FE7 Hack [FE - The Two Blades] (Currently a demo/Beta, 2 Chapters currently)

Heyo! Sooo…umm I don’t how to start this off but here we go.

So I decided to do a hack while back…I want to say maybe Late 2018. Seeing lots of people do their own I got inspired to do one for fun. but I will admit it’s…not done I would say. cause it was just mostly an off project I did for fun for myself. but now I’m thinking I want to bring the hack on here to share for all. even though it may not be a full finished project but I’m willing to share.

Brief on the Story
  • The Story starts with man and his Daughter adventuring out of the village to search and destory Bandits. But nasty Bandits that are Ruthless at it’s wake called, The Legion Bandits.
    These bandits are legion Assassin or monsters you could that will Raid and Destroy anyone or anything at it’s wake. so they must stop them at all cost. but luckerly, there come with reinforcements. with others that could join there cause will continue on.
Screenshots (Will Update soon)

Fire Emblem Custom hack.emulator
Fire Emblem Custom hack.emulator 1

Bugs 0.1.1

All the Bug has been updated now. But so far Ch.1 will still show maps…
you’ll see what I mean by.

Version History

0.1.1 Beta Update (Bug Fixes) (Current)


  • Added in the Remaining script for Ending of Chapter 1.

(Bug Fixes and Balances)

  • Slightly Fix/Resigned Maps Pro. & Ch.1 to make it less empty.
  • Balanced David’s Stats to make him less Over power at the beginning.
  • Fixed a couple of Text Errors and Scenes for Pro and Ch.1
  • Updated some of portraits and added in the Mini portraits to replace the Placeholders.
    • Updated Serah and Alan’s Portraits and alter Colour Palette on.
    • Fix Jason, David, and Loris’s Portraits for having unwanted and buggy Pixels

0.1 Beta Update

  • Initiated Project on feuniverse
    • w/ Four Playable Characters & 2 chapters

Patch: Here’s the Patch if you would like to try it out. Current Version: 0.1.1


alrighty I gave the hack a spin and here are my thoughts on it

chapter 1: simple, effective enough for a first chapter, although a little too open for what few enemy and player units there are, Jason works well as a jagen and Serha actually has strength compared to the lord who she shares a class with.

chapter 2: looks very similar to chapter 3 of lyn mode, except there are no walls, again a little too open with a lot of unused space, David is a little too strong he takes no damage against the bandits which alleviates much of the challenge the archer of whom I have forgotten the name of is bad, like all archers in gba emblem.

writing: the story and grammar are fine enough, a few misspellings and /'s. Dialogue seems slightly unnatural though, it’s difficult to explain but most of the character’s speaking mannerisms feel unnatural and stilted, just a matter of wording.

verdict: this small demo provides a decently fun two chapters with fine enough map design and story with great unit pallets. One thing I will say about this hack though is that it reminds of older hacks, simple ones created by someone with access to nightmare and a full summer ahead of them, it was oddly nostalgic for me, it reminded me of when I was young and I used to play a bunch of pokemon rom hacks on my grandparent’s windows vista, in that way the hack has its own nostalgic charm to it.


Thank you for the feedback, GhostCreator ^^ I do agree with ya on the lots of space in those chapters. and I do plan to cut some of the map sizes down a little and maybe fill in some empty space or add extra enemies in the map. I’ll make sure to balance David out as well so he doesn’t defeat an enemy quick and have a tank def to not get hit.

Yee it does remind me in some old hacks as well. man I think the ones that caught my eyes we’re the Last prmoise and Mageknight404’s Hacks. they we’re fun to play with

(edit: I mean’t to reply to ya but I accidentally hit the reply buttion instead of replying to you. but all good now ^^;)

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Alirghty, I’ve just updated now. Nothing too bad or Major but just mostly bug fixs and minor changes.