[FE7] Make Weapons Untradeable

I think FE6 actually had this effect for a couple weapons but I might be wrong. I’d like to be able to attach an effect to the Fire Dragon that makes his weapon untradeable. I can already make it undroppable, but untradeable would be even better!

Edit: If someone makes an ASM effect, just give me a hardcode that attaches to the default weapon ID for flametongue.

[1:22:53 AM] Crazy Colorz: Nope.
[1:23:00 AM] Crazy Colorz: Not very feasible.

I was about to say that one topic had a thing to disable trading, but then I realized it was FE8 and was just looking at phantoms (…and for the entire inventory instead of a certain item…)

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That would actually be pretty acceptable. I just need to prevent the dragon from losing his weapon in any way. Good luck porting it over though…

Wait maybe if the thing that makes the trading menu is similar to the thing that draws the dancer menu then there might be a way to not show the items you don’t want to be able to be traded…

but now I’m just spouting theory until I can actually sit down and take a look at the trading menu routine

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I can actually do that. Why would he lose his weapon O.o?
Mine glitch?

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Yeah I can’t really prevent cheesing the final chapter entirely via the mine glitch (Short of character based trade disabling, which would actually be AWESOME) but if I can at least prevent the dragon from being able to lose his weapon, that’d be the optimal solution.

I only have one thing to say. What ability slot is free?

To disable trading, simply give the characters the ability 2 0x2 (Supply Depot/ Cannot Trade)

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^And crazy also gave me a modification that makes Supply Depot skill also prevent the Item command too. Everything I ever wanted!

Source as always is in the Universal FE Hacking Dropbox