[FE7] Duo Geno Escapo


Hello, FEU. Today, instead of bringing questions, I bring you all a full hack. Oh and Happy New Year, I suppose.

Basically, this started a few years ago when I was bored over Christmas break(I think it was) and decided to start my own hack. I had actually started numerous hacks before this one, but always got stuck about a few chapters in(usually due to some roadblock such as doing tilechanges or corrupted palettes). A friend of mine, @CM9, would test these hacks that I made, though he did not know how to hack at the time. Upon inquiring, he had an interest in working on a hack with me, so we decided to make one. We were simply doing this for fun, so it was more or less pretty loose on what we did, though we established a couple rules.
1. No editing the other person’s chapter
2. No going back and making edits to your chapter(after it was considered completed)
3. We would work independently of each other, where @SageMatthis would do
even chapters and @CM9 would do odd chapters.

We continued on like this for a while until we decided to collaborate for whatever reason. So, we set up a google doc to document everything(kingdoms, chapter events, character data, et cetra). Up to this point, there was little to no substantial plot; rather, it was just events that occurred as we saw fit(or something of the sort). Once we started working together, we decided to deepen the plot and make it something solidified and defined, as it was merely our interpretation of the hack’s theme. From then on, the hack has somewhat more plot, but not quite as much as one would hope/expect, but was significantly more organized. The theme of the hack, you ask? Why, it simply is in the title: Duo Geno[cide] Escap[e], where the two protagonists, Lau and Brandon, flee from the Szarn genocide and attempt to avoid the chopping block.
As such, the quality of the hack is definitely not great, but not overly terrible either, but as the game progresses on, the overall quality does improve; this is because as we developed the hack, we also improved our hacking abilities, so the development of the hack’s quality is a “story” about our improving hacking abilities. The texts are mixed between bad humor and some seriousness(take nothing serious, basically).

Plot details(no spoilers):
It starts off on some unamed continent. Szarland initiates a genocide on Rahatland for reasons yet unknown. Lau and Brandon were away from their hometown on some unofficial business when they return home to find nothing but the ruins and ashes of their village. They had heard of the genocide while they were away, which caused them to hurry home, but only to discover that they were too late. While searching for any survivors, the two are caught by the Szarn army and transported to some concentration camps in Szarland, upon special orders. However, before their execution, the doors to all the cells were busted open, allowing them one slim chance at escape…

What this features:
New storyline, characters, a few custom classes, one custom animation, support conversations, and new maps.

Current Rating:
ESRB M For Mature
PEGI 16 for… 16 year olds

-Partial nudity
-Suggestive sex
-Frequent use of language
-Reference to drugs
-Cartoon Violence
-Comic Mischief
-Crude Humor
-Mature humor


Events, texts, maps, unit placements, characters, and balance on even chapters: @SageMatthis
Events, texts, maps, unit placements, and characters on odd chapters: @CM9

Any edits from original songs: @SageMatthis
Original songs: Respective owners

Bow Mage, Egalitarian, Horse Killer: @SageMatthis
-Horse Killer sprites are edits of the sword cavalier
Even chapters: @SageMatthis
-except Brandon’s portrait
Odd chapters: @CM9

World map: @CM9
-inserted by @SageMatthis
Female mercenary: @SageMatthis

If your name or someone else’s name should be here in the credits for something(such as sprites that were used) and I did not put it up here, let me know so that I can fix it.

The characters, events, and statements depicted and declared by and throughout the hack are not specific references to any persons*, living or dead, nor any events that may have occurred or will occur, nor statements regarding how society should be run or what people or the society is.

PAQ(probably-going-to-be asked questions)

I: Why is there such an inconsistency in the characters?
R: The most inconsistency will be between odd and even chapters for the most part. This is due to each character’s personality being interpreted based on that chapter’s creator

I: How long does it take to beat the game?
R: It depends. I have played it through a couple of times when I was bored, but if you play reading the convos and such, it could take 30 hours or so. By skipping reading any story, it could be more than 20 hours.

I: How many chapters are there going to be?
R: I would tell you, but it actually is somewhat of a spoiler to tell. However, I can say that there are more than 18 complete chapters, but no gaiden chapters.

I: Will either of you be fixing bugs or glitches that are found throughout the hack?
R: Most likely not. According to our first rule, there is no going back and editing previous chapters. However, if there are errors with support convos, I will fix those because testing supports is more difficult.

I: Will there be a sequel?
R: Possibly. It depends on whether or not we have time.

I: Why are there random difficulty spikes?
R: Because the nature of the hack’s creation. With each person more or less developing the chapter independently, it causes a difference in difficulty based on each person’ interpretation.

I: … Why did the game softlock?
R: To prevent the game from softlocking, Brandon needs a weapon that he can wield by the starts of chapter 9 and 10.

*the execption being Brandon and Lau, which are interpretations of @CM9 and @SageMatthis, respectively.

Here is the ̶R̶O̶M̶ patch:

What? Pictures for proof? …Very well.


Final comments:
Yeah, I realize that the quality of the hack is honestly pretty subpar considering the new technologies and advancements out there, but again, we created this out of sheer boredom and something to do e̶v̶e̶n̶ ̶i̶f̶ ̶I̶ ̶h̶a̶d̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶b̶u̶g̶ ̶@̶C̶M̶9̶ ̶s̶e̶v̶e̶r̶a̶l̶ ̶t̶i̶m̶e̶s̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶g̶e̶t̶ ̶h̶i̶s̶ ̶l̶a̶z̶y̶ ̶s̶e̶l̶f̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶w̶o̶r̶k̶ ̶o̶n̶ ̶i̶t̶. Honestly, I could probably compare its quality to something like “Gheb FE” or something, but the process of making it was fun and entertaining. Even if the final product is lacklustre and/or poor, I am still proud of what our efforts have turned out into. Perhaps it is better than I think it is, perhaps not. I poured in many hours, as did @CM9, to make this. When we started this, I never really considered posting it until about half-way through. My thoughts were “What good is this hack if no one gets to see or experience it in all of its oddball comedy or shore-deep plot?” Call it trash, call it bad, but I still am proud of this two year-old hack. Damn proud. Nothing can change that.
But yeah, any criticism or feedback is welcome. If you like it, say so. If not, tell what you dislike about it.
Play it and enjoy it. Have some fun with it.

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yes. very good.


Game freezes on opening of chapter 1


Good catch. Thank you for letting me know. I updated the patch, it should be fixed now.


You need help.


Yeah you do need a bit of help, I feel. Maybe you could get some better mugs to improve the presentation.

EDIT: I don’t mean to be rude by saying that either. Sorry if that is misunderstood. I’m just saying that maybe now that it’s out you could pretty things up a bit more.




HOLY FUCK, THIS IS AMAZING. SEND ME THE PORTRAIT LIST, I WILL DO ART FOR THIS GAME. I am not kidding, send me the list of all the new portraits used, and I will give you new portraits.


This was made for the fun of it, not necessarily for presentation or professionalism. I only thought about posting it about half-way through its creation. I appreciate the offer, but this hack was for the entertainment of myself and @CM9, not necessarily the public. If anything, the sequel(if there is one) will certainly be more presentable and professional. In addition, the hack’s quality does improve as it goes on as well. Also, this started over two years ago, when neither of us were that great at hacking or making portraits, balancing, et cetra, finishing at the conclusion of 2017(which explains the discrepancy in quality).
I suppose it would help to think of this as a hack to improve and enjoy hacking itself(for the creators) and improve as a hacker rather than present a story and/or impress people. The playablilty simply means that the hack is working and is progress-able.
So while I appreciate the feedback and offer for help, unless there is something absolutely game-breaking or supports are wrong, this basically is the final version. This is something @CM9 and myself agreed on: [quote=“SageMatthis, post:1, topic:3198”]
2. No going back and making edits to your chapter(after it was considered completed)
Basically, play it and watch the progression of not just the story, characters, and plot, but of our hacking abilities as well, as, for the most part, everything improves and gets better. I think.

Hopefully nothing I said comes off as too harsh or rejecting.

But thank you for taking an interest in our hack playing it.


I have just made it to the gamebreaking bug in chapter 20 part 2 where any player action resets part 2 of the chapter. My goal was to finish the game and then deliver critique, but seeing as no amount of enemy phase rigging will get my units past this, I figured I’d just go ahead and post this now.

