[FE7] Barrier Stat Editor?

Hi, I was wondering if there is somewhere in the hex that I can edit what barrier bestows upon a unit.

I already know about the 7 plus resistance, but how would I make it give like plus 5 to all stats?

Just wondering.

I don’t think it’s possible right now, but I’m not so deep in the coding, so there cold be a way. If I remember correct the game uses a specific byte to store the buff in the unit memory. So you’d have to free up a few bytes for the stats buff and change the code of Barrier if I’m not mistaken.
Oh man I think there are other who could explain it much better than me xP

Evoli’s more or less correct; there’s a nibble (half a byte, 4 bits) used to store the Barrier bonus, and if you want it to apply to all stats, you’d have to modify each stat getter, as long as it’s a constant amount (ie all stats +5). If you want different amount per stat, you’ll have to use the buff/debuff thing in the skill system, in addition to modifying the assembly dealing with the staff effect.

This is pretty easy to do if you use Stan’s modular stat getters