[FE7] Maintaining Unit's Data

I want to make something like in FE10, were some units leave your group but rejoin in further chapters.
I tried turning an unit into NPC, then loading that unit again as ally in the next chapter, but it reset its data. Is there a way to keep the unit’s data between chapters once they’re turned into NPC/Enemies?

Yeah, I think turning a unit from an ally into either of the other three factions resets their data upon reloading. I think your best bet would maybe use UNCM 0xID 0x04, where ID is the character ID to make them not appear in battle preparations, then UNCR 0xID 0x04 to undo that.

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I don’t know if there’s an FE7 equivalent somewhere, but for FE8 you can do INVIS unit and REVEAL unit. Did you already poke around the fe7 stuff for something that could be similar to that?

That worked perfectly, thanks!