FE7 Character Randomizing Rom [Complete]

Hello! This bug appeared in the latest update. Everything was fine in the previous version. I’m using the gba.emu emulator.


oops! I thought I’d only changed some stats around but I’d mixed in an fe6 definition by mistake. Fixed.

ok, I did the same for Lyn and Eliwood now. This means they’ll be better on average when randomized into other classes, but units randomized into Lord classes will be a little worse. Vanilla stats remain unchanged.


Can’t really show screenshot but my Lyn is a dancer…
screenshot wont load…

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You can dance on over to the throne and seize. Batta doesn’t stand on it.

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i noticed after i reset…
i shoulda kept it, but after my reset i ended up getting 4 clerics(Matthew, Nils, Serra, and Florina) a mercenary(Erk) 3 thieves(Sain, Rath, and Wil) another dancer(Kent) a troubadour(Dorcas) and an Eliwood lord(Lyn) …
and the theives are stuck with 0 defence permanently as it’s their max defence…



  • Gold is now randomized
  • Really bad rolls for base stats / growths / stat caps are now less common

I’m having an issue where random characters will have more movement than they’re supposed to. does movement get randomized alongside other bases?

I’ve been playing with these settings:
Variance: 50%
Base Stats: Random
Growths: Random
Stat Caps: Vanilla
Class: Random
Items: Random Found Items Only
Enemy Diff. Bonus: Vanilla
Mode: Classic

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It does (but only has a chance for +1 or +2 mov to unmounted player units - it’ll never reduce mov). It’s a feature, not a bug, but thanks for the report :+1:

Edit: made colours random for fe6/7/8

you can’t turn it off currently so don’t update if you don’t want random colours


Dude the color randomizer make the sprite look so bad. Sorry

I’ll be adding a config option for this sometime soon


Recent updates (also applies to fe6 version):

As always, if you have nothing set to random then the game should play just like vanilla with no major differences, in case you want to play with only some features turned on like 0%, 100%, or fixed growths.


funny game

I did a little too much arena grinding when I saw stat boosters and uberspears were so readily buyable. Most arena enemies are literally free for archers. I dunno if that’s possible to fix without removing arenas. Makes the randomized shops be super OP. Fun though!

(old rom version, seed may not match for update)



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Aaaaand found a bug - Lucius’ combat animation is still off, when activated
Another one - When I clear Lyn Mode and I choose between Eliwood and Hector, neither paths are randomized

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Fixed those bugs.

Big update (for fe6 srr too). Characters can now be reordered / randomized.

Updated names / portraits even apply to conversations.

I am surprised that I was able to do this :partying_face:

Edit: Minor bugfixes and I’ve added the character mode to the stat screen as 0-5. Randomizing the character changes just about everything, so you need that info to match seeds with other people.

( 3SEED 130408 means Players and Bosses reordered, as that’s the 3rd option for characters.)


is it intentional that normally non promoted characters can randomize into promoted characters? It just seems to make alot of early game units un-useable as they still have the stats of an early game unit but the exp gain of a promoted unit, had it happen alot when trying out lyn mode.

Edit: it seems that it’s only characters that were originally promoted that will be promoted when randomized e.g. karla lloyd and linus were always being randomized into promoted classes


One issue I’m having with the new patch is that the boss/player swap option gives the boss characters a set of completely trash growths, and always the same set. I’m guessing that this is because the bosses don’t have growths themselves, so they have a predetermined set (50/10/10/30/10/10).

The boss playthrough option seems fun, but having all your characters have the exact same set of very mid growths sorta kills it


Yes, but I agree that it happened too frequently and made the characters pretty bad. I’ve changed it so now 75% of the time they’ll be demoted to their unpromoted form where possible and early prepromotes shouldn’t have quite as bad stats now when they stay promoted.

Fair. I’ll look into making some growths for them sometime soon. Many of the vanilla growths for bosses are unused and a copy pasted set of numbers. You could try random growths for now, if you’d like.

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Don’t know if it’s intentional, but item durability option (if choose “infinite”) makes all stat upgrading items (dragonshield, angelic robe…) reusable. So characters growths doesn’t really matter if this option were chosen. I know, that it’s up to the player to decide, use this items multiple times or not, but… Is there a way to make only weapons doesn’t loose durability?

Is the same also in the fe6 srr? I just prefer fe6, tried with the bosses, and ended up with a promoted lord with zero in almost everything
Also, I got eliwood in one of them, so remember to look over whatever group he’s a part of