[FE7] Changing the Status Screen background?

I know this is likely a pretty basic thing since I’ve seen lots of hacks that do this, but I’ve never been able to actually find any information on how to.

So what’s the offset for the green status screen background and it’s palette and the like? Would I have to do any fiddling with TSA if I wanted to change the image completely? (I’ve never done anything involving TSA before)

(Sorry if this is a super simple question!)

The Graphic is at 0x418E44 and the palette is at 0x41E2D8.
The background dosen’t need any .tsa, only the windows have one, but I don’t know where it is. Maybe someone here knows it since I would be really interested in this.
If you need further information about the status screen, I have a page in my offline hacking book about it, so I can share a lot of informations about it.

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Menu & Statsheet Background:
Image #900
Palette when in statscreen:0x41E2D8
Palette when at Save Menu: 0x40F9A0
Palette at Status screen: 0x403A08
Menu/Statscreen Palette 0x1D60F0 (Credit Camtech) // What’s this one?

from Primefusion’s GBAGE notes. The same background is also used in shops, so be sure to check how the background looks in shops after inserting it as well.

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Thank you both a bunch! I’ve really wanted to know how this is done for awhile.

Here’s a few more palettes for the statscreen background I found, posting them here just for documentation’s sake (even though they weren’t hard to find).

0x41E2F8 - Options Menu (Darkened Part)
0x41E398 - Shop Background

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