[FE7] Display More Than 100 HP

Battle Preview Screen:

This fix will let you display up to the max HP, that is, 127.
Change 33720 FROM 63 to 7F
Change 337A0 FROM 63 to 7F

Alternately, if you want to lower the limit that ?? appears, you can change the 63 to the upper limit(inclusive) that you want. Note this won’t affect in-battle displays or mini-map displays.

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Minimap Display:


Note due to the size of the minimap display, it won’t show more than the last two digits.

Status Screen Display:
If currentHP >= 100, it overwrites the “P” in HP
If maxHP >= 100, it overwrites the “/” between the two numbers

FYI there’s also a similar cap on displaying damage, but only on the battle preview screen. It’s probably around there somewhere.

TODO: Level up screen also only displays 2 digits