FE6: Project Ember (v1.84 as of 1/28/2021) - "Dear Dorothy" Edition

Calling it “Zephiel’d” is just beautiful

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Cecilia got Zephiel’d really hard :frowning:

Not hard enough, survived a crit

Now Hector though…

That is why wyrmslayer roy and sage lilina need to tear narcian a new one.

I’m just not behind the Wing Spear and Wishblade being here, the Saint’s Sword and Riptide is okay with me though.

I’d like to know if you added thief promotion, if yes do you have both assassin and rogue?


There is. It’s just Rogues right now.

Please consult the readme doc if you have further questions in case they’re already answered in there.

I like your project, but In my opinion you should also include the original promotion of Roy in the vanilla version of the game in addiction to the mounted one.
What do you think of my pieces of advice?

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One final question: please can you create another version of Lowen without beard ?

I don’t think it’s good-looking, also because the quality of its beard spriting is really poor.
In my opinion his original portrait from fe7 would be better.

I agree, even though I never really liked the original promotion, I kinda missed it.

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I never really liked FE6 but this hack makes it much better. The new animations for the Swordmaster, Pirate, Knight are great but I just wish that the animation for the Fighter was not the old one. The new touches on some of the maps also make the levels more playable and fresh especially Ch.8.

Well friends, it took a long time but I’m glad to say we’ve reached a point where 1.7 can be made public. This will be the last major update for a while, as I’d like to take time in focusing on other things in my life, but I’m happy I at least brought enjoyment to some folks around here.

From the PE dev team: Cheers.


Why don’t you make available also the previous versions of Project Ember?

For future reference, how do you feel about someone using this hack’s pallets. I’m assuming you would like to be credited, but I’d like to know in advance.

If it’s in the dropbox, it’s free to use. Credit should be given in the case of Ltranc’s since he did the portraits that are actually in use and also all the palettes in the “colory colors” folder. The rest are stuff I did and while I would question their quality you are free to use them if you wish, credit or not.

There is a form to make Merlinus level up? I know one but is tedious

Debias is recrutiable with Bors!!!
entertaining change to say the least very fun and interesting
BTW if anyone knows who the “???” character is and how to recruit them please spoil me i want to know

It’s an enemy fairly late into the game.

You talk to them.

They start out in a class with the ability to use weaponry.

Hope that narrows it down!

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Just as a light heads-up, there’s a small changelist on the last page of the readme now that documents (minor) changes made to the patch. Mainly small things like colors or other in hopefully rare cases some inventory modifications. All the stuff linked in the readme can now be downloaded as separate documents for anyone who might not be able to access the information through the links at any point in time.

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