There’s no nice way to put this, but this hack is a catastrophe. Every aspect of the hack constantly works against the player in new and more frustrating ways to make playing a less and less enjoyable experience. With each new chapter, each new unit, each new turn, each new action, something, somewhere is actively working against the player to make them want to stop playing the hack. For those who fight against this urge, they are only greeted with more disappointment.

Let’s start with the visuals. The portraits at best are just recolors of existing mugs. At worst they’re tasteless topless mugs of characters stated to be 14 years old of all things. At absolute worst they’re splices where none of the pieces look like they belong together. Sprites like Amara, Arnold, Jennifer’s disheveled sprite, and more look like they could use significantly better coloring/sprite work. The maps range from aesthetically boring but alright I guess, to downright hideous. Before around chapter 12, tiles are thrown onto maps with absolutely no care given to if they belong. This results in maps where a mast is sticking out of a beach, it’s tile having a completely different surrounding texture. ditto for barrel bottoms, bodies of water, bridges, doors, and tons of other accouterments. Enemies are used as set dressing for these maps, but this is a gameplay issue I’ll address later. Even ignoring the mugs and maps, the game is downright buggy. Shopping has the sell text read a text ID error string. Shop text is constantly throwing up garbage text and corrupting screen elements, Prep screen often throws garbage visual elements onto the screen loading in. Chapter 15 is literally pitch black until the player enters the status screen. Mugs constantly bug out and throw up garbage data. It’s a consistent pain to look at until later chapters where the issues calm down.

Writing wise, this hack is a downright abomination. Making fun of a fourteen year old girl getting a train run on her by a bunch of older men is never funny. Nor is the nonstop islamaphobic jokes made courtesy of Gengher and his god “elleh.” Nor is Brandon’s razing of a village in chapter 17 to prostitute and rape 3 village girls. Or Lau’s constant sexism and downright awful treatment of Rachel, who while is intended to just be an ugly female character, could be seen as a trans character who is constantly being shamed for their identity. What dialogue remains is all tasteless and unfunny. Such gems as “Anytime is anus time!” and “Let’s fuck, bitch!” really do make up the highlights of what I’ve read. The humor falls flat every time and jokes overstay their welcome consistently. The Birger arguments in particular run on way too long and happen literally every chapter after he joins. Same with the “We’re fucking Jessica in a new way” jokes but thankfully those do stop. Every chapter I think the hack might have something new writing wise that I’d like and instead I’m confronted with more sophomoric shock humor.

Gameplay wise this hack is worse than a lot of other inflation hacks and such. Maps have almost no design process in how they play out causing a lot to devolve into frantic slugfests between the enemies and the players as you trudge forwards. Others have enemies charging in on all sides before any reasonable defense can be made, requiring actual RNG manipulation in order to have a chance of survival. Chapter 17 in particular required 10 Luna crit rigs in order to fend off the charging warriors and Wyverns. Not only that, early maps actively punish you for playing efficiently. Events are coded by turns and the maps are completed well before those events happen. Enemy density is nonstop high density over enemies with over inflated bulk and speed at times, meaning slower units get demolished. And since any major unit death is a game over, players are forced to either undeploy a large amount of units, or rig until it works. This makes getting exp to weaker units or units that need xp almost impossible, Vega for example had solid offenses, but his lack of bulk meant he could not survive an enemy phase meaning he couldn’t be on the front, and was left in the dust. This with giving units spotty bases, and shaky growths in important stats like speed, make this game into an awful experience. In order to make the game beatable, I had to rig Brandon’s speed until he no longer got doubled by almost every enemy unit on the map. Ditto for Lau. It doesn’t help that until Chapter 17, no enemy actually drops an item. All of these items must be stolen. Shot outs to the chapter 4 or 5 cleric with an angelic robe that’s literally unobtainable as a result. Add in the huge enemy formations placed in for aesthetic reasons oftentimes adjacent to the player’s deploy zone, and you just have way too many bodies at once. Then you’ve got the rout heavy gameplay with constant enemy reinforcements. When gameplay manages to actually be able to happen, maps are slow slogs across huge open spaces. I felt like I was playing FE2 all over again, and that’s a very bad thing.

