[FE7] Making an Item in inventory give stats? [Solved]

Hi back again,

I was just wondering how you would go about making an item like Iron Rune for example just give some stats when simply inside a unit’s inventory.

I already tried doing this with the “Speed Feather” you see inside the picture, but nothing happens when I’m in-game, there are no stat pluses or whatever.

The help is always helpful, thanks!

Stat boosts are only given while a weapon is equipped. It’s the same reason why Athos doesn’t get the +5 Luck bonus when he’s not holding Forblaze.
Since the Speed Feather isn’t marked as a weapon, it can’t be equipped, and the user can’t get the bonus.
You’d most likely have to do ASM in order to get the speed feather to give the +5 Speed bonus in a way akin to the Iron Rune.

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You could try Venno’s Passive Stat Boosts hack here and see if that helps.

Does Vennobennu’s Passive Stat Boosts work?
I tried to support with FEBuilderGBA before, but it did not work.

In FE8J, there is an implementation called a shield patch(盾パッチ). However, since there is no source code, it can not be transplanted.
Therefore, I wanted to use Vennobennu’s Passive Stat Boosts.
If you have a working Vennobennu’s Passive Stat Boosts, please send me a patch.

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Creating a StatBooster is difficult.
After setting the Statbooster effect on Item, we need to tell the system that the item is a statbooster.
We make a Item of settings from “item use effect” in the detailed menu.
It is necessary to set it in several places.
You have to make everything wrong. It will not work if you mistake at least one.

Why is it becoming complicated like this?
That is because Statbooster is related to menus.
If you can not use Statbooster, you have to make it impossible to select it, and it is also necessary to produce effects when used.
So it is very complicated.


Yeah, I got it to work. Here is a link to two patches, one for stacking and one for non-stacking. I set the free space to 0x08DF201C. Let me know if there are any issues.

I patched the stacking patch to the rom I had and after it was done, I loaded the rom up in FE Builder. But, I couldn’t see any of the items inside the item section. Am I doing something wrong?

Make sure to visit Venno’s page for notes.

To activate the passive boosts, you must first go to the item in question in an item editor. Set Weapon Ability 3 to 0x40 (which tells the hack to work). Then, make sure the Stat Bonuses Pointer is set to the bonuses you want to be applied.

Let me know if there are any issues.

This happened to all the items after I patched the rom with the patch you provided:

I used the PassiveStatBoosts.ups file

Hmm… I never used FEBuilderGBA to edit my hack, so I never noticed this issue. However, the item editor in Nightmare seems to work just fine. I couldn’t begin to understand why this happened (for I never made the original files). Try using Nightmare to edit your items for now if you want to use the Passive Stat Boosts.

Alright, thanks for the help.

Please write 2c 22 be 08 in ROM 0x16060.
That solves the problem.

FEBuilderGBA assumes that the data will be repainted.
Therefore, data is written with a pointer.
Normally, FE7U has a pointer to the item table at 0x16060, but this patch clears the area with null.
Therefore, I do not know the position of the item table.
Fortunately, this area is only filled with 0x00, so it does not seem to matter if you write the data.

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Thank you for UPS Link.
This UPS seems to work.

Do you have UPS for FE8U as well?
Please tell me the link.

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Unfortunately, I do not. However, the source files are still in Venno’s page. Maybe someone can port them to FE8.

I don’t know where to insert the solution you posted, could you tell me how to?

Just open your hack in a hex editor and paste-write 2C 22 BE 08 in address 0x16060.

I can’t use run.py to patch them to fe8u :grinning:

I remembered seeing “passive stats booster” patch somewhere, try searching that
Edit: iirc, the legendary “Elibean nights” had passive stats booster too.

Sorry, but this hasn’t been ported to FE8 yet. For now, it only works on FE7.

EDIT: What the heck am I saying!? Venno does have an FE8 version on his page.

Can you make a patch for fe8u, I can’t use run.py on my computer so I can’t patch this :disappointed: