[FE7/8] Finding Graphics

Is there an easy way to find the offset of compressed or uncompressed images in the ROM?
Like the preparation screen windows, the icons in the transfer option, etc.
I have been using GBA Graphics Editor for that, but that process take a lot of time if you don’t know the correct offsets and palettes.

What CirclesEverywhere taught me:

Statsheet graphics:
Image A03368,
palettes A06460,
and TSA A05F10

Main menu screen (after the title screen):
Image: A21658
Palette: A25DCC

Class Roll Background
Image: A30E2C
Palette: A3593C
TSA: A35488

Chapter Title background/ Shop Background/ Preparations Background:
Image B12DB4
with palette at B1754C

I had the title background somewhere but i lost the notes :confused:

I already have the offsets for those things. And I’m looking for a way to find the offsets in the ROM because not all the graphics are documented.
I’m more interested on the Unit Selection, Item and Merchant windows.

Thanks anyway.

tile viewer in VBA, maybe? don’t know how you can get all the necessary offsets from this though

if it’s uncompressed you can try taking the hex of a single tile in VRAM using a combination of VBA’s tile viewer and memory viewer and ctrl-f for that in a hex editor

for a compressed graphic you’re pretty SOL unless you can work a debugger, in which case you’ll want to break-on-write to the tile’s location in VRAM and backtrace all the various places that gets copied from.

You can break on the decompression function when loading the image to find graphics. Once you have either palette, graphics, or tsa, you can get the others by searching the rom for pointers because pointers to those three are usually together.

i feel like breaking on the decompression function would get you a lot of random stuff you weren’t looking for

Ok, I tried with the weapon icons and it led me to the right offset. Then I tried with the icons in the merchant window

but I found nothing. Either those are compressed or I suck at searching hex.

They’re different icons??? Oh… okay then…

Yes, and I haven’t noticed until now:

Also, it seems that the game uses other image with all the icons overlapped and a different set to the highlighted option
(Overlapped and grayed)

(Selected and the cursor at the left)

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