[FE7, FE8] Trading

The bit of routine that actually executes trading is located at [FE8] 2D760, [FE7] 2B062:
0802D760 8813 ldrh r3,[r2]
0802D762 8808 ldrh r0,[r1]
0802D764 8010 strh r0,[r2]
0802D766 800B strh r3,[r1]

and if we remove those last two lines then nothing happens when you try to trade the items. This can probably be used to disable the trading of certain items.

That seems cool but it’s a little crude in terms of making an item “untradeable”.
Maybe you could debug the steal system and make untradeable items output an error message if you try to trade them, but those addresses are definitely useful

The problem with that is that steal is actually pretty different from trading. I wonder if there’s somewhere I can change to make it play the “can’t do this” sound effect instead of the trading sound effect though…

I bet just the sound effect would be easy

For locking items in inventory (FE8)

Prevent trading based on ability 1 0x10 (undroppable/unsellable)

World Map/Prep Screen equivalent

Ignored by Give All command

Prevent giving to Supply

Prevent send to supply (inventory full)


link died, please reup

Should be in this dropbox folder

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Thank you so much!

I’m really glad these exist. Thanks, Circles.

I just noticed one issue. After implementing all 5 asms, it seems that no items can be discarded in the item menu (I can try, but nothing happens). I noticed that the inventory_full.dmp is smaller than the .asm file expects it to be. Could that be the source of the issue?