[FE6U]Leftover Debug Stuff

#include "Extensions/Hack Installation.txt"
ORG 0x000AC6     
    BL(0x01AAE0) //Bls to the debug startup routine
ORG 0x5C7368
    POIN 0x01A675 //Replacing Suspend's effect with the Debug map menu loading routine
ORG 0x5C6728
    WORD 0x0 //D.Info's draw routine crashes so the game, so we need to 0 it out

The Startup Debug Menu
This one isn’t really interesting. option 1 Starts the game normally, option 2 resumes your suspended save, and option 3 doesn’t seem to do anything.

The Map Debug Menu
This is where the cool stuff is. The first option allows you to switch maps using the left and right buttons. pressing a will start the chapter you selected.
The second option is supposed to be Debug Info, but it crashes the game.
The third option is supposed to allow you to control the weather, but it only works to clear the weather when there’s already weather in the chapter.
The Fourth Option is supposed to allow you to switch fog on and off, but it only works if the map is already in fog.
The Fifth option controls the number of playthroughs of your save.
The Sixth option is called Removed. I think it’s pretty straightforward.
The Seventh option is blank. moving on.
The last option is called Good Night and clicking it puts the gba into sleep mode.