FE6 promotion editing

So I’m trying to make soldiers promote to Halberdiers in FE6 for a randomizer I’m doing, but it crashes even tho Soldiers are set to promote to that class (the class I wrote it over was FemCav), Does anyone know what I could be doing wrong?

Did you check the promotion nightmare module too? The one that deals with the different seals and crests.

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I did. They can use the knights crest-

But when I hit use-

It just freezes there. I made sure that the halberdier has an animation and everything.

Punk, check to see that other units can promote, and that you can level up weapons.

Others can promote/grow their weapon levels, yes.

Solved that issue by myself, turns out I didn’t insert the animation lol.

Now I have a different issue. I’m trying to have the thief promote using the Hero Crest and I am absolutely lost on what to do.

Tried to do it again. It just freezes at the stat screen.

reply soon

I’ve just started modding 6 and through the nightmare modules im not seeing how to change these settings, trying to make a trainee that promotes to a knight, and ive made it so they can promote to them, but im trying to find a way to get them to promote using a item.