[FE7] Force the Game To Start In A Mode

If you always want it to be Eliwood mode or whatever. Yes, I know it’s done, but when I looked for it, I only found a patch(ew) and couldn’t find the simple change-two-bytes method. So here:

08x0A06D0 to
02 25 for eliwood mode and
03 25 for hector mode and
01 25 for lyn mode


… Any chance of figuring out a way to make the game automatically go to the character select screen? As in, the one where you choose between Lyn/Hector/Eliwood?

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I swear someone put up the documentation already(or maybe I just asked rey and he told me), but cool

I know! I swore it was up too, but when I searched for it I couldn’t find it.

I think the info was buried in Hextator’s doc somewhere or something like that.
Anyway, it should be noted that if you only change the bytes at 0x0A06D0 to Eliwood mode, the game will start at ch. 11.
In my notes I have that changing the byte at 0x0A0748 to a 0x01 will make it start at the prologue.
Haven’t got a clue about starting at the prologue in Hector mode.

Also, my notes say to change the two bytes at 0x0A06D8 to change modes (same byte values as what you have, CC, just a different offset). Idk, it’s something to throw out there.

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I did up some Nightmare modules to handle these things for the new FireShell package a while back. Based my “New Game Mode Editor” off of 0xA06D8 too, and it does function properly. Hector’s mode doesn’t seem to want to start in either the Prologue/Ch11E (all values point to 11H), and neither Lyn or Eliwood are able to start in 11H modifying the byte at 0xA0748.

You know, I’d say to find where it kept track of the times you’ve finished in the save, and then see when it looked at that, but then I remembered that that 1) that’s not easy and 2) IS can be really stupid in terms of coding.

does the game change those bytes for every completion cycle?

if I had my hack start in eliwoods mode and then complete the game, does the ROM change it to hector mode from that point on then?

The game never changes any of the bytes in the ROM - it’s a ROM; the RO stands for “read-only”.


I joined FE Universe just to like this post. Supports work properly now!