FE7 - Justice League Reskin

This is a reskin of FE7 inspired on DC characters, from the more popular ones (like Flash and Green Lantern) to the more obscure (like Shining Knights and Wildcat).

Example of Early Game Characters




Future Updates:

  • Adding the new names to cutscenes of Eliwood Mode and Hector Mode
  • Even more British slang for Constantine to use

Link to UPs Patch
FE7 - Justice League Reskin



uhh, zatara is actually the father of Zatanna. I assume you meant Zatanna?


Zatanna’s full name is Zatanna Zatara - her father’s is John Zatara. I used the surname for most characters (Wayne instead of Bruce, Grayson instead of Dick, etc), but they will be referred to by their first name in cutscenes.


Custom battle pallets added and the character are now called by their names in Lyn Mode cutscenes :+1:

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I just noticed the existence of this reskin and I became crazy. I downloaded it now and i am excited to play it. Can you please add a list of the DC characters that are in the project ? Cause I would like to help you giving ideas and re palettes.
I think Constantine should be Shaman
Well I don’t have checked the list of characters yet but I would love to see some of this ideas.

Damian ( Wayne ) “Masked Child” - Myrmidon
Garfield " Beast Boy" - Werewolf
Tim (Drake) " Red Robin"- Dragoon
Kaldur " Aqualad" - Pirate
Don’t remember her name"Raven " - shaman
| |. “Star Fire” - Mage
Victor " Cyborg" - Armored Archer

Some sidekicks as base class recruitables
Some Heroes as promoted recruitables

Lance Lord - Arthur " King of Atlantis"
Axe Lord - Wayne “The Dark Knight "
Sword Lord - Diana “wonder woman”
Athos substitute - Kaal El -” Man of Steel"

Some Enemies
Thalia Al Ghoul - Assassin
Ras Al Ghoul - Swordsmaster

I know this hasn’t been touched in months but I think it is a great and funny project. I hope you like my ideas