If you want I can send you my DGE .sav file so you can at least fix the chapter 20 part 2 gamebreaking bug, but overall, my experiences were nothing but awful and consistently so.


Lol. :slight_smile:


You do bring up some excellent points. Again, we made this basically on a whim starting two years ago when we were pretty immature(I am sure you can tell[especially chapter 1]), and each chapter being individually developed by either @SageMatthis or @CM9. So while yes, numerous things are very wrong, the original purpose was not publication, but to screw around with hacking. This is not defending anything offensive, merely explaining its existence. Again, I personally disagree with Lau’s treatment(and others) of Rachel during odd chapters, but our rules were made in such a way that there would be no editing another person’s chapter. Do I agree with everything that happens in odd chapters? No, not always. But @CM9 likely disagrees with certain things that occur in even chapters as well. [Lau has steal and Brandon has the lockpick ability, if that helps somewhat.]
While harsh, your feedback is quite helpful for future developments, and I understand your meaning.
The disclaimer in the original post is to declare that nothing should be taken seriously(due to the nature of several character/events/topics), but that is not declaring that we support nor oppose anything that transpires, or will turn one eye from it.
If you want to continue playing, I updated the hack again to fix the king’s glitch.


dammit the whole point (at least for me) was to make the humor as horrible as possible, making people have angry responses! Now you’ve shown professionalism and maturity and ruined everything! (lol)


Thanks for fixing the Ch 20 glitch however I get a softlock when starting chapter 23. I get the deploy Aries prompt and then nothing happens. Similarly, a unit named Telek with a sleep staff, and an extra copy of Lau and Gretcha join this map. Lau’s clone has a bandit seal and steel sword and I sold those and took Telek’s sleep staff. Gretcha’s didn’t have anything in her inventory. I imagine they’re the source of the bug. Additionally, Ch 22 has a hardlock with the mid map reinforcement cutscene. That one can be ignored by skipping the cutscene.

As before, I can send a save file if needed.


Alright, those bugs should be fixed. I think I added some stuff in chapter 22 that ended up overwriting some of chapter 23’s data, causing the chapter to glitch out like that. I was unable to reproduce the hardlock, even though I tested out all the turn events.
I appreciate you willing to trudge though the hack and giving out some pointers for future hack-making, though. I think the plot starts to actually thicken and the game becomes more serious at this point, but let me know if it actually does not(to any real extent) or something.



Endgame Chapter 32 is bugged. Killing the 2nd and 3rd Great Generals does not open the path to the final boss.

ALSO, can you remove aura from the left great general’s inventory so she drops excalibur? She will never switch to Aura meaning excalibur will never drop for the player.


I just tested chapter 32 multiple times and the path does open each time I test it. I updated the patch so that the left general has a different inventory.


Welp. I’m finally finished with the hack from beginning to end. My critiques still stand in most areas, though the maps did look better, even if they didn’t play any better.

My main advice for future hacks is feel free to cut 2-4 defense/resistance on enemies past chapter 9 or 10 across the board, maybe more if necessary. That and make progression of obtainable strong weapons more consistent. Chapter 18’s vendor alone supplied 75% of the weapons I used for the rest of the game. That’s not because I didn’t do a lot of combat either. Rather instead, it’s because future armories just never sold anything worth using. Most only sold basic weapons. The highlights are the buyable physics and short spears. Other than that I rationed literally everything else and did my best to skip what I could in chapters to preserve every weapon for the rout chapters since enemies would take 3-4 weapon uses each.


I have not made it very far into the game, I’ve only made it to the chapter where you recruit Asswin, but there’s so many issues with the game that I want to bring up with the game that I think it’d be best if I explained them now.

I will not call this as bad as GhebFE, but this isn’t what I’d call a very good hack anyways. Don’t get me wrong though, I can truly see the love and effort put into this work, even if the end result is admittedly subpar, and it sure as hell wasn’t a shitty hack spat out just for trolling purposes, or for Mangs to let’s play it.

When I finish the game, then I’ll make a full review or something.


I want to know how to recruit Karin in Ch24. Gengher can talk to Victor and recruit him, but Karin still is an NPC.