[FE7/8] Dragon's Veins

Because making a post here will kinda hold me to this a bit stronger maybe.

So since the Spring semester is ending soon I might actually have time to work on this in between Smash4 training sessions. So I’m going to expand the location based event in the event pointer array to allow for Dragon’s Vein points. Usability will be limited to units with a certain skill (probably Lord). Will be its own unit menu command.

Things I need to research:

  • Offset for the Unit Menu Commands in FE8
    • Done, Thanks jj
  • I need to find the routines that check if an eventID has been used again. I remember seeing it before while debugging FE7.
  • Revisit EA raws to get an unused ID for the LOCA event.
    • 0x21?
    • Solved; Using traps.
  • Where was the pointer to the chapter event pointer table in RAM again? Someone help?
  • Revisit the unit menu usability routines for shop to see how the game natively loops through Location events. Maybe even call it as a subroutine.
    • Or check for where it searches for houses.
  • Ballista Usability routine
    • Thoroughly analyzed.

I’ll be following this, because whenever I get to making a hack I would like to implement Dragon’s Veins

What exactly is this…?

Implementing Dragon Veins in GBAFE as a command that units with the Lord ability can use.

Tile has thing -> unit do thing on (like any?) tile with the thing -> thing happen

You misunderstand, i have no idea what the hell that means
What is dragon veins

Some new fangled Fates thing where the self-insert and other characters with dragon blood or w/e can use terraforming magic to force tile changes a set of tile changes. One map apparently uses it to dry up a river for enemies to cross over and attack, but some of it’s as simple as “I need a makeshift bridge right now.”

It’s not just for tile changes - also debuffing enemies, setting off traps, etc. The Visit command runs whichever event you specify, this is basically the same but restricted to certain units.


you know what
i’ll just see myself out

What, what circles said. Basically any event that can be run.

In chapter 15 of Conquest DVs are also used to create clones your army.

It’s a really cool mechanic, Conquest uses it to great effect.

Your best bet would be to reference Hextator’s support hack because that links events to unit commands outside of the standard visit, seize etc

I’ve already linked events to unit commands myself (for last year’s FEE3?). It’s easy since there is just a routine in game that’s just “run this event”.

@circleseverywhere Did you make a nightmare module for the unit menu commands in FE8? What’re the offsets?

Here’s JJs module: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/zymc1h221nnxpm9/AAALzKY2qwVDz3t-ejFIGi4ha/jjl2357’s%20notes/FE8%20Nightmare%20Modules/Unit%20Menu%20editor?dl=0

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Update: Dragon’s Vein will now be declared under the traps section of events and be treated as such internally (This makes them easier to draw on the map, and keep track of usage. Probably.)

it didn’t crash.

Also this is just a placeholder graphic, of course.

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Okay, now to find how it manages palettes (for the ballista for example)

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what exactly are we looking at?