I dunno how to respond, I’m just kind of watching in awe lol; if it’s been finalized, could someone update the frames as well(unless the face is unchanged, so I can do it myself)?

Also, pending release date for Lycia Arc: August 19th 2016


i dont think anything was done to the face. Unless Nickt did something to it to change the face and i didn’t notice. Other then that it looks like its probably fine, unless nickt adds something else to it. Glad i could at least kinda help at the very least though.

Also i am excite for release.


So is Bors’ class now “used car salesmen?”


i guess so


ch8: done
ch8x: started

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I dont know why but no matter how I look at Lilina, after playing Awakening and Fates, Ive always felt Lilina should be like the Tactician Class. With the Sword and Anima magic. But thats just me. Other than that, beautiful job my friend. Keep at it. :slight_smile:


I will never do that (no offense)
Was told to post this so there you go (it’s missing a frame and needs re-positioning)
this one is fine though
Courtesy of @GabrielKnight


hmm looks nice.


Roy animation fixes are ballin’/10. Can’t wait to see his new mugshot (assuming that one is in the works).


considering its basically the same animation as before, but with a slimmer build and better outfit/less silly hair I wouldn’t say ballin’, but its definitely an improvement and I like how the movements are retained as the Roy animation moved pretty neatly. In my opinion of course.


me neither
because it’s not in the works yet

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yadda yadda too much text to cover
question; is garret gertrude now(someone told me this)


Originally I considered the idea, but it’s been scratched. Garret won’t be a pc though.


all right
why is he being ditched though; are you shrinking the cast as a whole


Sort of; some people who I felt had no impact on the game(story-wise or gameplay-wise) I removed, like Garret and Karel. Others who fufilled the same role as each other became route exclusive(Niime vs Joder, Geese vs Gonzales), and added ocs to cover the bases of new unit classes entirely(soldier, crossbowman, zwei, etc) and relegating them route exclusive.
Iirc the total units per run through is identical or slightly higher. Just checked my spreadsheet; 53 possible in my project, 51 in actual fe6.


not a fan of kicking gonzo and geese on separate paths, niime and joder seems fine though

ocs huh
i guess making ocs is better than changing original character’s classes but i can’t say i like either option


Hopefully the characters I add with help with the overall flow of the story; I’m trying give people options as well as new things to discover. Fe6 has a lot of elements that were barely touched upon(nabata in general, the coup’s beginning, the rise of monke, sigune’s traitorous plans, the list goes on), I’m trying to hit them all with improved dialogue and new characters to go with it.


i guess i have to wait until i make any finite decisions on if i like the execution or not


I think it’s worth acknowledging that FE6’s original character/class distribution was janky as fuck. 7 Paladins. 3 of practically every other class (sans Sage & Dracomaster). Prepromotes everywhere. No T1 light magic users. There are plenty of problems.

Three potential solutions to this dilemma: the appropriate reclass (some people tend to go overboard with this in remakes), promoting the occassional background character to a playable role (again, some people go overboard and make everybody with a recognizable name join the party ala FE12), or the addition of OCs. In my opinion, OCs tend to be the least jarring solution when they are properly executed and relatively few in number.

Then again, I am the filthy sjw scumbag who plans to replace pointless characters in FE1 with female OCs–so feel free to disregard me.