[FE7-8] Remove locks on Lord promotions?[In Progress?]

I would like to remove the locks on the classes of Eirika/Ephraim/Eliwood/Hector, so that they can promote normally with their respective emblems before their normally forced chapters. Has anyone made this possible yet? A simple workaround is obviously to just add new class values after all the other classes, since these locked promotion effects are likely hardcoded to promotion item ID and class ID, but I’d prefer to remove the existing limitations rather than use a workaround if at all possible.

Huh, I’m pretty sure Eirika promotes just fine if you give her a Lunar Bracelet (in any chapter). The thing that probably needs to happen is removing the forced promotion itself (because it might glitch), and that’s just event code…

Oh huh, for serious? I know for a fact FE7 is a hardcoded thing, I just assumed FE8 was too. If FE8 isn’t, then FE7 is my only issue.

the only FE7 restriction is on the lord whose mode it is which isn’t tied to the chapter ID at all

Do you know how to remove that?

Not specifically but should just be a few instructions you can NOP

It’s probably in the item usability routine? I can take a look at it.

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just bpr on the mode byte

that will break on a zillion other unrelated places

Basically, remove the ASMCs that run the forced promotion event. Lunar/Solar Bracelets should work in any chapter (since you only get them by denying the forced promotion event in vanilla), and the Heaven Seal has a Nightmare Module that goes along with it. This particular item has two pointers to promotion lists (one for Eliwood mode, one for Hector mode). I assume you’ll just want to change both of those pointers to a list containing all three Lord classes (and just add a third Heaven Seal in FE7).

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