[FE7] Juna Fruit WIP

It’s 100% functional, I’m just trying to get the number of levels to print to the screen.


So the [G] code doesn’t work then? :frowning:


That’s strange, because it can definitely use numbers for similar status messages (like when you receive gold from an event). I guess the next thing is to debug and figure out where the code is that actually puts up that dialog box… maybe there are a couple of different versions :confused:

well I figured out I need to load some separate function to actually load the value at the address.
apparently, putting [G] isn’t enough. at least not for the item dialog boxes



Whenever this is ready to roll I think I’ll insert it into EN. Would be interesting to hide one in Karel’s Tale since he caps out in three levels.

it works now but like I said it doesn’t print the levels out

so apparently it doesn’t work in the prep screen


edit–there are different fucking tables for if the item is used in the prep screen. Are you shitting me IS!?