[FE7] Main Menu Documentation

A while back I toyed around with the Main Menu Graphics and Palettes and noted them down.

The background is the same as in the status sheet and is located at 0x418E44 but uses the palette at 0x40F9A0. The palette for the spinning circle at the buttom ist at 0x40F9E0 but I haven’t looking for the graphic itself yet.

The graphic for the main menu is at 0x4120A0 and uses different palettes, one for the active cursor position and for the rest. I’m still missing the active one but the rest is at 0x413950.

The Resume Chapter Graphic at the top is the same as used before as well as the Play Time Window (0x4120A0) and uses the same palette (0x413950).
The Chapter Choices Graphic is at 0x417F4 and uses different Palettes as well. One for the active one of each mode and one for the inactive, which makes 6 different Palettes in total, but I guess the Eliwood mode is the palette most of us want to edit (Fire Shell says hi) the palettes of Eliwood Mode are at 0x3FE398 (active) and at 3FE378) (inactive).
The empty Chapter Slots uses two Palettes as well. One at 0xEFE31E (active) and at 0x3FE2F8 (inactive)

The Fonts uses different palettes as well but I was to lazy to search for them, Maybe I look for them another day.

Still missing:

  • Hector Mode Palettes
  • Lyn Mode Palettes
  • Active Main Menu Palette
  • Spinning Circle Graphic

0x418E44 - Background Graphic
0x40F9A0 - Background Palette
0x4120A0 - Main Menu Graphic
0x413950 - Main Menu Palette
0x40F9E0 - Spinning Circle Palette
0x4017F4 - Chapter Choice Graphic
0x3FE378 - Chapter Choice Palette
0x3FE398 - Chapter Choice (active) Palette
0x3FE31E - Empty Chapter Slot Palette
0x3FE2F8 - Empty Chapter Slot (active) Palette

If I’m missing something or someone notice an error in my documentation feel free to correct me.

EDIT: For editing the palette for Hector’s Route just change the palette index of the Chapter Choice. Index 2 is the active palette and 3 the inactive


I was hoping this thread would be about more mechanical things.

On a related note, I dug up my years-old notes on FE7’s transfer data system.


How many of you knew that the items from the transfer data menu are actually stored on the Double Dash bonus disc and not hardcoded into the ROM?

I’m confused. What do you mean by this? Can’t you just use a savestate on one of the many sites out there and unlock the items? Isn’t the data actually present in the rom for these items, notably the Emblem Seal and such? Or do you mean something else entirely when you say “hardcoded”?

I dunno can you? Because I hacked the menu to be enabled and the items weren’t there, which heavily implies they are downloaded from the disc. Those savestates might be made from ripped battery saves (possibly via flashcart).

Go ahead and look at my notes if you want to see

point being if they are downloaded from the discs that’s pretty frivolous of them, hilarious in a depressing kind of way and most of all cool as all hell because it means they intended for the system to be flexible (other bonus content perhaps?) which may in turn also mean that is more flexible for us to manipulate as well.

Yeah it’s possible it was a hacked save file. You can get it at GameFAQ’s or this download here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/28014061/FE7%20Chaos%20Mode/FE7%20Chaos%20Mode.sav

ripped != hacked

if it were JUST a hacked save file then it’d likely have the same issue I had (hence this entire conversation)

The data for the items themselves exist in the vanilla ROM and work natively; what I assume happens is that the Double Dash link transfers some code that triggers some flag in SRAM that places the items into the player’s inventory when the save is loaded

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I will say it more clearly since it apparently wasn’t










They aren’t placed into the player’s inventory when the save is loaded. The player chooses which items to take (yes, you can take less than all of them) from the transfer menu. This menu does not list any items if it is enabled directly (i.e. without DD connectivity).

So yeah, I am still 100% sure the items come from the disc. Yes, the items can be spawned in the game, but the list of which items are from the disc…is on the disc.

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Just so people know I’m pretty sure I recall Nintenlord saying that they spinny circle graphic worked differently from like every other graphic in the game

(I can’t remember specifically what but it may have used a different bit depth for the palette or something… ahh I don’t remember, it was an aside in a question topic somewhere)

I just wonder if the graphic offset for the normal text graphic is known … I already found the chaptergraphics but couldn’t find the normal text ones.

Necroposting for the win, yay!
I had a lot free time recently when I was at school so I spent the time in the computer room with hacking. Long story short I was bored and looked for the offests of the menu/unit background. So change these if you want a different background via hex (where you imported your new background)

Unit menu background: 0x7F960
Main menu background: 0xA388C

With this we can have different backgrounds for each menu. It’s very simple, but it could give your hack a fanzy touch. Since each menu has it’s own palettes, I suggest you edit them instead of inserting a new one, since the circles palette is also there. Altough you can make it disapear if you zero it out or import your own plaette into empty space (That’s what happend to me on my first tries.

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Graphics for the circle thing are at 0x40FEB4, according to GBAGE. 8bit tile graphics, image 878. Would love to see something done with this.