[FE7] Hack Randomizer

but w/e as is this still does pretty well, and I don’t need it to make entirely random maps
[11/30/2014 10:29:02 PM] BwdYeti: just drawing mountains/filling space is pretty good
[11/30/2014 10:29:16 PM] BwdYeti: /giving inspiration
[12:16:05 AM] Crazy Colorz: Guys
[12:16:13 AM] Crazy Colorz: lol
[12:16:41 AM] Crazy Colorz: [Sunday, November 30, 2014 10:28 PM] BwdYeti:

<<< but w/e as is this still does pretty well, and I don’t need it to make entirely random maps
[12:16:42 AM] Crazy Colorz: WAIT
[12:16:45 AM] Crazy Colorz: WAIT
[12:16:49 AM] Crazy Colorz: INSPIRATION
[12:17:01 AM] Ash: …
[12:17:03 AM] Crazy Colorz: Make a randomizer and then just hit a button
[12:17:05 AM] Crazy Colorz: Bam
[12:17:06 AM] Crazy Colorz: Hack made
[12:17:09 AM] Crazy Colorz: Run the trial map
[12:17:16 AM] Crazy Colorz: If it’s good keep it and share it if not, redo
[12:17:54 AM] Arch: it’d need to gen enemy positions
[12:18:02 AM] Arch: be given an average level to deviate from
[12:18:10 AM] Arch: then it’s just gen and share
[12:18:14 AM] Crazy Colorz: Yep
[12:18:21 AM] Crazy Colorz: I see this… as a possibility
[12:18:38 AM] Crazy Colorz: 2015 Blazing Randomizer?
[12:19:18 AM] Crazy Colorz: Like, map size: small, med, large
terrain type: mountainous, plains, castle(in), castle(out) . . .
[12:19:26 AM] Crazy Colorz: Difficulty: Easy, Med, Hard, Ragefest
[12:19:37 AM] Crazy Colorz: Click generate
[12:20:03 AM] Crazy Colorz: It generates an event file (that’s just basic units and load commanbds, no fancy textz and plotz. Or we can have generic script the characters can read off of
[12:20:21 AM | Edited 12:20:24 AM] Crazy Colorz: “Lordling: Oh. No. We are being attacked by bandits. Ah. Ah. (Do I sound scared?)”)
[12:20:53 AM] Crazy Colorz: Then we can just insert the event with maps inside the events via the “hack file” concept I had before
[12:20:54 AM] Crazy Colorz: Then play
[12:21:33 AM] Crazy Colorz: Thoughts?
[12:22:33 AM] Crazy Colorz: And if I can get access to the event assembler and tiled inserted/any other map inserter
[12:22:42 AM] Crazy Colorz: Which I think are open source
[12:22:48 AM] Crazy Colorz: I can integrate it into one master program


The cool thing is,a certain fandom hacker is making a new randomizer. Maybe his could be combined with this idea?

Oh also, you could just wait for FEXNA to release and use that instead. You’ll save yourself a loooooooot of headaches.

Nah, it’d be basically the same, since we know how to format things. And the actual calculations of the random stuff would be an external program anyway.

have you considered that maybe we enjoy doing things despite the headache

A FE rogue-like would be amazing. You could have standard skirmishes with generic units, but you could easily have large scale maps with multiple objectives. Maybe multiple castle seizing across a giant map, defending a throne, or even have multiple armies using the NPC units as another army?

I’m all for seeing this become a thing! The re-playability alone would be tremendous.

Complete trial map generation. What we want to work for this:

[*] Basic map generation
[] Generate units in events
[] Generate sensible items/equips
[] Generate sensible enemy positions/stats

  • Different terrain settings/focuses
    [] Plains
    [] Forest
    [] Mountains
    [] In-Castle
    [] Out-Castle

  • Map sizes
    [] S
    [] M
    [] L

  • Objectives
    [] Rout
    [] Defeat Boss
    [] Survive
    [] Seize
    [] Arrive

  • Difficulties
    [] Easy
    [] Medium
    [] Hard
    [] Ragefest

  • Perks
    [] Template plots
    [] Lords
    [] Generate Villages
    [] Generate Recruitable Enemies

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