[FE6] [WIP] Fire Emblem: Lyn's Bizarre Adventure PME [SLOTS CLOSED]

Yeah! I left it like that at the very beginning of the work in the hack and I can’t remember why.
It might honestly have been a misclick. That’s why I’ll need to double-check them.

Still thanks for the input.


Good day… One question… This Game is now complete?? And where is the link?

@elguru3838 It’s still a work in progress!

I’m hard at work so that I can complete and release it as soon as I can!

Ok… this hack looking good… Every hack have lyn for My is gold… Good luck with this project… I am waiting for SEE t

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By the way, I want to announce a little something to y’all; I have a hooded portrait for Gnurr!

Here’s how both her ‘face hidden’ portrait and Ch 13’s cutscene animation will look:



The portrait was based on this one; the ‘Witch Hooded’ by GenericPretsel.


I’ve edited it to give Gnurr’s hair and skin color, while also fully hiding the eye and giving the same scarred mouth that she has in her main portrait. Hope that it looks great!

Cheers. :star:


Omg this is cool… but a question… lyn is not more a swordmaster?? Shes a druid now?

@elguru3838 That’s actually from Post #20, where DATonDemand who submitted ‘Gnurr’ as the Zephiel replacement wanted to hide her identity with an hooded portrait if possible.

Just now that I finally found one! She’ll appear as a hooded Druid through the game to hide her identity, and it will be in Ch 22, where you finally fight her, that she’ll reveal her true class as a Savage Lord.


One last question so as not to take up any more of your time friend… will you take into account any mythical characters in your hack like Athos or Brammimond? or someone like karla or jaffar.

@elguru3838 I will! There will also be very small, easy to miss mentions to my own FE7 PME, considering there will be returning characters. In fact this turned into a quite unique mix and match between that, vanilla and all other represented media on top like Mitsuru’s, I love it lol.

And about those last two, there will be the Jaffar wannabe boss in Ch 03, so that will already be a big mention, while I’ll see if I can then squeeze in a little talk of Karla somewhere.

I’ll try my best to make the dialogue as organic as possible.


okay. Thank you very much, my brother. I will look forward to seeing this one. luck

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You can thank me for that last part lol.


I am just hyped zo see the game bc i belive we made a lot of a charming cast and story


Hi again everyone.

I want to do two more, very quick announcements:

First is that I’m planning for the next, gameplay video #02, to showcase the beginning of Ch 13, specifically up to the full cutscene battle between Mitsuru and Gnurr. I’ve no idea how much time will take until, probably a good days since I still need to playtest hundreds of things, but I’ll still do my best.

Now, the second announcement, is about the classic Hard Mode Bonuses (indeed, they’ll NOT be removed); I took a look on the way FE6 ‘implement’ them through the events that spawn units in, and so, on top of the vanilla units, I’ll be able to have the following characters gain HMBs in the full release!

  • Mitsuru (Cecilia’s Replacement)
  • Nikodemos (Douglas’s Replacement)
  • Kaidence (Juno’s Replacement)
  • Krakatoa (Dayan’s Replacement)

The four of them can use the boon in Hard Mode superbly, and the chapters they are recruited allow it to be implemented quite organically considering the event. Hope it is great. :star:


Thank you for your work


Hi everyone.

So, I’ll not beat around the bush; this project will indeed take a long, long time.

Now, there’s no way that I’ll abandon it or anything. I’ll focus hard on it and it alone!
But it does, indeed take time to translate all ideas into practice.

Just wanted to clarify because, I’ve no idea how much hype I generated for the project, and how fast or slow it might take for me to finish and release it. And indeed, every time I finish an important step I think:
“Damn, this dialogue/music/gameplay idea is so cool! I wish my project jumped to completion already so me and everyone can finally try out the full release!”

But I just can’t rush it. It’s just like all the guides in here say, development of a project takes time.
So I hope everyone who were looking very hard to it understands.

And, on another note; if there was anyone who were wondering what my main mentality regarding romhacking is. I want to clarify that, I’m not looking forward to create the next absolute insane mind-blowing game. There’s already lots of released, as well as upcoming, original full hacks here that a lot love, including myself. What I really want, as an ‘Internet Drifter’ as I explained way back, is to simply place my own bread in the romhacking basket. Focus on a good project, not overhype myself until overexertion.

I’ll still do my very best until it is finally released! But indeed, it will take a long time.

Better late than never at least. So again, best of luck for me.



If you need a beta tester just dm me.


Take your time O can wait and happily play the finished project which we all contributed and see the amazing story.

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