FE7: Changing Chapter from Lyn to Eliwood Mode?

Basically, I wanna change my chapters to where they’re considered Eliwood Mode chapters instead of Lyn ones, but I’m not sure as to how and if I can.

My reasons are because building supports seems to be impossible in Lyn Mode, Eliwood and Hector (maybe even others, I dunno) don’t seem to activate their death quotes upon, well, death, and the tutorial version of Lyn can only seize. (And I don’t think she can build supports in general.)

It would probably be simpler to enable support point gains than change Lyn mode to Eliwood mode as that would have numerous side effects

This may be what you’re looking for?

Unless you want your game to also have a Lyn Mode, in which case I suggest removing that because Lyn Mode is boring and people who play mods are experienced enough not to need a tutorial.