FE7 Character Randomizing Rom [Complete]

This rom randomizes everything based on an initial seed. You can experience it a million different ways!

Self Randomizer Download - for FE7U


Customize what to randomize & the amount of variance.

Match seeds & settings with a friend to have an identical experience, even down to the items found and your levelups.

Random Classes

Random Growths

100% and 0% growths can also be chosen.

Random Bases & Caps

Always 30 is also an option for stat caps.

Random Found Items

Random Shops & Item Stats



By Vesly

Special Thanks - Circles for making the original fe8 self randomizer, which I referenced at times.
Also a special thanks to the fe8u decomp contributors, as I copied many functions from that.
Casual Mode - Circles
Danger Zone - Circles
Unlock Mode Select - Doesnt
Fix REDAs - 7743
BattleStatsAnimsOff - Tequila
Hp Bars - Tequila
Skip Intro - Gryz
Tutorial Disabler - 7743
Colour Hue Function - Huichelaar
Droppable item icon gfx by Scraiza

My Projects
AW2 Randomizer
FE7 Self Randomizer
FE6 Self Randomizer


Cool a new randomizer!

And I got a really good hector on the first try!

Hector´s stats and class
  • Stats:

  • Growths:

Edit: Hector died to a 13 str 14 spd Myrm… So I had to restart


So i start first time and welp

Chalange taken randomaizer (Lyn Has 50% chance of instadeath)


That one person you can´t find in your [INSERT SHOTER GAME] match that you can´t find but always hits you.


Athos & Nergal now have more of their stats in their character bases.


I’ve added your seed to the bottom left of the stat screen in case you forget / want to check out someone else’s seed.


Been trying this out and having loads of fun so far. But i found a bug. While using the 30 caps mode any speed level above 20 seems to just revert to 20. It’s not just a visual bug either, this is the second speed level i got that just was reverted (she started with 17 speed).
Not quite sure if this is just with lyn, or whatever it’s tied to, but i thought i’d mention it.

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In FE7?! Was this done on decomp?

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Oh, woops. Pushed a fix :crossed_fingers:

Source is here: https://github.com/Veslyquix/SRR_FE7

I made heavy use of the fe8u decomp for this. Big shoutout to the decomp contributors for their amazing work.


I am curious why you choose to make this randomizer for FE7?

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There was already one for fe8 and I wanted to replay fe7


Can you provide the link to fe8 randomizer?

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So i ended Lyn mode and go to hector nad and seed try to assasinate my run on first map again.

Both of them get 2 shot… Sadly seed miss one think

Iam mine glitched out this one and pray oswin is good
(If some one wants this seed its 653243)


So excited about this! I might stream myself playing it tonight :slight_smile:


“I wanted to play this so i made it myself” is the ultimate game dev chad answer. Mad respect man.


Made a little update so that enemies in lyn mode / first chapter of eliwood & hector modes are less likely to be ridiculously strong.

But don’t let your guard down.


I’ve reached the Erik map and have noticed some very weird movement bugs. Classes suddenly being able to traverse Cliffs and Peaks without problems, enemies no longer being affected by rain, while my units of the same class (like the cavalier Oswin) still are. Pegasus Riders who can no longer traverse cliffs (but only the enemies!). Very weird stuff really.

It also seems like you cannot access Merlinus’ convoy in the prep screen, although you can access it in the map. I’m assuming this may be because it’s tied to Merlinus Class?

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I changed movement for that chapter specifically because it’s an unwinnable rout map if enemies spawn in the sea but can’t reach you. I’ll make it halved during rain, at least.

I’ll set Merlinus not to change class I guess.


  • Convoy is now available in prep once you have Merlinus regardless of his class.
  • Rain now affects enemies in ch 14.
  • Obtained droppable items will now stay the item the enemy actually had.
  • Ported over the default move/text speed to fast patch to fe7.
  • Afa’s drops now grant +5 growths instead of rerolling your random growths.
  • Stationary enemies will now have 0 movement displayed.
  • Any enemy class with a lockpick can now use it. Solves possible softlock in 7x.
  • After clearing lyn mode, the seed will now default to what you had.
  • No longer need to level Nils for 19xx.
  • First chapter of Hector’s mode now starts with the door closed and with a couple of vulneraries.
  • Added a shop to prep.



hopefully I didn’t break anything in the process of making these changes :crossed_fingers:

With randomized growths, it will now use the higher of your unit vs class growths as the number to randomize around. It means units like Merlinus with 0% pow growth rate can actually be given growth. Merlinus can also now trade.


Would there be a possibility of adding a minimum growth, be it total, per stat, or class growth basis? I feel like it can sometimes be a bit discouraging to get a unit and have them have below their vanilla growths in pretty much every area if you get unlucky, especially if you then get one which has the opposite going on.

I also noticed that the lords seem to have extremely low personal bases (i think it might legit be 0 across the board). You seem to have adjusted the lord classes so they don’t just slap Eliwood/Hector/Lyn’s entire base stats onto the unit which gets them, but If your lord get randomised into say an armor knight or mage they can become near unuseable since they can very well be doubled and one rounded by some enemies. Especially if you get unlucky levels or growths. Would it be possible to give the lords maybe +2 to their bases across the board to make them more useable if you play with vanilla bases, or alternatively just have the class bases as the minimum?
I’ve had a handful of softlocks because Hector was too bad to even defeat a single enemy in his starting chapter, or because i couldn’t rescue him away with a flier when he joins on eliwood route.

Will play a bit more across the weekend and mention anything else that comes to mind.


Perhaps you’d prefer to play with a lower variance percent? I think if you set it to 50%, then growth rates will be between 50% and 150% of what they are usually. Eg. 30 spd growth will be between 15 and 45 (unless their class speed growth exceeds 30).

I’ll think on it a little. On the one hand, I don’t really mind some units becoming terrible, but on the other hand, I do agree that it’s discouraging to start with a trash lord. Maybe I can move a few base stats from the lord classes into their personal bases.

Edit: It looks like Lyn Lord is comparable to Myrmidon, Eliwood Lord is comparable to Mercenary, and Hector Lord is most comparable to a Knight with some bonus stats, so I’ve moved some stats over to put Hector at base 2s except res. Lyn and Eliwood are unchanged. All vanilla stats will be the same this way. Maybe sometime I’ll add more config options to prevent player units from becoming useless, but I think that’s part of the fun of randomizers, so no promises there. I’m thinking about seeing if I can get this to work on fe6 next :crossed_fingers: