FE7 Issues with Trading Items

So I’m working on this hack with a friend and we’ve gotten to the third actual chapter (Prologue uses event data but is just a cutscene, there’s also a 2x) and we’ve encountered a weird problem with trading items which wasn’t a problem in chapter one or two, but when we try to trade items in the third chapter the game tries to go through the tutorial with trading a vulnerary in the original game (Mind you, the text is all different due to the fact that we’ve changed it) and it just kind of ends up in an endless loop that we can’t escape. We have all tutorials disabled, so we’re confused as to why that isolated part of the tutorial is still attempting to activate.

tutorial killers don’t really work, it’s much easier to just event from scratch to avoid any instances of them.

What do you mean “event from scratch” exactly? We’ve been writing all our events from scratch if that’s what you mean.

this made it sound like you were using a tutorial killer and not new events

as did this

So… I’m not certain, I guess you could try posting your events for that chapter? I’ve never encountered this problem in fe7 hacking when I was doing my own events and not just editing the existing ones.

Hello. I’m the fool that wrote this…


wow uh
that is super unorganized, but I don’t think that should cause any problems

also probably posting it on a hosting site would be better
much better, okay
fyi good unit and bad units are what pop up on the map if you have a prep screen, so you might want to start using them
I do like the tabs though

you have an event called Dennin' which should probably be Dennin?
(you jump to an event called “Dennin” but that doesn’t actually exist).

a rogue ENUN in a unit list; a few actually; kind of surprised that isn’t causing an error
also iirc after using LOU1 you should almost always have an ENUN afterwords to wait for the units to actually load

When does the bug happen? Like in what event?

Yeah. I know its disorganized. In the future, I’ll organize them better. Don’t worry. This is only really my first eventing project.
I don’t have a prep screen.
Sometimes, if my LOU1 groups are too big, they glitch out, so I have to seperate them. If I load the first one with an ENUN, it will wait to load the second group. I want them to load at the same time.

This problem happens when I try to trade. I don’t know it it only happens once because I can’t escape trading.
It’s following one of the first trading tutorials, and if I don’t trade a vulnerary or whatever, the brown text box pops up and prevents me from escaping or moving the item.

I know, I saw an ENDA in the opening event; I was just pointing it out for the future

I wasn’t actually seeing any ENUNs anywhere in the events that was my concern

So just the opening event plays out, then if you try to trade it breaks…

I don’t see anything wrong in the opening event outside of the lack of ENUN after loading a group of units… Perhaps try using a different chapter slot for the chapter?

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Oh yeah. That’s a good idea. I’ll have to try that. I’ll get back.

Yes! It works fine now. That was really strange. Thanks for the advice. I can’t believe I didn’t think of that.

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Well… it happened again, but now I notice that it seems to be correlated to a permanent event ID that I was using (the ones after 0x65 that don’t reset), specifically 0x9C.
I’ll just change it, and it will be fine.

LESSON: Using the event ID 0x9C breaks trading.