning:

Wow thanks for all the help guys, it definitely looks easier now.

Thanks again!

I support Passive StatBooster’s FE8U.
thank you for ups.

For some reason, the position of the bit flag to be enabled in FE 7 and FE 8 is different.

Also, I rewrote the implementation with EA.
By this, it no longer depends on a specific address.

However, if you want to re-point the item table, please adapt this patch before re-pointing.
To endure the item table’s re-point, you can do a pointer reference as follows.

ldr r0,=0x08809B10 @item table


ldr r0,=0x08016410 @ item pointer *
ldr r0,[r0]        @ item pointer to item table

However, to do that, it is troublesome because 2 byte code is added and the address position calculation has to be done again.
Therefore, I took off this correspondence.

That looks really good! Thanks for making this easier for others to use!

Are you talking about the bit for Weapon Ability 3? That can easily be changed. Just change the byte in 0xB2A62C (located 0x1C blocks away from freespace) from 80 to whatever you want the byte to be. Set it to 40 to be the same as FE7’s Weapon Ability 3 bit.

Can you make patch for array weapons lock for FE8U:

Okay, maybe i want to much now, but can we make this patch for FE6 too?

You should ask venno for this.

Are there any problems if you extend the item table, or if the table was already extendet because i got the old item list after applying the patch.