[FE7] Alternating NPC hostility/alliance

Take a look at this neat video by @Crazycolorz5:


In the comments, I believe something was mentioned about being able to allow the NPC faction to alternate between being hostile or friendly to the ally faction. Or at least an ASM could be made to allow this alternation. Has anyone ever made an ASM allowing the toggle of the NPC faction being hostile or friendly to the ally faction? (Other than setting that byte to 0xC0, which makes it so that the NPC is always hostile.)

The video seems to disappear even though I put the link? Is anyone else having this problem?


That’s been a problem for a while. It’s been happening to everyone.

break up the link somehow, youtube embed are broken

Aside from the broken link, does anyone have an ASM that allows the alternation of the NPC faction being hostile/friendly?

Like, it changes every turn, or based off an event ID, or what?

I was thinking that it change based on chapter, and that the ASM would go to a certain offset set aside for reading if the chapter has the NPC faction as hostile or friendly. For example, the ASM/code would go to an offset(let’s say FFF000) and for chapter 0, it would read the first byte, C0 meaning NPC is hostile to allies, or 80 would mean the NPC is allied with the allies. Kind of like the patch that allows for different generic battle themes per chapter, except this would test for NPC hostility/alliance.