[FE7] Issue with the magic/melee fix

I recently applied the magic/melee fix to my rom to have a hybrid class with staves and swords. Works fine so far but I have a small graphical issue. All magic units have now “Str” displayed instead of “Mgc” also a few random physical Units have now “Mgc” instead of “Str”. It them though it’s only a graphical problem and the calculation is still correct. I’m a bit clueless how to fix that.

What do those units have equipped?

Most of the units are lance user and are equipped with a normal Iron lance, Steel lance or javelin, though one of them have a special lance on the item slot where Wolf Beil been. Equiping this fixes the issue for that character. The mages uses some custom books that uses slot 0x42, 0x7C and B4. Also a Fighter Boss is equipped with a Killer axe and have this problem as well.
Also I noticed that the animations for that characters are a bit screwed up. When they attack now they have their ranged animation with any effect in the battle but after it the enemy unit have taken normal damage.

EDIT: The staffs are alos effected by that.

Isn’t the Melee/Magic fix applied by FEditor automatically? Therefore… Have you perhaps possibly double-applied the patch?

Hmm … maybe, it’s at least worth a try. Is there any way to remove that double patching or to remove it entirely so I can patch it again or let it autopatched again?

I’m fairly certain you have to apply it manually. FEditor does not apply it automatically.
Actually, looking at the readme, the very first sentence is “This is not an auto patch.”


Could it screw up like that because I moved the the item table elsewhere? Or maybe I really applied it two times. Is double applying even possible?

Did you overwrite the original item table data with other stuff? and yeah, it is possible with certain formats like UPS, which more or less add data to the offset rather than replace… I think?

Nope, I didn’t touched the old item table yet. Just moved it so I could expand it.
It comes as a .jfp patch.

Problem solved thanks to @Brendor and the FEUniverse search function.