[FE7/FE8]Fixing weapon range past 3 range


Primefusion mentioned a fix for weapon range displaying in FE7, I was hoping to get ahold of it, and maybe get an FE8 version? I’m referring to a patch that allows 3 range and 4+ range to display properly on the map and in weapon descriptions. (I seached “weapon range” and couldn’t find anything here D=)

[FE6] A few questions (and possibly requests)[Sort of In progress]
Pierce Fix

yeah idk why it hasn’t been posted here…


Could have sworn I tagged FE7/8… Anyway, I asked icecube if he could port this to FE8 as well.


Taking a glance on SF and FEU… then taking a few hours to repoint the patch, and this is what I have.
Sorry for slow response.




also why does Discourse not like that


Does this also modify staff range displays? I also know that @Tequila was working on an FE7 fix for that.