[FE7/8] Unpromoted Weapon Level Cap

I’m trying to reduce the weapon level cap of unpromoted units from A to B to make more weapons exclusive to promoted units. Would anyone be willing to help me locate this cap so I can modify it?

The class editor module handles that; just change the cap in there from A to B.

That was a dumb moment on my part. I’m working on so many complicated processes that I had forgotten about the easy ones. Thanks for reminding me.

EDIT: Insulted myself too soon. The class editor shows the base levels of each weapon, but not their maxes. Am I missing an editor?

The weapon rank caps are hardcoded into the game. The WRanks in the class module are only bases.

  • FE8U: change byte at $2C1A2 and $2C1A6 (both should be 0xB5 = 181 = A Rank, set them to 121 = 0x79 for B Rank)
    Additionally, $2C19A and $2C19E are the same for trainee caps (should be 0x47 = 71 = C Rank)

  • FE7U: idk ask fe7 wizards


Thanks StanH. Using your explanation for FE8, I found the caps for FE7. $29BD8 and $29BDC operate the same way for FE7. Just change them from 0xB5 {181=A Rank} to 0x79 {121=B Rank}.


Oh wait you’re right; sorry
I haven’t looked at gba editors in a while, bad memory