FE6 Remake(Fe8)


Hello, everyone. I, and a few other people have been working on a Fe6 remake using the Fe8 engine
I’ve already made a serenesforest topic about it and so I thought it’d be a good idea to make a thread
here too.

This hack will include:

  • More Weapons

  • More Classes

  • Better text (including fixing in the story too)

  • Better Maps

  • Halfbody system by Kirb

  • A Str and Magic Split (Skills too maybe)
    (lilina is a lord :pp)


**Sample :

(made by me and blueeyedman24(discord username) helped a little with the far arm, armor thingy.)




(there aren’t any artist yet that make halfbodies except for me so there aren’t any made yet)


No screenshots or link to the topic on Serenesforest?


you can have my old maps I did for my old project if you want


uhm, sure why not, can you send them through discord?


Made the first halfbody
(blueeyedman helped with the far arm, armor thing)


So, everyone, I’ve thought an idea that would make the game interesting but first I’d like to know your opinions on it.
Considering the fact that Lilina will be a lord I thought I had to make her more interesting so…
At the start of the game there will be a route split and you’ll have to choose between Roy and Lilina, that way there will be a different playthrough for each individual.
Not only is this an idea but I know how to implement it as well, should I go for it?
If you’d like to suggest ideas too, join the discord server.


If you can come up with a compelling story for Lilina apart from being a damsel-in-distress and give her a proper character arc throughout the entire game, then sure. Also, be prepared to give yourself that much more work for writing and coding. I can promise you that doing 24 chapters of work is more than enough for one person. If you aren’t up to those tasks, then consider curbing your ambitions to something more achievable.


There are like 3 more people helping me with the writing although yeah I do all the coding ._., there are couple of projects in development for years, I don’t think another one would matter.
so ¯ \ _ (ツ ) _/¯ (also, is it possible to make a poll?)


If you hit the settings button in the post it’ll come up as an option.

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I mean, you asked for our opinions. Given that you’re already remaking a game and that there are at least two other remakes happening on and off, I really think a route split is unnecessary unless you have a particularly compelling story to write. I guess a retelling of FE6 with Lilina as the main character is kind of entertaining, although it wouldn’t really accomplish much since Roy has the personality of a fish.


Another one?


Well I mean you’re right, the idea not only will it make roy stay back but will also take alot of effort.


Lilina as a lord could be interesting. But I wonder, are you going to include FE7 characters into this game? Because obviously it would have been the case if FE6 was out after FE7. Anyway good luck with it, I wonder what you’ll do with this remake.


some fe7 characters will be included, yes.(not saying who yet.)


When will we be able to have a playable demo?


I want middle-aged Sain with a sexy mustache pls


Hello everyone.

Unfortunately I’m gonna have to put this down. Random Viewer: no shit sherlock
When I was first working on this I thought my idea of an fe6 remake was unique but apparently it was the exact opposite… Random Viewer: Again, No shit I mean I didn’t present anything new to get people all excited so it’s understandable to not have enough people to volunteer for the project.
If I ever decide to make a new project once again I’m gonna have to be ready and as I noted, present something new so it can look appealing to more people.

That’s all about it, I hope my decision doesn’t make you change your opinion of any future concepts of mine. Random Viewer: It was awfull from the start to have shown another fe6 remake, plus your sprites succ, just like you.


Actual Random Viewer: I just want someone to finish a Fe6 Remake


Oh well…


Honestly, the majority of the people here haven’t finished a hack


rest in peace. but what about those assets people made for the hack? r those forgotten in the depths of dead discord backlogs?