[FE6] Some graphics I can't find

Hello there,
I’m glad to be finally here. I observed this board a long time now but never committed to post something, since for every question I had I could find some sort of solution trough the search function or through the use of my brain.
But now it seems, really need to ask for help. I’m hacking FE6 for some years now and created my own hack. Since my mother language isn’t English, I wrote all the text in my language which created a problem I realized later: I had to translate the Menus and graphics as well, other wise it looks so odd. Translated all the graphics and menus and came across some issues with it:

  1. Intro Class Roll:
    yeah, I now FEBUilder has a section for it, but only for the text when the class is shown and not the class intro (you know, the screen where only the Class Name and primary weapons are shown). Also some letters let the game freeze. (like q or x)

  2. In Battle Miss and No Damage Graphic
    the graphic just states MIS and since it’s MISS! ingame I assume it’s using some .tsa or sorts

  3. The Exp graphic after a battle
    I found the graphic in FEBuilder but replacing it dosn’t do anything. I helped a translation team with this a few years ago, but I can’t remember how I did this. (Since it’s the same as FE7 uses I would just need the Offset from FE7. I can track it myself hopefully in FE6)

That are all the graphics I couldn’t find, so I would appreciate any info I could get for this. :slight_smile:

We do not know where the data of the FE6 class roll is.
There is no document.
And because it’s cumbersome to check ASM, no one wants to do it. :frowning:

Basically, since the modification of FE8 is performed the most,
It is analyzed first , and it has many documentation.

Also, FE7 and FE8 have similar data structures, so analysis results of FE8 can be diverted.
However, FE6 can not be diverted because its data structure is different.

I think that those who made the translation of FE6U from FE6J are investigating this part,
However, they did not publish the survey results in material. maybe.

If your has result of investigation,
please share information such as address.

From what I found I can say that Vanilla FE6 uses a different System for the animated Class Names in the Class Roll then the englisch translation.
JapFE6 uses just two big graphics with the names in it.
The english Translation uses a system similar to the US FE7, but I couldn’t locate the text table yet. So for the time you could port the vanilla routine back and edit the graphics.
I’m on mobile right now, so I don’t have the offset at hand. Maybe some one here with expierence can port it? It would take days for me, since I’m just a beginner in this regard.

I explored about the class introduction screen of the OP of FE6.
I also want to share the results I have examined.

0869056C - 0869058B Lottery table.(maybe)

It has meaning in 1 byte unit.
For example, 08690570 is 0x00, but if this is 0x11, Dancer will be displayed instead of Lord.

0869058C - 086905AF battle Animation ID

It has meaning in 1 byte unit.
Contains the battle animation ID minus one.

For example, 086905C is 0x10.
This is 0x10 + 1 = 0x11.
And, Battle Animation ID 0x11 is an animation of Roy.

086905B0 - 086905F8 Introduction Text ID.

It has meaning in 2 byte unit.
It is a text ID that introduces the role of the class displayed at the bottom of the screen.

After FE7, these are represented by structures.
However, in FE6, not a structure, It an array is created for each element.

Still undiscovered data.

Part to specify class ID,
part to specify class name,
part to specify floor image.

Some data are still undiscovered.
I believe that these also exist nearby.
Because, the same data is placed near.