[FE7] Battle Stats Data

This is where they store all the critical and pertinent numbers when calculating battle. I’m shipping a copy of this doc (with some others) with modular battle. But here it is as well for completeness.

Battle Stats Data —

2: Where it’s being written from. 0x0002 = Battle Preview Screen, 0x0001 = Battle w/Animations, 0x0081 = Battle w/Map Animations, 0x0080 = Map, e.g. Vulnerary use, 0x0004 = Status Screen(?).
2: Range the attack is happening at. E.g. 0x0001 indicated a direct attack.
2: Damage to be dealt
2: Final might of attacker

------------------ 0x0203A3E0
2: Final defense of defender
2: Final hit
2: Final crit
2: Final lethality chance

8: Unused?